Its been a week since Garneta felt like her life wasn her own. I don know what happened, but clearly, she must immediately find the cause.

”Usually my life is monotonous. Nothing special. But why is this? ” she mumbled at her study table. She didn know what was going through her mind at the moment, but it was clear that Garneta was confused right now.

A cute scrapbottle next to her bookshelf caught Garnetas attention. A faint smile appeared on her thin lips. Beautiful memories were now playing in her brain like a broken record. One of them was about how she got that cute thing.

Even though that pesky disease continued to eat away at her, Garneta never forgot that unique incident. A few months ago, when she was walking at night around the garden of her house complex, her eyes accidentally saw a cute bottle lying near a garden chair. Out of curiosity, Garneta picked up the bottle immediately. At first she didn really care about the cute object. But somehow what got into her, the girl also took and kept it until now, and after a few days, she just knew that the bottle inside contained folded origami papers called Scrapbottle. It was just that he accidentally saw it on the internet.

But she knew she couldn just read the contents of the writing on the origami paper. He didn have the right. Besides, Garneta didn know who the Scrapbottle belonged to. But it seemed like the unique item was meant to be given to someone as a gift.

I don know, Garneta was just making it up.

”Crazy, yes. Until now I don know who owns this Srapbottle, ” she said with a quiet chuckle. She picked up one of the blue origami papers eagerly. She couldn wait to read what was written on it!

Beautiful, funny, and unique. Yes… thats you Im describing. Whatever happens in your life, keep your spirits up! I love your heart-shaped smile.

Her lips twitched to hold back the laughter that was about to come out. Gosh, its so funny what this anonymous person wrote. Even Garneta got carried away by it.

”This guy must be a pimp, ” she sneered unconsciously, and soon her hand went back to picking up a yellow origami paper.

Everyone will be a pussycat in time. If you find the right person.

Garnetas jaw almost dropped when she read a series of sentences that seemed to insinuate herself. Why was it such a coincidence that the paper she had picked up with her sneer a few minutes ago.

”Damn it, people, ” she hissed in annoyance. Because she had lost the mood to read it, Garneta returned the object to its place. Then she prepared to continue her usual routine for the night.


The cool air immediately pierced Garnetas skin as she made her way down from the balcony of her room. This was going to be a fun night. She thought. Homesickness, thats what the girl felt when she hadn been out doing her routine for a week. The amount of school work made Garneta sometimes sleepless at night.

Fortunately, it was a Saturday night. So she was a little free from the weight of the school load.

The girls footsteps, wearing a black hoodie, led her to the dividing wall between her house and that of her neighbor, Julin.

”That loser must be asleep, ” she whispered as she looked at the clock in her hand that showed two oclock in the morning. Since there was no one to prank, she walked away quickly.

Who knows where Garneta was headed. Let her footsteps take her wherever she wanted.

Garneta stopped at a small alley that was dark and eerie. Her forehead wrinkled in confusion. She tried to remember what had happened here.

But to no avail. Either she had forgotten or she had never been here. But what was in her brain was that no events were spinning.

Drrtt drrttt

A vibration in the pocket of her sleeping pants distracted Garneta. Fish Brain was the name on her phone screen at the moment.

Her deliberate exhale of annoyance succeeded in making someone on the other side giggle. Garneta really didn like it when people called her at night. Especially when she was walking like this.

”Hello? Why are you calling Ta? ”

”Ha? ” Garnetas parrot. Look at her friends magical behavior. Whos calling, whos feeling the call. She wanted to cut Ambras head off with a hacksaw.


”How many times have I told you to be an asshole! You- ”

”I know! I or anyone else shouldn call you at night. Especially under twelve at night. Am I right? ” cut in Ambra who was all right.

Garneta took a deep breath. She couldn be emotional right now. Hold it Garneta, hold it.

”If you already know, why do you still continue! You
e such a fish brain! ” Garneta scolded unmitigatedly. Apparently, she wasn wrong in naming her seatmate Fish Brain. It was a good thing she hadn named him Prawn Brain!

There was an annoying laugh from Ambra. Garneta knew very well that the ambitious girl was screeching with excitement because she was teasing her.

”Im just playing pranks, Ta. Bye! ”


Call ended

What did Ambra just say? Just for fun? Watch out for him tomorrow! How dare that fish-brain wake up a sleeping lion. Remember one thing, Garneta is a typical girl who doesn like to be disturbed.

”Watch out, ” Garneta said softly but sharply.

The park.

Yes, that place was now Garnetas destination for a breath of fresh air. Sitting there alone seemed like fun. Ah, she would just lie down when she reached the chair in the park.

The distance between her house and the park was quite far. Because the park was located at the end of the complex. But it was okay, whatever Garneta would do to make her mind satisfied. But it looked like she wasn alone tonight. Judging from his posture, he was a man. Probably the same age as Garneta.

The man, whom she didn recognize, seemed to be looking for something, judging by his movements. Wait a minute. Was he looking for the Scrapbottle? Is that man the owner? Garneta wanted to ask, but the man didn seem to want to be disturbed. Well, she decided to just get the hell out of here.

”Wait! ” interrupted someone from behind her as she was about to run away.

Handsome. That was what Garneta was thinking right now when she saw the mans face. But unfortunately, a handsome face wasn enough to capture Garnetas heart. Gosh, what was she thinking?

e Garneta, right? ” asked the man in front of her. Suddenly, his question made Garneta squint suspiciously. Various questions and prejudices had invaded Garnetas mind.

Calm down Ta. Hes just asking for your name. She tried to calm down.

Garneta wasn afraid of him. Its just that Garneta was a little afraid of strangers.

”Are you mute? ” she asked once again.

What? How rude of him to ask such a question. His good looks were gone.

”No, ” she replied briefly. The mans eyes never left Garnetas brown ones.

”Ha? ” Garneta didn immediately respond again. She was busy scrutinizing the mans appearance. From the style he wore, this man looked like a motorcycle kid.

”Im not Garneta, ” she snapped. Just as she was about to turn around, a hand grabbed her right wrist.

”Let go! Let go of me! ” she snapped angrily. Wait, Garneta felt like this wasn her first time meeting this man. But where had she met him? And this choke, this choke she seemed to remember.

But what?

The grin arising from the man added to Garnetas suspicions. A bad feeling, thats what Garneta felt, ”Please let me go, ” Garneta said with emphasis.

And, yes, the fist was released. The desire to punch that handsome face arose in Garnetas desire. She was furious with God!

”Im right. You
e Garneta, the girl I met a week ago, ” he said. His voice was raspy and wet. Ambra must like her.

”Im Albala. ” the man stuck out his hand in an attempt to get acquainted, ”Whats wrong with you? ” he continued in surprise, as the beautiful girl in front of him stifled a laugh. Is there something wrong with her face?

”You… Have a lisp? ” asked Garneta carefully. Afraid of offending the man. Correction, it was Albala. Who, unbeknownst to Garneta, had said some scathing things to her before.

Alba smiled slightly. A smile that was etter than the horrible grin from earlier. Her gaze had also turned warmer, ”I don have a lisp Neta. My name is Albala. Not Albara, ” Albala explained without offense.

Garneta nodded pretending to care. Its really important. She thought.

”But you are Garneta, aren you? ” well, she would just confess instead of being asked questions like this.

”Hm. ”

”Oh, yes, Ta. I want to thank you for helping my friend yesterday, ” Alba said sincerely. But look at the expression Garneta gave her. Does she look surprised?

”Thank you? ” Albala nodded, ”You might have the wrong person. I didn help anyone, ” Garneta replied seriously. Meanwhile, Albala fell silent. Did this girl have amnesia?

”I can be wrong. Don you remember that you were the one who beat up two thugs? ” Garneta shook her head slowly, ”Or do you remember the man who collapsed in front of you? ” she shook her head once again.

”Its useless for you to remind me. Once I forget, Ill keep forgetting, ” Garneta said sadly, but she didn show it.

”Ta- ”

”I don want to prolong things. You want to thank me, right? Okay, even though I don know what its for, but you
e welcome, ” cut in Garneta, who didn want to prolong the conversation anymore. Now she felt like crying. She didn know why.

Seeing this response from the girl in front of her made Alba instantly amazed. Crazy! This girl was really different from the others. It was already visible from the way she spoke.

”One more thing. You were looking for your missing Scrapbottle? ” Garneta asked coldly with her eyes glaring at Alba sharply.

”S-scrapbottle? I wasn looking for it, ” Alba explained honestly.

Unexpectedly, Garneta turned around and left her alone. Fortunately, Alba quickly remembered what she had come to this park for.

”Garneta, wait! ” Alba shouted. Fortunately, the girl turned around. Alba was relieved.

Garneta raised one eyebrow. She didn speak another word. She just waited for her opponent to speak, ”Im here because Im looking for my missing cat. Did you see it? ” Alba asked, anxious for Garnetas answer. Maybe the girl in front of her knew where the cat was.

”I threw it away, ” Garneta replied clearly which made Alba open her eyes in shock. She didn feel guilty at all. After all, it wasn her fault, was it? But which cat was Alba referring to?

”S-seriously?! ” said Alba incredulously. Its bad! That cat can get lost, let alone lost.

”White male cat? ” Alba nodded quickly, ”Tomorrow you can go to Jubels. The back garden. Ill put him there, ” Garneta continued.

”Before I go, Ill ask you for one thing, ” Garneta whispered, which made Alba curious.

”What? ”

”Don look for me tomorrow at school. I know youll go there tomorrow and ask about me to the students there. Do you understand? ” Garneta pleaded not playing games. She was really serious this time. Garneta didn want to have any more problems at school.

Garneta knew that Alba must be one of the famous boys in one of the schools, although she herself didn know for sure.

”Yes, but I don know where school back garden is. The school is big, I don - ”

e handsome. I hope you understand what I mean. ”

”Im going to- ”

”Garneta? ”

”Julin?! ”

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