The Secret Of Garneta

7. My hug for your pain

This sunny morning certainly makes everyone excited, right? Whether its to go to work, school, or just morning exercise. But not for a girl with a slender body named Garneta Tambayong. In the early morning like now, her face is already unpleasant to look at. Thats not why shes like that. You want to explain it too, you must not understand. The point is Garneta is in a bad mood now. You know how women are when they
e in a bad mood?

All her classmates had gone out somewhere, including Ambra. Even the break bell had rung a few minutes ago. The class was empty and only she was left.

Invited to go to the cafeteria, Garneta didn want to. Going to the library together, Garneta was reluctant. Accompanying Ambra to the school restroom, she refused. Fortunately, her classmates forgave her.

”Shit! ” Garneta hissed unconsciously. Her mind drifted to last nights incident that she experienced. Where Julin who suddenly came while she was talking to a man named Albala.

Flashback on

”Go home, ” Julin ordered firmly which Garneta rejected. I don know how her neighbor knew she was here. Various questions arise in Garnetas mind now. One of them is, has Julin been following her all this time?

”I told you to go home now Garneta Tambayong! ” snapped Julin who sounded angry?

”Why are you here? ” Her question made Julins gaze which had been cold now turn warm.

”Ta… I said go home, go home, huh? ” Julin said softly and did not answer the question of the girl in front of her.

Her eyes now turned to Alba who had been silently standing next to Garneta. Garneta looked at the two of them in turn. From the way the two of them stared, it seemed like the two of them knew each other. Or even friends?

e going home now Ta. ” then without saying another word, Julin immediately carried Garneta ala Brydal style. Ignoring Alba just like that.

Flashback off

”Arghhh damn it! ” growled Garneta with her hand grabbing her hair in annoyance. Why did she keep quiet last night and not ask Julin directly? Garneta knew, Julin would definitely disappear after last nights incident. She had memorized the behavior of her childhood friend.

If Julin scolded Garneta, surely the next day she would definitely avoid Garneta or even disappear instead of apologizing.

Going to see Julin at school was impossible. Visit her house? Garneta was too reluctant. Even though Julins mother had repeatedly told her to stop by her house. But she only said yes.

”I have to ask Julid. She must know Alba, ” she muttered. She left, intending to find Julin. But just as he reached the doorway, the person he wanted to meet had already approached him with his breathless breath.

”Jul I ma- ”

”You shut up Ta! Don make noise. Now come with me, ” Julin said anxiously. Garneta, who knew nothing about anything, chose to follow wherever Julin took her.

After a few minutes of both of them running, Julin finally brought Garneta into a narrow dark alley. Even Garneta was having trouble breathing.

Whats wrong with Julin?! Garneta grumbled in annoyance.

”Listen Ta, ” Julin looked Garneta hard in the eyes. Even the minty smell of Julins breath hit her face, ”You have to stay here until I come back. You can go anywhere, do you understand? ” Julin said firmly. Garneta could feel the anxious tone between the lines. But why Julin?

”Yes, but why Jul? Don tell me you
e working on me! ”

Julin shook her head, ”No Ta. ”

”Y-yes, but why? ” asked Garneta nervously. Her hand reached to squeeze the collar of Julins white shirt. The two of them were now facing each other at a very close distance.

”Alba came here with her troops to find you. One school is excited Ta now. I don want anything to happen to you, ” Julin explained. His expression showed that he was really scared.

Garneta clenched her hands in anger. She had warned him not to look for her at school, but what was he doing? Garneta vowed to teach him a lesson.

”Ta? ”

”You don have to be scared like this Jul. Listen to me, ” Garneta took Julin by the shoulders, ”I never had a problem with that guy. You know yourself, right, that I only met him last night? ”

Hearing Garnetas reply made Julin chuckle with annoyance, ”Tsk! You don understand Neta! You must have forgotten that one week ago, you met him. ”

Just as Garneta wanted to speak, Julin cut her off again, ”Already Ta, we don have much time. I don want Alba or anyone else to know where you are. Ill go first, okay? Be careful here. ” after that Julin ran away quickly, leaving a warm kiss on his forehead.

Anyone who sees it, will definitely think that the two of them have a special relationship.

Meanwhile, Garnetas body slumped weakly on the floor. What was this? Why had her life gotten so complicated since that night? And what did Julin say, that she had met Alba other than that night? But Garneta didn think she had ever met that crazy man.

”Why don I remember at all God!!! Arghhh!!! ” she screamed silently.

All of school was surprised by the arrival of one of the most notorious gangs in their city. A gang of handsome, dashing, and rich guys. Anyone who sees their faces, will definitely fall in love instantly. The coquettish queen of Angel was no exception. She shamelessly approached the group of boys and asked for their cell phone numbers. It was no secret that Angel liked their gang leader.

”Get out of the way! ” Alba shouted at all the students who stood in her way. All the students who intended to approach her, immediately retreated in fear.

Albala was alone in the Jubels area. She was the only one with strong connections here. Moreover, his father was one of the donors at this elite school. He ordered his other friends to wait outside the school gate. Her all-black outfit made her stand out from the crowd. The teachers here just let her be. After all, Alba didn do anything to harm the school, right?

”Where is the class of the girl named Garneta? ” Alba asked to the point to the lame student who was standing in front of her class.

The student looked at Alba timidly, ”Wheres G-garneta? ” he asked back.

”I asked where Garnetas class is! ” Alba snapped in annoyance. Didn this lame guy in front of her know that he was a typical impatient and emotional boy.

”I don know, ” the student stammered. Alba looked at him flatly. Then she walked away. It was a waste of energy to beat him up.

But just as she was about to turn the corner in the corridor, the voice of someone she recognized called out to her, ”Julin? ” Alba muttered as Julin walked up to her. Why didn she just ask one of her gang members?

”Im asking you to leave here now Al, ” Julin said seriously.

Alba chuckled softly, ”Why? Just relax. Your school is good too, ” joked Alba. Both of them are currently in the spotlight of Jubels students.

”Im not playing around Al. Im serious, ” Julin said.

Alba frowned, then grinned sarcastically, ”Where are you hiding Garneta? ” asked Alba coldly.

”Ive told you repeatedly. Garneta has nothing to do with him! ” said Julin. Alba took a step closer to Julin.

”Are you afraid? Why, didn you tell me about that girl? ” Alba shot sarcastically.

”Yes, I know that. But not this way! ” Julin snapped, ”Because you
e here, Garneta is in danger of being bullied again Al! You don know how much people here hate her. So now I ask you to leave here, ” Julin continued.

Albala nodded casually, ”Okay if thats what you want. But don expect that girl to get away from me, ” Alba whispered right in Julins ear. Then after that she left with a pat on Julins shoulder.

Julins hands were clenched tightly. This was all her fault! How could she do such a careless thing? Why?!

”I won let you touch Garneta at all, ” Julin said as she watched Albas back disappear behind the corridor.

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