After waiting for a while, Julin finally met her back in the narrow hallway. Still with a worried expression, the man hugged Garneta tightly. He loved her more than anything.

”Jul, let go! Someone will see, ” Garneta whispered anxiously while trying to release Julins embrace. But Julin did not listen to her words.

”Lets go for a while Ta. Im really afraid of whats wrong with you, ” Julin whispered in her ear. Making Garnetas hair stand up instantly. Their position like this could cause misunderstanding if anyone saw it. Especially if Ambra was around.

”Jul ki- ”

”The school dismissal bell will ring soon. Ill wait near the school bus stop. I have something to say to you, ” said Julin, who was immediately nodded at by Garneta even though she herself was hesitant.

”But what if Ambra sees it? ”

”Relax. ” Well, if Julin had said that, like it or not Garneta had to everything he said. But what did Julin want to talk to her about? It looks like her neighbor is serious.

Alright. I also want to ask him a lot of questions. Garneta thought after the two of them left the narrow alley.


After the school bell rang, Garneta quickly cleaned up her school supplies. Ignoring Ambra who looked at her in surprise. But there seemed to be something different about Garneta today. Ambra didn see her during recess either. Though she had come back to class to ask her to go to the cafeteria together.

”Where are you going Ta? What a rush. You
e usually the last one home, ” Ambra snickered to no response.

”Ta? Hey! Im talking to you idiot. ” Ambra ignorantly pinched Garnetas waist because her friend wouldn answer.

”Noisy, ” Garneta replied briefly. Then without another word her best friend had left her alone in class. This made Ambra curious as to why Garneta seemed to be in such a hurry.

”Whats wrong with Neta? ” she murmured in confusion.


”So I actually met Alba that night? ” Julin nodded briefly. She was busy on the pizza they both ordered. She deliberately invited Garneta to go together to Pizza Hut. Besides she was hungry, Julin also wanted to ask the girl to pay for it. A chance in a tight spot. Basic!

”But why? ”

”My friend and I accidentally saw a girl beating up two thugs, and we didn know it was you, ” Julin said, explaining in detail about the incident they experienced.

Garneta shook her head slowly, ”But Jul- ”

”You saved our gang leaders life, Ta, and I know that Alba was immediately attracted to you that second. I apologize to you, ” Julin joked honestly. A feeling of guilt rose in her heart. If only she hadn revealed some facts about Garneta that day, everything would have been fine.

”Apologize for what? ” and Julin couldn possibly tell the truth.

”Why don you answer? ” Garneta squinted suspiciously. In addition, Julins movements were uncomfortable.

”Okay, its okay if you don want to answer. Can I ask you? ” asked Garneta nicely. Julin felt something bad was about to happen.

”What? ”

”Youve been following me, haven you, when I go out at night? Im not angry if you
e honest Jul, ” said Garneta firmly. Neta ignored the cup of americano she had ordered earlier. It was her favorite drink.

”No. I don follow you, ” Julin evaded.

Garneta looked at Julin sadly, ”Why, anyway? Why don you want to be honest with me. Why Julin?! ” she snapped angrily with her eyes already filled with tears ready to fall.

”Do you want to know why I always follow you? ” Garneta was silent, ”Because I don want you to do anything bad! ” continued Julin who unconsciously scared Garneta. They both don realize that they are now in the spotlight of everyone.

”I can take care of myself asshole! ” replied Garneta not wanting to lose. Although her voice was already starting to tremble.

Julin smiled sarcastically, ”Take care of yourself you say? Bullshit Ta! Don think that I don know that youve been racing wildly with Ambra. What on earth are you thinking Ta? ”

”At school you act like you know nothing about the world. You
e always silent when those sycophants bully you. Whats the truth? You
e just a strong girl Garneta! ”

”You always feel like you can face the world on your own. ”

e a hypocrite Ta! ”

”STOP JULIN, STOP!!! ” Garneta screamed forcefully. She couldn bear to hear everything that came out of Julins mouth. Because thats the fact. She was just a strong girl who was weak.

”J-don cry Ta. I beg you not to cry, ” Julin softly approached Garneta. Because the girl was already crying. She gently wiped away the tears that flowed freely down the gaunt cheeks of her childhood friend. Julin realized that she had gone too far.

e going home now. ”

Its Sunday night. The night when he should have gone wild racing to fulfill his promise with Ambra. But Julins words and pleas this afternoon made him a little hesitant to go. She didn reply to any of the dozens of chats and calls from Ambra. Garneta is just afraid that Julin will get even angrier. Moreover, Julins words at Pizza Hut a few hours ago made her heart hurt a little.

”Don go out too often at night, okay, Ta? Im worried that I failed to take care of you. ”

”Gosh Neta… What a life you have! ” Garneta exclaimed in annoyance. She picked up the note and scrapbottle to read again. Not forgetting to record all the events of today. It was simple, because Garneta was afraid she would forget again.

After finishing scribbling words on the note, her hand began to take a pink origami paper. With a happy face, she began to read a series of sentences written there.

Can I make a suggestion to you? I hope the answer is yes.

”Thats fine with me. Hahahaha. ” she giggled.

If you
e feeling restless or sad. Try looking at any object in the sky. Whether its the moon, the stars, or the sun. Close your eyes for a while, then remember the little things that can make you happy. Trust me, it will make you calm down a bit.

From me, who loves you.

”Ill try. ” Garneta walked out of her room to the balcony. She looked up to see what was currently in the sky. She saw no stars. Only the moon and its solitude. Her smile began to expand when she remembered that Julin had given her cotton candy at the night market when they were children.

The owner of the scrapbottle was right. His heart was starting to improve a little thanks to her suggestion.

”Julin seems to be asleep, ” Garneta muttered before she went into her room and began to drift off to sleep.

She just didn know that every night the man she always considered annoying would never go to sleep if the lights weren turned off.

Yes, thats how dear Julin was to her.

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