The Seven Deadly Me

Never Give Up PATIENCE

in my mind and can see who touched it. The weakness of this ability are gloves or if someone wash the print off. This is why I always wear gloves. Like this the evidence will not be disturbed. Luckily knight wear gloves too. ”

”But I do not. Did I ruin it now?

The king almost panicked, but I shacked my head. ”I already got it in my mind. ”

”So that man really was Brock? ” Grandon looked sad and betrayed.

”I am afraid so my lord. ”

”Than so it is… What do you know about the murderer? ” Grandon shook his had and went on. He took a lot of my time, but I had more patience than anyone else in the Polyhymnia.

”When I entered the sons room I used my light ability to search the room better. That was when I saw a shadow trough the curtains. I looked inside and found this letter. ” I handed the letter to the king and went on as he read it. ”It is a boy who claimed he was Roberts son. He had a lot of hatred to him and wanted him to stop lying. His name is Reuben. He told he had the feeling that he grew to fast and that he aged to fast. Not only that, he cut himself in the arm to test if his suspicions were true and found himself with an almost fully healed wound. He says he feels like someone else controls his body when he is not. He also said he would try more, but this is the only letter I found. He wrote that he thought that either his father or the other person who controls him steals the letter every night. I do not know if this guy is insane or that he is cursed with something, but I got his fingerprints and could check the murder weapon to be sure it was him. ” I was not hundred percent certain, if it was his son. I was almost certain, but I need to be on hundred percent.

I waited for the king to finish the letter. He gave the letter back to me and replied to me, ”unfortunately the sword is not in the Royal House at the moment. It is in Lori Village to be presented to my son eldest Lucas. It will be his eighteenth birthday tomorrow. ”

I already heard it would be gifted to the Prince on his birthday, but I had to be sure it was not here. ”Are you not going to your sons birthday my lord? ” It felt a bit rude to ask that, but I was too curious.

”I will not. I have some important business to take care of. ”

I was curious about what it was, but I could not ask something like that, so I did not. ”I see… than I have to be on my way after lunch time, if I want to be there tomorrow by noon. ”

”I understand. I will not take anymore of your time. ” Grandon seemed satisfied with my work and gave me permission to leave the room.

I bowed the the king, turned around and walked away. However I got stopped midway by the king himself, ”Azrael wait…! ” I turned around and saw the king standing. I blinked once and now he was walking towards me with the watch in his hands. I blinked twice to make sure this was real and he stood before me. He held the watch towards me and said, ”I want you to except this. ”

”I… I… are you sure? ” It was real, the king wanted to give me the expensive treasure from Brock.

”I want to thank you, for finding Brock for me. It belongs too you now. It worked for Brock to never give up ever, I need you to keep hope as well. ” The king was not laughing though he seemed happy from the inside, that he could hand this to me.

”Thank you my lord. ” I accepted the watch and said one more thing before I left. ”I will use this, but you do not have to worry my lord. There is a reason that I never failed a case yet and not only, because I am a good detective… It does not matter if I do not have any clue anymore… I NEVER GIVE UP. ”


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