unfortunately it will not be of good use anymore. Katelyn untied the knots in the pajama and stood up. There was a big black horse sitting on the floor, with a letter attached to it which called TO KATELYN AND REUBEN. Katelyn picked the letter up and started to read it.

The letter said, ”Dear Katelyn and Reuben. I was able to get this horse from an old friend of mine living in Lori Village. I was in luck that he was to old to travel and got it with a discount. Her name is Nightshade. She is a black Vloricus heavy draft. She was used to drag carriages, so she will be strong enough to lift both of you including your backs. The horse is older 21 years old, so she is on the older side, but you could ride her for at least two years. Take good care of here will ya! I wish the both of you luck. Just know that you can always come back to so hi and I would welcome the both of you with open arms. I hope you will live up to your dreams Katelyn. Be the girl you want to be and never follow others expectations. Goodbye Katelyn and Reuben, may luck be on your sides. ”

Katelyn shed a tear and putted the letter in her backpack. She walked towards Nightshade and stroked her head. ”Hello girl, you are part of our team now, ” she said. Nightshade looked pleased.

After Katelyn ate some bread out of her backpack she tilted Asmodeus on the horse. Reuben had a small body and Katelyn could tilt him with a little effort. She climbed on the giant horse behind Asmodeus. Asmodeuss head rested on Katelyns chest between her two arms holding Nightshades reins. ”Lets go girl, ” she said and Nightshade started to move forward.

Their plan had not changed. Katlyn was deadly worried about Reubens wound. While riding through the grasslands she kept wondering about what happened that night.

The road was long to Glena for all of them. That was where they all headed. Glena the city of the strongest.



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