Chapter 11: Jiajias Previous Life

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Before transmigrating here, Shen Yijia was an orphan.

For as long as she could remember, she had lived in a private research institute that appeared to be a mental hospital, but was actually someones private research institute.

There were many people like her in Nanshan Mental Hospital who had special abilities and were captured for research. There were also many patients with real mental problems.

However, she was different from the people who had been captured. Not only were those locked up, they were also injected with drugs that prevented them from using their abilities.

She was the only one who could walk freely around the compound like a normal patient. She also took various medications along with three meals a day like a regular patient.

Because she had been with those patients since she was young, she also thought that there was something wrong with her.

This self-perception made it impossible for her to think of escaping, nor did she yearn for the outside world.

To her, that compound was her whole world.

How could a child who had never tasted sugar betray her own world simply because someone said the outside world was sweet?

Perhaps this was the reason those people were at ease with letting her be.

There, they laughed when they were happy and cried when they were unhappy. They even fought each other when there was a disagreement.

When she was young, despite her strength and speed, she was often beaten up by a group of mentally ill patients.

Those people did not know restraint, and often beat her up badly.

Afterwards, she would secretly drink a drop of spiritual liquid and recover before going to seek revenge.

This went on and on. When she grew older, no one in the compound could defeat her.

The spiritual liquid had always been her secret. A voice in her heart told her not to let the bad old men in the research institute know about it, so she kept it hidden from everyone.

Those people had always thought that she was just naturally strong, fast, and had a strong recovery ability.

Aside from the fact that they took her blood for tests once every three days and made her take pills from time to time, she was quite happy with her life there.

All the patients put together were no match for her, and she wouldnt even get hurt. There was also plenty of time for her to do the tricks she loved, and this lifestyle seemed ideal to her.

This continued until she met Da Hua, a woman whod been captured due to her telekinetic ability.

She taught Shen Yijia many things. She told her about the outside world, a complete world that Shen Yijia had never known.

This complete picture was much more attractive to her than the vague concept of “the world outside”!

Only then did she realize how big the world outside this institute really was. There were many delicacies that she had never eaten, or things shed never seen or played with!

These were enough to upend her worldview.

She began to yearn to go outside!

Hence, she told Da Hua the secret of the spiritual liquid. She also used the spiritual liquid to help Da Hua negate the side effects of the medicine prescribed to her.

Working together, they finally escaped that place.

Everything outside was so fresh and new. She finally knew what sugar tasted like, and she never wanted to go back to that place.

Unfortunately, how could those people bear to let them go? A month after going wild with Da Hua in the outside world, they were found by those people again.

She didnt want to go back. She was a normal person, not the mentally ill person everyone else thought she was.

So she ran for her life. While running away, she was hit by a car and sent flying…

“Dont arrest me…” Shen Yijia bolted upright on the bed.

She looked around and sighed in relief.

Then, she muttered indignantly, “Ive already transmigrated, yet you still want to capture me in my dreams. If you have the ability, then transmigrate over and try to catch me! Why are you haunting my dreams!”

It was already bright outside, so she got up instead of going back to sleep.

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