The Sickly Scion's Petite Wife Is Sweet And Cool

Chapter 26 - People in Troubled Times

Chapter 25: Begging for Mercy

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The bandit leader, who was forced to lie on the ground, coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

He begged, “Ive made a mistake. I shouldnt have messed with you. Please have mercy and forgive me!”

Because a few of his teeth had been knocked out, the bandit leader spoke with a lisp.

Shen Yijia had to think about it a few times before she could understand what he was saying.

She snorted. “So you wouldnt show us mercy earlier, and now you want me to have mercy on you? If you can beg hard enough to satisfy me, Ill let you go.”

The bandit leader groaned. Was this karma? He continued to beg for mercy. “I was wrong. What do you want? Ill do anything…”

Shen Yijia didnt say anything and simply looked at Song Jingchen with sparkling eyes.

Song Jingchens heart skipped a beat.

With a dry cough, he used his hands to prop up his lower body and moved forward a little before looking down at the bandit leader. “Youve seen the state of our party. Those guards werent really there to protect us. The rest of us here are old and sick. Except for a few sets of clothes, there is nothing left in the carriage. I dont know who told you wed pass through here, but its likely that youre being used.”

As he spoke, he could not help but cough softly. His ill health was obvious.

The bandits present, including the bandit leader, thought to themselves, “How can you call yourselves old and weak? What about us? Are we trash?

But they didnt dare say that.

However, Song Jingchens words reminded the bandit leader that the wretched man had been gone for so long and had yet to return.

It was that wretched man from earlier who tipped him off about this catch.

Thinking of his brothers who were still in the stronghold, he cursed inwardly. He had been set up.

He was anxious, and it showed clearly on his face. He endured the pain in his body and struggled to break free from Shen Yijias feet.

Shen Yijia thought that he was trying to pull another trick, so she raised her fist to punch him again.

Song Jingchens eyelids twitched. He was really worried that she would kill him. He quickly called out, “Yijia, come here!”

Shen Yijia was stunned.

This was the first time Song Jingchen had called her name. Shen Yijia retracted her fist and walked over in a daze…

When Shen Yijia came back to her senses, she found that she was already standing beside Song Jingchen.

Shen Yijia was speechless.

The corners of Song Jingchens mouth curled up slightly. He couldnt help but rub Shen Yijias head.

It was the first time she saw Song Jingchen smile. Although it disappeared in a flash, Shen Yijia still caught a glimpse of it.

Her mind was filled with thoughts about how good looking her husband was.

She instantly forgot what she had just done.

She couldnt help but break into a wide smile.

Madam Li rubbed her temples as she watched from the side. Although she had hoped that the two of them could get along well, she could not help but wonder if they could get along on different occasions.

She silently covered the eyes of the two fascinated children.

“Y-You wont be beating us up anymore, right?” The bandit leader asked cautiously after someone helped him up.

He wanted to just sneak away quietly, but when he thought about the speed of the female demon just now, he didnt dare.

His voice brought back Song Jingchens attention. When he realized what he had just done, he was also shocked.

He looked away awkwardly and nodded. “Of course. We didnt want to have a conflict with you. My wife was just protecting us.”

What he meant was that she was forced to attack. Since Song Jingchen let them off today, the bandits couldnt hold a grudge against them either..

“I understand… I understand!” The bandit leader nodded hurriedly. Did he dare to hold a grudge against the demoness? He would have to be tired of living to do so.

He heaved a sigh of relief and felt a sense of relief.

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