Chapter 2: Jiajia Has Spiritual Liquid

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However, Shen Yijia could not see any of this. She continued to look around the room curiously.

What she saw was an ancient-looking room, decorated in a festive manner.

The bedsheets were red and embroidered with mandarin ducks, while the bed canopy was embroidered with dragons and phoenixes. Under her was a wooden bed, and the exquisitely carved decorations were obviously expensive.

To the right was a dresser plastered with blessings of happiness.

On a nearby table was a pair of red wedding candles that had not been lit yet.

Looking down, Shen Yijias gaze was attracted by the exquisite snacks, cinnamon buns, peanuts, and other food on the table.

Shen Yijia gulped and sat up quickly. However, before she could run over excitedly, she felt a dull pain in her head.

Her body fell limp again.

A series of unfamiliar memories rushed into her head.

Shen Yijia gasped in pain. She held her injured forehead and dared not move around too much.

After a while, the pain disappeared. She tilted her head and her eyes lit up. She said excitedly, “Not only did I transmigrate, but I even have a husband now?”

Then, she shook her head regretfully and muttered, “Its a pity that Da Hua isnt here, or Id tell her to take a good look. Who said that I could never get married?”

Then she looked up with a smug expression.

If Da Hua were here, she would definitely have shouted at her. “Im saying that if you continue to be so ferocious, you wont be able to get married.”

Unfortunately, Shen Yijia had the habit of only listening to half of what others said to her, hence she only remembered the part about how she wouldnt be able to get married.

“Arent you glad now that youve proven that you can get married?” she thought to herself.

If not for the fact that her body didnt allow it now, she would have jumped up and spun around twice.

Remembering something, Shen Yijia closed her eyes and thought carefully.

Her eyes lit up even more when she realized that she had accumulated about a cups worth of spiritual liquid within her body.

She extended her right ring finger in midair. Soon, a drop of water slowly condensed on her fingertip.

Seeing that it was about to drip, she quickly opened her mouth to catch it.

She smacked her lips. This body was indeed too weak, one drop was not enough. After condensing two drops in a row, Shen Yijia finally stopped!

It was not that she was stingy, but the spiritual liquid was too rare.

It took three days to gather a drop. Even if she was rich now, she still had to use it sparingly.

After ingesting three drops of spiritual liquid, the wound on Shen Yijias forehead healed visibly.

Usually, Shen Yijia would not even take note of such a small wound, let alone waste spiritual liquid to heal it. Unfortunately, this body was too dilapidated.

It was as soft and powerless as tofu, so she had no choice but to use the spiritual liquid.

A growling sound came from her stomach.

Her stomach protested, and Shen Yijia swallowed her saliva. She did not know how long this body had been starving for, and she could feel her stomach hurting.

This time, she dared not be as reckless as before. She shook her head tentatively, more than once.

After making sure that she was no longer dizzy, she jumped off the bed and went straight for the pastries. Reaching out, she picked up one of the pastries and stuffed it into her mouth.

It was a little hard, and slightly rancid.

Shen Yijia pouted, but she remembered that this was better than the medicine given to her by the bad old men in the research institute.

She stopped being picky and started grabbing the pastries with both hands, stuffing her mouth with them.

She took the time to pour herself a glass of water. Shen Yijia ate to her hearts content. No one tried to snatch her food away, so she liked it here.


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