tle Yijia. All of them were taken by the new mistress, Madam Chen, and given to her daughter, Shen Ruyun.

Although the hosts actions disappointed the duchess, she still remembered Madam Wangs kindness back then. When Song Jingchen reached a marriageable age, she talked to him about this matter.

It was also because she wanted to respect her sons wishes. Song Jingchen practiced martial arts every day and spent his free time playing with some of the rich and powerful children in the capital.

How could he be in the mood for love? Since marriage was inescapable, it made no difference who he married.

He did not want his mother to be troubled, so he asked her to raise the marriage proposal according to her wishes.

No one knew what Madam Chen said at that time. In any case, Shen Ruyun became his fiancée.

For this reason, Shen Ruyun showed off in front of the host on purpose, and made a name for herself in the capital city.

Song Jingchen was the ideal bachelor that half of the women in the capital dreamed of marrying.

He stood tall like a jade tree and smiled as bright as the moon.

Who wouldnt be tempted by such a husband?

Even Imperial Concubine Lius daughter, Princess Linghui, admired him. Unfortunately, Princess Linghuis brother was the Eldest Prince, and was thus destined to be enemies with the Crown Prince.

It was impossible for Concubine Liu to let her marry Song Jingchen. If that happened, no noble lady would dare to dream of marrying him.

However, in the end, he got engaged to the daughter of a mere fifth-grade official! Anyone would feel jealousy and hatred towards her.

Although Shen Ruyun was famous for her beauty and talent, she was nothing compared to Song Jingchen!

Madam Li had been doted on since she was young. After she got married, her husband did not have any concubines to make things difficult for her, so she knew very little about the dirty matters within a household.

Therefore, she did not know that little Yijia did not dare to get close to her because she was threatened by Madam Chen. She simply thought that Shen Yijia was unwilling to marry her son.

The submissive personality of the original host was indeed unsuitable for becoming the mistress of the household.

She even thought of arranging a suitable marriage for Shen Yijia in the future. As long as it was not a marriage with her eldest son or grandson, Shen Yijia wouldnt need to lead the household, and she would be able to live well.

The original host was unaware of these matters.

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