The Son Of The Demon

Chapter 4 : Romantic Tension

The tall and elegant man beside Yeli couldn stand her arrogance any longer and he roared..

”H-H-Hey! Enough! You
e being too arrogant. You
e thinking highly of yourself hah.. let me tell you we have been staying here for a total of three years now yet what so-called your father the damn king hadn being able even to smell our existence. Yet you
e thinking that he can find us? Im telling you we can kill or harass you badly if we want and your damn father can not save you. We
e not even afraid of merely your father. I have long had enough of you and if not for our Honoured Prince I would have long shut your mouth forever. Yet you don know any better and you keep scolding him. You don even know that he has the authority over your life. Lastly, i advise you not to test his patience because if he order anyone to kill you, youll actually die straight. ”

He spat out all what he wanted to say in one go and his words were extreme hostile making the spoiled and arrogant Ari tremble in fear.

Her face darkened she was on verge of crying.

”Yes our Honoured Prince has brought you here to get to know you and ask for something but you
e not giving him a chance to say what he want and you keep threatening us.. Do you think we
e pushovers? Im afraid that you might end up angering him and the consequences will be unbearable. ”

An old man with white hair and beards added the salt on the fresh wound.

His voice was calm but extremely harsh. Thus making Ari deathly pale and unable to spout any nonsense again.

It turned out that the weak and childish looking young man she had been scolding had all the authority over her life. She also realised that the young man was too patient with her otherwise if it was the tall man she would have died along ago.

This thought made her heart to skip a beat.

Apart from Ari, Yeli, the tall man and the old man all other men in the room remained composed with no expressions on their faces.

”Uncle Joab, grandpa Masula calm down. I think she has been spoiled enough by her family ”

Yeli said calmly.

The tall man known as Uncle Joab was the Commander of Abaki Army and the old man was an advisor.

Yeli treated them as family so he usually called them as uncles, brothers and Grandfather although it was too polite for him as a Honoured Prince of Abaki Kingdom.

Then he looked at Ari pitifully and said..

”My Lady, Im sorry i didn knew that you
e the precious princess of Jiuhon. Im so sorry. ”

He said while bowing slightly and his face had serious expression which showed that he was not mocking her but really apologising.

This made Ari somehow surprised and slightly relieved from her fears.

”My lady, I have something to beg you, can i? ”

Yeli asked.

Hearing the word eg Ari felt that she was helpful and important to Yeli. She thought Yeli need to reap some benefits from her as a princess and that Uncle Joab and the old man were just hot-tempered.

Thus, she felt smug and her fears immediately fled away.

However, she merely stared at him disdainfully and remained

”My lady, I came to your territory three years ago and that time I was Sixteen Years old. I have been staying in these caves for three years and Im now nineteen years old. I would go out in the woods at night to kill boredom. But there is something that is troubling me. This thing has been killing me for along time..It is love. My lady I need love.. I need a companion. Please i sincere beg you give me a chance and let me in your heart. ”

Finally Yeli begged while lowering his head in shy and embarrassment.

”You said you need to marry me? Hah. Im afraid you don have it takes. ”

At the beginning of her sentence her tone was cold but when her gaze collided with Joabs murderous gaze she quickly calmed her tone. However, her words were still arrogant.

”My Lady I can give you everything you want. No matter what. Just stay by my side. ”

Ari rolled her beautiful eyes in disdain before saying…

”Anything? hmph. What can you give me? ”

This time her tone was calm and relaxed.

Yeli ordered some of the men in his vernacular language and more than ten men emerged from another room. They carried large wooden boxes. They put the boxes down in front of Ari and opened.

Ari glanced at the contents in the boxes and her eyes instantly lit up, her smooth face flashed in amazement.

There was gold, white fur garments, other various jewelry and beautiful antiques.

Oh wow! too beautiful, This kid is very rich.

”I can give you all my these, just let me in. ”

Ari reluctantly shifted her gaze from the treatures to Yeli and muttered…

”I have got a hunch that you
e lying. How can you give all these precious treasure just for a merely marriage? Im certain that you want to trick me. ”

Yeli fixed his gaze at Yeli and said in sorrowful tone.

”These things are no longer useful to us. We can not trade. Thus, it is better to give it to someone who can make a good use of it in exchange with a marriage which will stay forever and brings a lot of happiness. ”

Hearing this, Ari realised that he was serious and could really give her the treasures as long as she agreed.

Ari had taken a liking to the treasures. Besides, the treasures could make her wealth on her own without depending on her family.

However, she didn want to marry the kid. Just because Yeli was not the type of men she dreamed.

Besides Yeli being about the same age as her, he was a kid in her eyes. Ari could enjoy just toying with him but not marrying him.

”Hah kid, do you think Im a pushover? Let me remind you Im a Princess and I lack nothing, how can I fall for this? ”

Ari declined right away. She was not that kind of materialistic women.

Even Yeli had a trace of surprise on his face. Though Ari had turned him down, he realised that she was different from many wealthy women who couldn resist the temptation of precious treasures.

This increased his desire of her but it also reduced his chance of winning her. She had chose not to take the treasures instead of marrying him..Too awkward!

”Im just trying to convince you nothing more… what should I do to win you then?. I just can afford to quit. ”

Yeli said in pleading and complaining tone. His voice were just like usual, too sorrow.

”Forget it. You can . You can win me. ”

Repried Ari calmly but harshly.

Hmph! Ari was too tough to deal with.


Yeli finally shallowed his pride and got on his kneels with a loud thud.

Everyone including those composed men finally had a drastic change of expression.

Their Honoured Prince who was probably going to become their next king was kneeling in front of a foreign young woman.

”Your Highness, what are you doing? ”

Joab question in annoyance but Yeli ignored him.

In the eyes of all of them, Yeli was being too polite. In fact, Yeli was a Honoured Prince who was probably going to become their next king while Ari was a merely princess who could only become a wife to the king after marriage.

Thus, Yeli held a significant and highly esteemed position than Ari yet he knelt.

”My Lady, give me a chance. I may look young but Im already nineteen. Please..Ill give you time to think ove….. ”


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