ving the data from the recon platoon, Schleer immediately put it up on her sub-monitor and confirms it.

“Wha……! They are deploying this many troops!? I see, so that’s why they stopped the bombardment…….damn it, they got us!”

Schleer unintentionally swore.
That is inevitable given a large number of enemies heading their way.
It is clear that they’ve planned this from the beginning.

“This looks really bad, isn’t it.
If we do this poorly, we will be caught between the enemy fleet and their ground units then……..”

“Perfectly sandwiched huh.”

“That’s not funny you know.”

Saki frowned at Kisei’s joke.
However, they certainly can not afford to intercept the enemy here first before heading back to rescue their fleet.
Generally speaking, a Noredian fleet should be more powerful than a Calencian one.
Without striker support, it’s impossible for them to win in a head-on fight.

“We have no choice but to retreat……but, it would be too much if we have to withdraw while warding off the enemy on our back.”

“We might be able to win if we can fight them properly but, if we have to move back to protect our fleet as well……that would be rather difficult.
The enemy commander is quite capable.”

“Diaroze……ugh, even though I already expected her to pull something, to think that I couldn’t even do anything against it!”

Schiller hit the armor plate on her cockpit.

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“We are in a pinch huh.”

Seeing that, Kisei grinned.
He then jumped onto the [Mistilteinn] and gently squeezed Schleer’s hand.

“But I’m here for a time like this right.”

“Ki, Kisei-san……?”

While blushing from having her hand suddenly grabbed, Schleer cocked her head to the side.
Her expression is asking him what he’s planning to do in a situation like this.

“For the time being, everyone should retreat toward the fleet.
I and…..sorry, Saki will separate from the main force and intercept the enemy.”

“Ahh? Me? Sure, I don’t mind.”

In the first place, Saki isn’t fond of running away with a tail between her legs.
If the Nored army is planning to ambush them, she would rather face the ambush head-on despite the danger.

“Are you planning to be our rearguard? If that’s the case then I will…..”

Schleer needs to stay and lead the army.
We will act separately on this one.”

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“…..what are you planning?”

Having an unpleasant premonition, Schleer asked.
In reply, Kisei gives his answer with a bitter smile.

“We will rush directly toward the center of the enemy formation.
That should kill their momentum and prevent them from pursuing you.”

“Isn’t that the Shimazu’s escape!?”

Hearing that all too bold of a plan, Saki retorted.

“……y, you’re well-informed huh.”

Kisei was taken aback by Saki’s unexpected reference.
Even for a Terran, aside from a few history buffs, that reference is not that particularly well-known though……

TLN: The Shimazu’s escape is a story about how the Shimazu clan escaped from the battle of Sekigahara in Sengoku period.

The mad lads rode through the center of the enemy formation and broke the encirclement.
at the same time they deployed suicide squad to stall their pursuers killing a lot of the Tokugawa soldiers.

And yes, the Shimazu’s lord managed to escape.

Look it up if you are interested, or go watch the clip of the opening scene of the anime Drifter on youtube for “Accurate Depiction”.

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