Chapter 100 finally, now we are officially 1/3 of the way to the end.

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Retreating to the Enemy Headquarters 2

Glossy jet-black strikers are running through the dense forest.
These machines are [Lenion] the striker model reserved exclusively for the Nored’s Imperial Knights.
20 of such strikers are now heading toward the Calencian main force which is now retreating toward the beach.

“These guys, the ones that showed up on Leboir…….”

Saki said in a sullen voice when she spotted them.
Even though it should be unexpected for the Imperial Knights to face Kisei and Saki here, their maneuver shows no sign of unrest.
While skillfully using the trees as their cover, they start attacking them with pinpoint accuracy.

“The Imperial Knights huh.
I never thought that they would be tasked to lead the charge.”

“These guys are troublesome you know.
Both the spec of their machines and their skills are extraordinary after all.”

“The sharper the tip, the better the spear huh.
I see, I guess the other side is getting serious as well.”

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Multiple [Lenions] fired a large number of micro-missiles toward the grinning Kisei.
Like a school of small fishes, they flew out from the missile pods on their back and home in toward the [Caliburn-Revive].

“Woah, these guys……they are using the same thing as Valentina huh? Still, we are in a forest you know!”

Although the micro-missiles are quite effective in open space, with large trees scattering around them like this, they won’t be able to exhibit their full power.
Many missiles exploded on the trunks and branches of the giant trees and the remaining ones were all shot down by the [Anti-Missile Laser Interceptor] on the [Caliburn Revive].

“Ugh, prepare for melee combat!”

“First one is you!”

With that shout, Kisei jumped toward the [Lenion] which seems to be piloted by the unit commander.
It managed to stop Kisei’s bayonet thrust with its shield but at the same time, Kisei fired the head-mounted machine gun and destroyed its trinocular main camera.


Without missing that small opening, Kisei swept up its feet and mercilessly stabbed the bayonet at the [Lenion]’s abdomen as it fell toward the mossy ground of the forest.

“You little!……Argh!”

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The [Lenion] counterattacked with its blaster rifle but the beam was deflected back by Kisei’s photon saber.
Being hit by its own beam, the [Lenion] stopped moving from the impact, luckily the shot did not pierce its armor.
Naturally, Kisei did not stop at that and fired his rifle at the exact same spot.
This time, the [Lenion] was disabled and lifelessly collapsed to the ground.

“This guy, just like the rumors said, he’s not normal……”

“Don’t be scared! We must make up for our disgrace!”

The Imperial Knights were disgraced when they allowed Kisei to steal one of their ride boosters at Leboir and escaped.
Intending to make up for that, the morale of the Imperial Knights was high.

“Blasters won’t be effective against him, Take out your machine guns!”

“Oh, don’t go forget about me now!”

The [Lenion] that was switching to its machine gun was cut in half by Saki’s lightning-fast slash.
Due to Kisei’s flashy performance earlier, it was very easy for her to move around with no eyes on her.

“Damn it!”

Another [Lenion] sprayed its submachine gun at [Dainsleif] but Saki quickly takes cover behind a tree while defending herself with the cloak-like extra armor.
At the same time, the head of the [Lenion] that was aiming at Saki was blown off by a shot from Kisei’s blaster rifle.

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“Ah, sorry about that!”

Jumping out from behind the tree, Saki cut down the [Lenion] that lost its head.
Not only that, she also aimed her kunai launcher at another [Lenion] next to it and fired.

The kunai struck the [Lenion]’s abdomen and sent it flying before it collapsed on the ground.

“They are both skilled! What do we do, ma’am?”

“Keep the Samurai busy! Focus your attack on the White One!”

“But in a forest like this……Gwak!”

Another [Lenion] fell victim to Kisei’s pile bunker.
The two other [Lenions] at its sides counterattack with their machine guns but Kisei quickly takes his distance and hides behind a tree.
However, the tree trunk is being chipped away like it was cut by a chainsaw.

Soon, the huge tree trunk collapsed and rolled on the ground, raising a cloud of dust.
From the brown dust cloud, 2 green beams flew out and hit both [Lenions] on their abdomens, leaving them disabled.

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“Ugh, he’s tough…..but we can not afford to withdraw either!”

Since they were chosen to lead the charge, withdrawal is not an option for the Imperial Knights.
It hasn’t been long since their offensive was launched, should the vanguards suddenly withdraw, the morale of the entire army will be shaken.
Moreover, as the elites of the Nored Empire, they can not afford to show such a disgraceful appearance.

“As expected of the Imperial Knights, you guys have some backbone huh.
You people are worth fighting…..”

Saki let out a small sigh at Kisei who said that with a grin inside his cockpit.
Unlike him who clearly outclassed them, these Imperial Knights are an elite unit that she must be on guard against.
The only factor that allowed her to fight them advantageously is that they are all focused on Kisei.

“What do we do about these guys? They won’t back down if you just beat them back a little you know?”

“This is a good opportunity, let’s crush them.
These people are quite skilled after all…….our [Claymores] would probably struggle if we let them through.
It should be much easier for our side if we disable all of their strikers here.”

“You serious?…..Damn, can’t be helped then.
Let’s get this over with!”

After heaving a heavy sigh, Saki shouted to get her fighting spirit up.

Still, there are many enemies behind the Imperial Knights.

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