br>Rather, just give me an excuse to do it.”

Kisei is clearly stronger than her so Saki was being reasonable and stepped back to devote herself to support him.
However, their opponent is Diaroze, the enemy of Calencia herself.
If she can, she also wants to take revenge for her people.”

“Aneue, please, your decision.”

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Diaroze pathetically looked at Valentina whose voice sounded like she was saying [Just accept the duel already].
Like [Zentis], Valentina’s striker was painted with black and gold signifying the status of the Nored Imperial family.
However, unlike Diaroze, her demeanor seems strangely calm and collected.

‘Damn it, acting like it’s none of your concern…….if it’s like that then you go fight him! ……, I’m the general here, if I appoint a proxy, I would become the laughing stock of the whole army!’

While her head was processing her options at high speed, Diaroze grits her teeth.
Naturally, she doesn’t want to accept the duel challenge.
Kisei’s [Caliburn-Revive] seems to be a little exhausted but it should still be able to fight well.
Diaroze has her confidence in piloting a striker but against a real monster that can fight off the Nored’s 4 Heavenlys all by himself, her confidence means nothing.

‘How did it come to this……..this was supposed to be an easy war.
If I don’t do something then I will lose…..’

Thinking so, Diaroze felt a strange sensation running down her back.
Her body quivered but she couldn’t tell what it was so she decided to shake it off.

“It seems you are not planning to accept my challenge.
Can’t be helped, I will just crush everyone here.”

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The moment Kisei said that in a cheerful voice, Diaroze’s escorts started to panic.

“Wait! Stop right there! There’s no way that our princess would do such a shameful thing as to turn away from such a challenge!”

“That’s right! Her Highness will definitely accept! Right, Your Highness!!”

With the position of the next empress, Diaroze’s escorts only consisted of high-ranking aristocrats.
However, these aristocrats usually prepare a custom-made striker for themselves.
They would never risk any unnecessary damage to their luxuriously customized machine.
Moreover, if news spreads that they were defeated by a man then their honor will be seriously damaged.
That’s why the escorts abandoned their duty and prioritized themselves.

Rumors about Kisei are also becoming more famous within the Nored empire.
Even if they know that they will not be killed in a fight against him, they would all naturally choose to minimize the damage to themselves.

“Damn it…….I just have to accept it right, Fine!”

Being subjected to a case of extreme peer pressure, Diaroze eventually gave in and shouted so in tears.

Diaroze then mute her microphone and take out a communication terminal from the holder on her thigh and quickly typed in a message.
After confirming that the message was sent, she unmuted the mic.

“Diaroze Vista Argarine! [Zentis] will face you in single combat!”

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