I Friggin Hate Duel 2

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“The opponent is a close-quarter combat type…….I guess it’s a little disadvantageous for me in a forest like this huh.”

While observing the black-gold striker on his main monitor, Kisei muttered to himself.
Its thick armor can be discerned at a single glance and there was also a large thruster unit at its back to compensate for the extra weight.
If he has to categorize it, it would be the same type as the [Zarava] piloted by the [Heavenly Roar].

However, the black-gold striker’s most distinctive feature is the large shotgun in its right hand.
The belt link extending from the shotgun is connected to the drum magazine mounted on the back.
This means that it possesses a high rate of fire.

“Full-auto shotgun …….that’s a strange weapon for sure but in a tight space like this it would be difficult to avoid or intercept its shots, alright.”

After forming a plan in his head, Kisei immediately accelerated.
A storm of shotgun shells hits the space where the [Caliburn-Revive] was.
The trunk of the giant tree which was over a dozen meters in height was shattered in half by the shells, exploding into a cloud of dust.


Diaroze clicked her tongue after seeing that her attack was easily avoided.
Naturally, she already knew that her opponent is not someone easy to hit but it is still frustrating for her nonetheless.

Moreover, he avoided it with a speed that is slower than she expected.
Normally, her shots should not be able to be avoided at that level of speed.
Still, Kisei’s striker was unscathed.
It’s like he’s using some kind of magic here.

“You are using some kind of cheat right, you bastard!”

“If you know where the shots will land in advance, this much is natural right?”

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“D, Damn it!”

Diaroze kept pulling the trigger as cold sweat started to break out on her body.
As the muzzle of her shotgun repeatedly flashes and illuminates the dim forest, countless shells kept shattering the trees.


Meanwhile, a single beam fired by Kisei went through [Zentis]’s shotgun causing the gun’s body, which is filled with ammunition, to explode.
The debris hit the [Zentis]’s armor with a high-pitched and unpleasant sound of impact echoing inside its cockpit.

“Damn you!”

“You think you can stop me with just bullets alone!?”

Taking the chance when the barrage stopped, Kisei stepped on his foot pedal and closed in on the [Zentis] at once.

“I won’t fall with just this!”

Diaroze managed to block the iai slash from Kisei’s photon saber.
His green blade of light is grinding against her silver blade, sending off countless sparks.


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Diaroze was ready to block Kisei’s follow-up slash but his attack with the photon saber was only a feint.
The [Caliburn-Revive] kicked at the [Zentis]’s lower abdomen and sent it collapsing to the ground.


While glaring at the [Caliburn-Revive] which has taken out its rifle, Diaroze pulled a trigger.
A thick, small-sized cannon mounted on the [Zentis]’s shoulder fired out a giant net.

“Net gun!? You have something like that too huh!”

While casually avoiding the giant net, Kisei voiced his impression.
The net which was avoided landed on and covered a mossy ground of the forest while burning the fallen trees and the moss with violent electric discharge.

“That was supposed to be a surprise attack you know! Don’t just casually avoid it!”

From the battle data she collected so far, Diaroze knew that Kisei’s ability to evade incoming attacks was unusual.
Even so, even though she equipped her striker with weapons that should be difficult to avoid, he still managed to easily evade it.

“I don’t have any obligation to be defeated by cheap tricks after all!”

“Shut up, Shut UP! You bastard!!”

A snake-like whip slithered out from the undersleeve of the [Zentis]’s hand and attacked Kisei.
However, the one who has to suffer that painful attack was not him.
The whip that slithered toward Kise was cut by his Photon SAber and instead was sent back toward the [Zentis].


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The [Zentis] violently shook and Diaroze raised such a pathetic scream.
Immediately after, a pile bunker was immediately plunged at the [Zentis]’s abdomen.

“So it’s this hard huh, as expected of a royalty exclusive!”

However, the pile bunker still did not penetrate the thick armor of the [Zentis].
While voicing his admiration for the machine, Kisei regained his posture which was collapsed by the unexpected rebound.

“D, Doing whatever you want–!”

Diaroze shouts with her face drenched in a cold sweat from the earlier attack.
She then holds up her longsword and tries to thrust at Kisei.

“Being reckless is no good you know!”


Kisei shot a beam at the place the [Zentis] was about to step to, making it stumble by the uneven footing and violently collapse forward.
At the same time, he sent a roundhouse kick toward the [Zentis]’s chest and sent it flying backward.

“U, Uwahhh!!”

After tumbling on the ground, Diaroze looked up and screamed at the [Caliburn-Revive] which was approaching her at high speed.
She tried to move out of its way by twisting the body of the [Zentis] but it was too late.
Seeing the [Caliburn-Revive] mounting on the chest of her [Zentis], Diaroze exhaled a heated breath.

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“You mounted me!? How dare you!?”

Contrary to her words, her expression was one of excitement.
Kisei was weirded out by Diaroze’s thoughts which flowed to his mind for a moment but that doesn’t mean that he will stop his attack.
The [Caliburn-Revive]’s thrusts the tip of its photon saber which is being held in reverse-grip into the abdomen of the [Zentis].

“It’s over!”

Although the armor was not immediately penetrated, inside the cockpit of the [Zentis] echoed the warning sound that the capacity of the regenerative armor is hitting its critical point.
At this rate, its engine will be destroyed in just a few seconds.

“N, Now! Do it, Eleanor!”

While listening to the warning sound with an ecstatic expression, Diaroze impatiently screamed out just before her armor was penetrated.
In response, a striker pops out of the forest.
It was a bright magenta, heavy-duty Zenith.

It points its twin Gatling gun in its left hand toward the [Caliburn-Revive].

“Even if I have to live with disgrace! I will not be defeated here!!”

With a ferocious smile, Diarozed shouted with her cheeks dyed red.

TLN: Yup, the duel didn’t last long at all

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