Turning the Table

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For aristocrats, setting up an ambush during single combat is the most disgraceful thing one could have done.
As winning a duel is one of the highest honors for Vuld aristocrats, it is not that hard to imagine what would happen if one broke such a taboo.

Even so, this is still happening.

“You think an ambush will work on me!?”

Kisei fired a round from his blaster rifle on the twin Gatling gun which was about to open fire at him.
The twin Gatling guns exploded and the magenta Zenith that was wielding it…….the [Pafeel] was blown back a little.

“Wha……! So you live up to the rumors after all! Wicked Star!”

Eleanor the Heavenly Thunder shouted inside the cockpit of [Pafeel].

“You still stand even with this!? What kind of monster are you! Ugh, All of you, get over here already !”

Diaroze shouted while still being mounted by Kisei.
She was furious.
If she can not take him down even after all this then she will end up becoming a laughing stock for the rest of her life.

Following Diaroze’s order, Noredian strikers jump out from their covers one after another.
Among them are the [Van Wolf] and the [Zarava] belonging to the [Heavenly Blade] and the [Heavenly Roar] respectively.

“The whole circus huh!”

Kisei kicked off the [Zentis] and jumped toward the sky with a joyful voice.
Even if he kept trying to pierce the [Zentis]’s armor, it’s clear that all these newly arrived strikers would shower him with bullets.
Before they could ready themselves, he needs to secure an advantageous position first.


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Seeing the [Caliburn-Revive] move away, Diaroze let out a disappointed voice.

Even though she managed to push him back according to plan, regret can still be seen clearly in her eyes.

“S, She’s a weird one.”

Confused by Diaroze’ Kisei abandoned his photon saber.
There was only a small amount of charged particles left, not even enough for one slash.
The photon saber is certainly a light and compact weapon but it’s only suitable for short-term battle.
In its place, he pulled out his spare photon saber and deflected the thick beams that were fired toward him.

“Gatling and mega blaster rifles huh! Nice combo!”

“Uwawawawa!? Hitting the beams back toward the shooter is just insane! Can you quit doing that!?”

Eleanor screamed while avoiding the beams that flew back toward her.
On the right hand of the [Pafeel] is a large 10.5Mw mega blaster rifle.

Considering the twin Gatling that was destroyed earlier, it can be said that her striker can exert several times more firepower than your ordinary Zenith.


As the two were exchanging fire, the [Zarava] approached Kisei with bullet-like speed and opened fire at him.

Then when Kisei avoided the shot from her beam magnum, Nora started shouting at him as well.


“Alright, deflecting it is!”

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Kisei happily replied with a smile at the Zarava that swiftly moved out of the way of the beam he reflected.

“Hahaha, it’s been a while! How have you been?”

“All fine thanks to you[DESU]! I’m definitely going to take you down this time!”

After he ‘allowed’ her to get away in their last battle, Nora was burning with the flame of revenge due to the humiliation she received.
She continues closing in on Kisei with sharp movement and accurate shots.
Moreover, with support from the [Pafeel] behind her, Kisei has no other choice but to retreat backward.

“What a disgraceful battle.
I am truly ashamed…but, I still have to fulfill my duty!”

Above all, the two are not his only enemies.
The [Van Wolf] charged at Kisei with its sword.
However, the moment Kisei was about to intercept her blow using his photon saber, the [Dainsleif] received the blow with its sword in his place.

“Hou, the Samurai from back then huh.”

“Do you remember me after all! I’m so happy I’m gonna cry!”

Sarcastically replied Saki, who was pretty much ignored by Tersis in their last encounter.
If possible, she wants to take revenge for that here but she knows that this is not the time for that.

“Kisei, let’s retreat for the time being! We need bullets and propellants to make our escape.
It will get ugly if we can’t withdraw after we go on a rampage here!”

No matter how strong Kisei is, he can’t annihilate the whole army.
After all, even if he defeats all the 4 Heavenlys, it wouldn’t be funny if he gets shot down by some small flies.
That’s why the wisest course of action is to withdraw while they still can.

“Ugh, that’s true…….what a shame, it’s just getting fun too.”

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“Don’t be stupid! There should still be another one of those 4 Heavenlys right! If that guy joins in as well, our situation would get even worse!”

Saki shouts while defending herself against the onslaught of Tersis.
Saki is certainly an outstanding swordfighter but Tersis’s skills are above hers.
She has to make the [Dainsleif] step back after each blow and she doesn’t know when Tersis’s attack will get through either.

Moreover, the surrounding strikers also fire at them when chances arise so this situation is tough enough for her already.
Just imagine another one of an opponent with such skills joining the battle already sending a chill down her spine.

“……can’t be helped then, alright!”

While avoiding the assault from the [Zarava] by hooking his wire gun to a giant tree, Kisei fired his blaster rifle at [Van Wolf].
Tersis naturally avoided the shot but using that opening, the [Dainsleif] managed to getaway.

Seeing that, Kisei also disengaged.

“Ah, Hey! Get back here!”

“No, you get back here!”

Nora hurriedly tried to chase after Kisei but she was stopped by a sharp voice from Diaroze.

“The 4 Heavenlys are to remain on standby.
You guys pursue them.
In a situation like this, it’s better to attack them with quantity rather than quality.”

Diaroze ordered her escort unit who was repeatedly providing fire support from behind the 4 Heavenlys.

“Eh, us!?”

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“We can’t possibly beat that kind of monster!”

The captain of her escorts protested.

“Even if you get shot down that man will not take your life! Just go already!”

“Y, Yes, ma’am……”

Since she just exposed her shameful appearance earlier, the reply she received from her subordinates was quite bad.
They do not have the motivation to follow her order at all.
It’s clear that they do not want to follow the command of a general who requested assistance in single combat.

“Hurry up! GO!”


Diaroze sighed as she saw off the [Jettas] that finally started chasing Kisei.
On the other hand, Nora raised her protest in a loud voice.


“Don’t you dare bark at me, you stupid cur.
I wasn’t expecting him to attack us at this time.
Thanks to that, Liren couldn’t join the battle.
With that monster as our opponent, we need everything to guarantee our victory.”


“Shut your trap! Don’t talk back to me! Anyway, we have to exhaust him first before we finish him.
You curs will have your turn so just sit here and wait until then!”

Against Diaroze’s angry outburst, Nora had no choice but to obediently shut her mouth.

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