ality check isn’t going to hurt me.
Right, Partner.”

“Y, Yeah, right! We are partners after all! Hahahaha!”

Saki’s expression immediately brightened at Kisei’s words.
She was called his ‘Partner’ after all.
There’s no way that she would not be elated by that.

“You chose me over that woman for this operation after all! It’s clear that you trust me more than her! Fufufufu.”

“Eh, no, that’s not……..”

Kisei was confused by Saki’s sudden joyful words.
He chose Saki for this operation because it’s only rational to not have your general accompany you to the enemy headquarters alone.
He didn’t choose her because he prefers Saki over Schleer.
Still, saying that out loud would needlessly discourage her so Kisei chose to shut his mouth and swallowed his words down.

“We are here.”

When they were having such a conversation, the old woman suddenly stopped her feet.
In front of her is a large wooden three-story house.
That being said, her house is not particularly big compared to the surrounding houses.
Since Vulds all usually have a big family, the surrounding houses are also of a similar size.

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“The knights must be tired from all their travel.
Now, go away, scatter, let them get some rest!”

The old woman shooed the other farmers away.
Although some of them were complaining, they all obediently headed back to their home according to the old woman’s words.

“Alright, please come in.”

After opening the glass door, the old woman invited the two into her house.

“Ooi! I’m back.
Falca, come on out!”

“Yes, yes!”

When the old woman shouted while taking off her shoes at the wide doorway, a young woman showed up from the back room with a rattling noise.
From behind, several children were running after her.

“Welcome back! Grandma!”

“W, Wah, he’s so beautiful!”

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While trying to calm the children down, the woman called Falca gazed at Kisei with a surprised expression.

“ M, Mom! Please tell me beforehand if you are going to bring a visitor! It’s embarrassing looking like this in front of them right!”

The woman blushed while pinching the hem of her apron.
The children who are now grouping up behind her are all saying [I will tell dad you know!].

“I will talk more about their situation later but these people are going to stay with us for the night.
Get some chicken and ready a meal for them.”

“Oh my.”

With a surprised expression still on her face, the woman observes Kisei.
Naturally, since they just left their strikers, the two are still in their pilot suits.
She managed to somewhat guess their circumstances from that and nodded with a smile.

“Then I will go call Shizuro-san.
They need a change of clothes after all.
A man should be taken care of by another man right.”

“Sorry for the trouble, thank you.”

Kisei bowed while exhaling a sigh of relief.
He has been stuck in the cockpit for more than a week so his body has already reached its limit due to fatigue.
If he can get some room to stretch his body and a comfy place to sleep in then he couldn’t be happier.

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