“S, Stop it!”

Although they are only children, they are still Vuld.
Even as an adult Terran male, Kisei can’t resist the children’s physical strength.
Albeit being below average in terms of physical strength himself, he couldn’t shake out of their restraint even after he tried with all his might.

“Stop that!”

However, the three children were easily stopped by two young women who stood up to help him.
In a blink of an eye, the children were lifted off Kisei and they were all smacked in the head.

“D, Domestic violence…….!”

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Kisei was terrified by the sudden violence.
Judging from the sound alone, they should have hit the children with enough strength to knock out an adult Terran male.
Still, aside from their teary eyes, they seem perfectly fine.
As he expected, Vuld’s physical ability is truly terrifying.

“I, I’m so sorry for them! Hey, apologize to him, quick!”

“We’re sorry!.”

The girls’ apology earned a bitter smile from Kisei.
After telling them that they shouldn’t do something like that again, he immediately forgave them.
From Kisei’s perspective, it only looked like the children were trying to play with him so he can’t get angry at them anyway.

However, knowing that the children were fully intent on molesting him, the young women repeatedly apologized to Kisei with a pale expression.

“We are truly sorry about the kids.”

“I will make sure to admonish them properly so…..”

“Please, I don’t mind, they’re only children after all.”

Kisei’s words were casual.
Compared to the MPs who demanded a hug in exchange for letting him pass, this much is nothing at all.

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“By the way, are you two the mothers of those children?”

“Yes, well, in a sense.”

“It wasn’t us who gave birth to them but our elder sister.”

Kisei awkwardly nodded to the reply from the two women.
They are probably married to Shizuro as well.
From a Terran’s perspective, this kind of family is certainly strange.
However, with that out of the way, he can now understand why there are so many children in the room.
After all, If he has to count the three girls earlier, there are more than 10 children in this room alone.

“I see.
Well, as you can see, I’m a Terran.
It’s my first time to be in the care of a Vuld family like this so it’s kind of an eye-opening experience for me you see.”

“Hee… this kind of family unusual on earth?”

“My place is, well, I only have one elder sister.
Even after counting my parents, I think we only have 4 people total in the whole family.
I just thought that it’s amazing to have a big family like this.”

“4 people!? Th, That’s certainly a small family isn’t it…….”

The woman was both confused and surprised.
From the perspective of a Vuld, who normally shares various kinds of housework among sisters, a normal Terran household certainly seems strange to them.

They seemed to be interested in the topic and started asking Kisei a lot of questions.

After that, the cross-cultural exchange continued until they finished their dinner.

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