ure that she is laying a trap for us somewhere.”

“Th, that woman’s no joke after all……”

“Well, all is good as long as we win.
It will be super troublesome to deal with her but I’m looking forward to it………”

Said Kisei with a grin.
He doesn’t seem to be discouraged at all.
On the other hand, Saki’s expression turned even more strained.

“So, since you have to go along with my hobby, I’m feeling somewhat guilty you see.”

“No matter how much you like playing with fire, there should be a limit, you know.”

“Well, that’s true.
Still, the next battle will be one that both I and her will give it our all.
There aren’t many things that can excite me like this.”

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“You really have a strange hobby.
I do get excited by fighting a good enemy myself but you are just built different.”

When Saki pointed that out, Kisei shyly scratched his cheek.
Naturally, Kisei himself is also aware of his bad habit.

“Just being alive is not that much fun after all.
The only time I get to be someone that matters is inside a striker’s cockpit.
I can move however I want, and I can seriously fight others too.”

“……..Don’t start spouting nonsense now.
Inside a striker or not, you are still you right.”

Feeling that strangely unpleasant atmosphere, Saki faced Kisei.
Kisei is still smiling but somehow, his smile looked strangely sad.

“Well…….until I started fighting in a striker, I couldn’t even earn my sister’s medical fee you know.
I tried a lot of things before I decided to become a mercenary too………but it was all useless.
My body is weak and I’m clumsy with my hand.
It’s not like I’m good at using my head either.”


Kisei’s words sound so meek that it doesn’t seem like they came from him, who’s always optimistic about everything.
Unable to say anything, Saki can only look into his eyes.

“That’s why I was so happy that I’m so good at piloting strikers.
As long as I’m in a cockpit, I can help anyone in need and fight anyone I want.”

“Stop it, talking like that.”

After clenching her teeth, Saki squeezed her voice out.
To her, Kisei sounded like he only valued himself as a pilot.
And that is unacceptable to Saki.


“Shut up.”

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Interrupting his words, Saki suddenly stood up.
She then turned off the lamp and hugged Kisei.
Just like that, they get into the futon together.

“Who cares about you being a pilot.
Just become my hug pillow tonight.”

“H, How did it come to that.”

Kisei was surprised and tried to wiggle out but he couldn’t escape Saki’s firm embrace.
The soft-touch on his back also made him a little uncomfortable.
He usually has his guard up and always puts on a poker face but due to his tiredness and Saki’s suddenness, he couldn’t fix his expression.
That’s why, in this rare moment, his face turned bright red.

“I don’t want to hear you rationalizing everything anymore.
Tonight you are my hug pillow! Any problem!?”

“N, No, ma’am…..”

If Saki’s willing to go that far then Kisei has no choice but to give up.
He can’t escape her arms no matter what he does and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to do anything more than that either.
That’s why he gave up resisting and decided to stay quiet.

“L, Let’s sleep then! We have to wake up early tomorrow.
We wouldn’t want to bother the people here too much after all.”


Already giving up, Kisei indifferently shut his eyes.
In the pitch-black room, the only sensation he felt was Saki’s body temperature.
Thinking that this is not so bad, Kisei relaxed his body and eventually fell asleep.


However, that is not the case with Saki.
Since Kisei is trusting her not to assault him, she can’t betray his trust.
However, asking her to not get excited at all is still impossible.

In the end, her eyes stayed wide open until midnight.

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