Wicked Star VS the Four Heavenlys 1

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The 3 of the 4 Heavenlys charge toward Kisei.
With a twin Gatling gun, a twin mega blaster rifle, and a blaster magnum firing at him, Kisei immediately blew his thruster and used the mountain as cover.

“The Royal Zeniths………they are going for Saki huh!”

Diaroze and Valentina did not charge at Kisei.
Their plan is probably to deal with his wingman while leaving Kisei to the 4 Heavenlys.

“Can you hold on until I get rid of these guys?”

“Who do you think you are talking to! I will shoot them down myself!”

Saki’s desperate voice made Kisei smile.

“I will leave them to you then!”

“Alright!…….you be careful too, Kisei.
There are only 3 of the 4 Heavenlys here.
They must be planning something.”

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“Right, if she didn’t run off first that is!”

Kisei shouted in reply while receiving a blow from the [Van Wolf]’s long sword with his photon saber.

“That’s hurtful, you know, talking about someone who isn’t even here when I’m right in front of you!”

“My bad!”

Kisei unintentionally smiles at Tersis’s complaint.
This is the third time he has fought her so he was not surprised by the sharpness of her blow.
Besides, she is not his only enemy.
The heavy-duty Zenith, the [Pafeel] is firing at him with four powerful cannons.


“I won’t let you off if you accidentally shoot me in the back okay, you idiot noble!”

“Who are you calling an idiot noble! You stupid commoner!”

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In addition, there is also the [Zarava] who’s blasting its blaster magnum at Kisei accurately between the [Pafeel]’s attack.
Even Kisei can’t counterattack in a situation like this.
Right now, he’s currently avoiding their shots while occasionally hitting some back toward them.

“WaHaHaHaHa! I’m in a tough spot aren’t I!”

In the previous battle, Kisei was able to gain a considerable advantage due to the dense forest.
However, this time even though they are fighting in a mountainous area, there’s practically no cover for him as they are fighting near the mountain top.
Kisei couldn’t be in any worse situation.


The barrage from the twin Gatling gun swept the snow surface, causing a small avalanche.

Kicking off the snowy slope, Kisei fired his thruster at full power.
While escaping the cloud of smoke, he also deflected the shot from the [Zarava]’s blaster magnum back at it.

“Same trick over and over again!”

Making a sharp turn, Nora managed to avoid the deflected beam.
On the other hand, Tersis immediately filled in that gap and thrust full speed at Kisei with her longsword, the tip of her blade reflect the glaring sunlight.

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“You’re fast…..but!”

Kisei parried the blow using his photon saber before kicking off the [Van Wolf] and circle behind it.
The [Calburn-Revive] then fired its head-mounted machine gun at one of the [Van Wolf]’s thrusters on its back, destroying it.

“As expected, you really excite me!”

Tersis joyfully smiles even though Kisei just disables one of her thrusters.
On the other hand, Kisei couldn’t afford to give her a reply as the low-fuel warning sound started to ring inside his cockpit.
He pulled his control stick with both hands and the chalky striker performed a somersault under the blue sky, avoiding the barrage of bullets flying from the [Pafeel].


The [Zarava] fired its thruster to close in on him but Kisei immediately stopped its advance by firing at it.
His shots were terrifyingly accurate and a beam struck the abdomen of the [Zarava].
It was repelled by its thick armor but the second shot which was fired immediately right after landed on the exact same place.

This time, although the shot did not penetrate, the [Zarava]’s armor surface became red hot.

“Damn you!”

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Nora screamed as she put her all into avoiding the third shot.
Cold sweats start to gather on her well-arranged face.
If her evasion was only a little slower, the [Zarava] would have been shot down already.

“I guess I was being too hasty too huh……!”

At the same time, Kisei was also being cornered.
He only has one last round left in his blaster rifle so he can’t use the same trick anymore.
The reason behind his impatience is that he wants to get rid of them quickly to go help Saki.

As strong as she is, the glimpse he caught of Saki’s battle at the corner of his eye is not looking too good.
It can be said that she’s putting up quite a proper fight even though she is up against two Royal Zeniths that are overwhelmingly superior in terms of performance.
She probably can’t keep up with them for long.

“Unwilling as I am, I have to admit that you are not someone I can face alone.
If you want to laugh at our cowardice then do it!”

Eleanor who saw through Kisei’s dilemma said that in a tone that is a mixture of sympathy and awe.
He’s a pilot that can put up an equal fight against three of the strongest strikers and pilots the Nored Empire has to offer.
Knowing that this situation is anything but normal, Eleanor no longer has the prideful attitude she showed at the 4 Heavenlys meeting.

“I won’t laugh.
Still, this is both fun and frustrating at the same time, seriously!”

Kisei shouted while glancing at Saki who was fighting in the distance.
At this rate, he can no longer afford to go assist Saki.
This time, cold sweat starts to trail down from Kisei’s forehead.

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