Wicked Star VS the 4 Heavenlys 2

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“Damn it, even if you emphasized speed there should still be a limit right!”

Saki shouted while avoiding the onslaught from Valentina’s [Ortho Kratzer].
Naturally, since it is a Nored Royal Zenith, a Calencian Zenith like the [Dainsleif] is incomparable in terms of both power and speed.

“That Kisei, he defeated something like this with only the [Gradius-kai]!?”

“I share your sentiment.
His skill is truly out of this world.”

Replied Valentina with a calm voice through the public channel.
With both her equipment and supplies in perfect condition, she has no fear for the [Dainsleif] which is now damaged and exhausted of most of its ammunition.

“But his skill will not matter in this situation! No matter how strong he is, the victory will be mine.”

Diaroze triumphantly said as she fire her full-auto shotgun.
Some of the scattered shots also hit the [Ortho Kratzer] as she continues to blast it but it’s not particularly a problem.”

“Aneue! Please don’t use your shotgun in close-quarter combat!”

“A couple of rounds from this thing won’t even scratch your armor right! Start acting like an Imperial Princess and stop making a big deal out of it!”

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The two were arguing but they were not careless enough to let up their attack.

While blocking the beam fired from the [Ortho Kratzer]’s lance, Saki fired her submachine gun back in retaliation.

However, Valentina easily avoided it with agile movements.

“Fuhahaha! You did well fighting us this far in that scrap metal! I will give you that!”

Diaroze’s laughter echoed as the [Zentis[ accelerated toward [Dainsleif].
Saki ready her hand to unleash the electromagnetic slash but before she could unsheathe the sword, Diaroze’s whip was swung toward her.

“Woah! That almost got me.”

Saki groaned while watching the lightning-infused whip cutting through the sky.
A whip has a longer reach than a sword so in a melee fight, it is quite a troublesome weapon to deal with.
Judging so, Saki decided to fire the head-mounted machine gun to retaliate but her bullets simply bounce off the [Zentis]’s armor.

“Tsk, guess I can’t do it like Kisei huh!”

“Your back is wide open you know!”

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Relying solely on her reflex, Saki managed to avoid the lance of the [Ortho Kratzer] which came at her from behind.
The tip of Valentina’s lance only scratch the paint off her armor but using the moment she leaped away, Diaroze caught the [Dainsleif] with her electric whip.


Sparks run through the [Dainsleif] and the current flows through the insulator, electrifying the cockpit.
Along with Saki’s scream, the [Dainsleif] crashed onto the mountain surface.

“Hahahaha, music to my ears!”

“Y, You bitch!”

Rolling on the ground, Saki desperately avoids the pursuit from the [Zentis] longsword.
She tried to fire her thruster to fly away but after the initial leap, her striker abruptly came to a stop with a loud noise.
It appears that she is now out of propellant.
She can still use the extra mobility from the Jet Armor but in the end, it is only a support device.
This means that the [Dainsleif] has lost most of its mobility.

“Th, This is bad.”

“Hmph, end of the line huh.”

Valentina muttered with a sympathetic look and fully fired her thruster to charge at the [Dainsleif] which is now lazily floating in the sky.

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“Not yet, I can still fight!”

However, Saki hasn’t given up yet.
Pressing a switch on her console, Saki cut off the recoil control and fired her head-mounted machine gun.
Using the recoil and the thrust from the Jet Armor, she managed to move away.


Valentina was surprised by Saki who barely managed to avoid her charge.
On the other hand, Saki pulled the trigger with a smirk.

“Eat this!”

The Electromagnetic slash was unleashed.
The blade which was ejected at high-speed assault the [Ortho Kratzer].

The sound of metal clashing metal echoes, then—-


The blade of her katana which had already reached its limit due to the continuous battles shattered.
As her eyes track the fragments of her blade which are scattering in the sky, Saki’s expression froze.

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“The victory would have been yours if you were in a perfect condition…….you have my sympathy.”

On the other hand, the unscathed Valentina muttered so with a difficult expression.
She then pulled out the photon saber mounted on the waist of the [Ortho Kratzer] and aimed it at the defenseless [Dainsleif].

“It was a good fight.”

Imitating Kisei, she thrust her photon saber at the abdomen of the [Dainsleif] where its engine was installed.
The crimson blade easily penetrated the armor and Valentina silently watched as the [Dainsleif] go into a free fall.


However, the next moment, a thick beam pierced the abdomen of the [Ortho Kratzer].
Its upper and lower body miserably broke apart and fell toward the mountain.
Inside the cockpit which has now lost power, Valentina looks toward her attacker.

“I couldn’t make it huh……”

“Who’s there!”

Diaroze shouted while glaring at the direction in which the beam was fired.

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