Wicked Star VS the Four Heavenly 3

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“How did their reinforcement manage to get here [DESU]!”

In the middle of a fierce battle with Kisei, Nora was confused by Schleer’s arrival.
This mountain range is located far from the coast where the Calencian army was so it was assumed that even if the rescue signal was sent out, no reinforcements would be able to make it in time to get in their way.

“It’s a ballistic flight! This woman flew up to orbit alone and dropped down on us! EEII, how annoying!”
(TLN: Ballistic flight is the method of flying relying on gravity, looked it up on Wikipedia lol)

Diaroze bitterly complained as she moved in to engage Schleer.
Normally, any aircraft that attempted to climb up to an altitude high enough for the ballistic flight would be shot down by the Noredian Anti-air defenses.
However, relying on the mobility of her Zenith, Schleer forcibly pushed through.
The proof is that her soldiers are not with her right now.

“I was always on standby in case we receive a rescue signal you see!”

Schleer replied with a full-on smug face.
Although the [Dainsleif] was shot down, it was confirmed that Saki was safe and she managed to avoid the worst-case scenario.
Moreover, she also took down Valentina with a surprise attack and is now holding Diaroze back for Kisei.

“I will hold this woman back.
Please take care of the 4 Heanvenlys, Kisei-san!”

“Leave them to me!”

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Kisei replied with a grin while parrying Tersis’s longsword with his bayonet.
He also tried to kick at the abdomen of the [Van Wolf] but as expected, its shield was too thick.


Hearing Eleanor’s voice, Tersis immediately backed away.
At the same time, a barrage from the [Pafeel]’s twin Gatling Gun heads toward the [Caliburn-Revive].
Kisei stepped away to avoid it.
His propellant is running low so he can not make any big movement using the main thruster.
If he had used his thruster to avoid the earlier barrage, the propellant would have run out already.

“Hmph, look at you! You can’t possibly hold out much longer even with that striker’s help!”

“You think so!?”

Kisei replied to Eleanor’s provocation with a triumphant smile but the reality is that this situation is still very disadvantageous for him.
During that exchange, the blaster magnum was fired at him again so he had to hide behind a rock but the [Van Wolf] immediately started pursuing him.


Kisei’s photon saber managed to receive Tersis’s blade but since he took her blow head-on, he was greatly pushed back by its power.

“I wanted to battle you with a striker of similar spec but…….!”

While her voice was filled with regret, Tersis’s attack was fierce.
She keeps pursuing Kisei with a series of skillful attacks.

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Unable to cope with her, Kisei kicked the ground and retreated backward.

“I got you!”

Tersis did not let that chance go and sharply stepped in to swing her sword down.

“You fell for it!”

However, the [Van Wolf]’s legs were entangled by Kisei’s wire gun, making it flip and roll on the ground.


“This is it for you! ………no, I guess not huh!”

Catching a glimpse of the [Zarava] and the [Pafeel] aiming at him to provide cover for Tersis, Kisei’s expression turned troubled albeit happy at the same time.
He gives up delivering the finishing blow and instead uses his head-mounted machine gun to fire at the thruster on the back of the [Van Wolf] which is still lying defenselessly on the ground.
The main thruster seemed unable to withstand the second shot, causing a small explosion.

“What are you doing attacking a disabled opponent [DESU!]”

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“M, Mm……so strong, as I thought!”

Ignoring Nora who immediately condemned his action, Tersis muttered that with an ecstatic expression.
Clearly agitated by the situation, Eleanor also starts to break into cold sweats.

“Ugh…..a cornered rat will bite a cat.
This is going to be tough for us……!”

In that state, a calm voice unfit for the heated battlefield rings out.

“This is Liren.
I am in the sniping position.
Ready when you are.”

“Finally! Don’t mind us, take the shot now!”

“Roger that……”

The figure of Liren’s striker can not be seen at all in the surrounding mountain tops.
So, where is she? The answer is space.

“Weather data calculation……completed.”

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A purple striker was floating in the low orbit of Senstera Prime.
It is equipped with a long blaster cannon that is more than twice its length, its muzzle pointing down at the mountain ranges.

“Adjusting aim, alright.”

Liren’s striker is also equipped with a high-performance active stealth device.
Even with the latest high-performance radar, it is practically impossible to spot its location from the planet’s surface.
In the first place, even if her location was found out, a common striker does not have any weapon that can counterattack through the thick atmosphere.

This attack that outranges everything by making use of the overwhelming distance is a sure-win strategy devised by Liren who’s the most afraid of Kisei.
Above all, it felt reassuring that she does not have to deal with a counterattack from him.

“Locked on…….”

Using the maximum zoom, she locks her sight at the pure white Zenith projected on her aiming monitor and licks her dry lips.


The next moment, a shot of outrageously compressed particles was released from the chamber and accelerated to sub-light speed by the innumerable magnetic rings inside the barrel.
The crimson ultra-high power beam instantly penetrates the atmosphere and falls toward Kisei.
The snowcap immediately turns to steam with a big explosion.

“O HO HO HO HO! Now the [Wicked Star] is finished! (Desuwa)!”

As the steam explosion rocks the mountain, Eleanor’s laughter rang out………

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