Wicked Star VS the 4 Heavenly 4

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“D, did we really do it!? H, How terrible…..”

Diaroze screamed as the mountain surface was covered in the pure white mist from the steam explosion.

Although she was the one who decided on this strategy, she said that as if she had no responsibility whatsoever in it.
That being said, it appears that she meant what she said as tears can be seen on the corners of her eyes.

However, her worries were completely unfounded.

“This is Liren, my striker was shot down…..I can not continue the operation…….”

“H, How!?”

Eleanor was inevitably confused.
The [Caliburn-Revive] should not have any weapon that can pierce through the atmosphere.
Moreover, the idea that the Calencian army attacked Liren who had a state-of-the-art active stealth device was simply ridiculous.
The detail of this operation where they stationed Liren as a sniper from outside the atmosphere is supposed to be a top-secret only known to Diaroze and the 4 Heavenlys along with a few other people.

“Liren was in low orbit you know!? There’s no way that an attack from his striker can reach that fa-……..”

How did his attack reach Liren? The answer is simple.
He avoided Liren’s shot with a paper-thin margin and fired his blaster rifle back at almost the exact same trajectory of the incoming beam.
The place where the high-power beam from Liren’s sniper cannon passed through became a vacuum for a moment and with no resistance from the atmosphere, his shot easily reached her location in the low orbit.

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Moreover, his beam went inside the muzzle of a blaster cannon filled with compressed particles.
Naturally, what followed was a gigantic explosion.
A light-armored striker like Liren’s can not possibly withstand such a large explosion.

“Lady Eleanor! Look out! He’s still……”

Tersis tried to warn her comrades but it was too late.
From amidst the steam, the pair of blue shining eyes glare at them.
Then, the [Pafeel]’s twin Gatling gun was destroyed by the photon saber that was silently thrown toward it.


While Eleanor was making that disgraceful scream, the [Caliburn-Revive] fired its thruster and closed in on the [Pafeel] like it was cutting through the cloud of steam.

Still bewildered, Eleanor couldn’t cope with that sudden charge with her sluggish movement.

“I’m taking you first!”

While parrying away the mega blaster rifle she hurriedly held up to protect herself, he drove the pile bunker into the face of the [Pafeel].

With its head pierced, the [Pafeel] stumbled backward.

“S, Stop….”

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Eleanor pleaded so but the pile bunker mercilessly proceeded on to assault the abdomen of the [Pafeel].
Although that did not pierce through its thick armor, Eleanor who felt the strong impact inside her cockpit involuntarily covered her mouth.

“One more!”

Since she was still in shock, she couldn’t deal with the follow-up attack.
Following the noise of the stake being winded back, the second strike from the pile bunker pierced through the armor and disable the [Pafeel]’s engine.

“U, Uoagh……”

Along with that graphic voice, the [Pafeel] collapsed.

“Ugh, don’t get ahead of yourself!”

From behind, the [Zarava] rushed at him with tremendous speed.

However, with the [Parfeel] right next to him, she can not use her magnums.

Having no other choice, she strikes at him with her bayonet but Kisei immediately somersaults backward while still turning his back at her.


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Nora hurriedly pointed her blaster magnums at him but what she saw next was the muzzle of the anti-ship grenade launcher on the back of the [Caliburn-Revive] pointing toward her.


With no time to avoid it, she reflexively guarded the body with both arms the moment Kisei fired it at her.
A big explosion followed and the arms of the [Zarava] were blown away.

“Y, You little!”

Purely out of spite, she fired the grenade launcher installed on the [Zarava]’s chest which the [Caliburn-Revive] easily avoided.

Landing behind the [Zarava], the [Caliburn-Revive] once again fired its thruster.
The thrust last for only a few seconds but it was enough to propel him toward her.


Seeing the iron stake reflecting the sunlight, Nora lost control of her bladder out of fear.
In less than a second later, a devastating metallic sound echoes.
Unlike with the [Pafeel] the abdominal armor of the [Zarava] was easily pierced with one blow since her regenerative armor was already exhausted from the earlier shot from his anti-ship grenade launcher.

With its power cut off, the [Zarava] collapsed.

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However, due to the continuous abuse, the iron stake has bent out of shape.
As the pile bunker tried to wind back its stake, it made a strange noise and began to tremble.

“I, It’s broke……what do I have left……”

Kisei hurriedly pulled out the anti-ship grenade launcher from the back but its barrel was brutally torn.
It appeared that the earlier blast from the earlier close-up shot destroyed it.
Naturally, it’s not usable anymore.

Giving up on using it, he throws it away.

“This is bad.”

The only weapon that can be used right now is the bayonet attached to the blaster rifle which has already run out of bullets.
Even for Kisei, he can’t help but feel anxious about his situation.

While he was doing that, the [Van Wolf] that finally caught up pointed its sword at him.
Because its main thruster was destroyed, it can only propel itself with the sub-thruster which is much slower.
Even against a normal striker, it shouldn’t be able to keep up.

“How,……how wonderful! What splendid skills! Now we can have our long-awaited duel.
Let’s settle this once and for all!”

Hearing Tersis’s euphorically screaming as she rushed at him, Kisei can’t help but cheerfully smiled.

“Bring it on then…..!”

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