Wicked Star VS the 4 Heavenly 5

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An onslaught of slashes assaults Kisei as he continues to parry them with his bayonet.


However, it’s clear that he is at a disadvantage.
In terms of both power and speed, the [Van Wolf] is overwhelmingly superior.
Each time he blocked her attack, the [Caliburn-Revive] would take a step back.
With no propellant left, it’s also impossible for him to leap away and get some breathing room either.

“If our strikers were on par with each other’s, I would have been beaten already.
Seriously, facing a strong guy like you…..I couldn’t be more excited than this!”

Even though two of her comrades have already been disabled, Tersis continues to fearlessly fight him.
No, accurately speaking, including Valentina, the three people who were shot down are no longer in her mind.

“That’s why this is so regrettable…….it’s truly a shame! Why do I have to fight you in a one-sided situation like this! Ahh, I want to do this again properly!”

“Don’t be stupid! We finally managed to corner him this far you know!”

Diaroze involuntarily shouted.
Three of the 4 Heavenlys were already shot down.
In addition, albeit by a dirty surprise attack, Valentina, an imperial princess was also defeated.
If they were to fail after all this, Diaroze’s reputation would plummet to an irreversible level.
That being said, it might have already been too late for that though.

“Stop spouting nonsense and take him down already!”

While avoiding the marriage from Schleer’s heavy machine gun, Diaroze strongly commanded Tersis.
Like Kisei, the battle between her and Schleer is also in a stalemate.
The difference between their strikers was obvious but the strangely enthusiastic Schleer appears to be quite tenacious.

“…..no way around it then!”

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Tersis takes a stance with her sword and quietly mutters.
Seeing that, Kisei slowly moves the tip of his bayonet in a circular motion.
The next moment, a strong thrust assault the [Caliburn-Revive] with a lightning-fast step.
Kisei catches it with the edge of his bayonet and alternates its trajectory.


However, the joint that the bayonet is attached to has already reached its limit.
With a high-pitched sound, the joint broke and the bayonet was blown away.
Seeing that the [Caliburn-Revive] has lost its balance, a second attack immediately followed.

With no time to avoid it, Kisei reflexively received the blade with the body of his blaster rifle.

“……..well done!”

“I’m not done yet!”

Tersis grinned as she pushed her sword into the rifle which is now crackling with sparks.
Eventually, the blade digs itself into the rifle and it is cut in half.


A mere moment before the rifle was cut, Kisei managed to throw it away and escaped Tersis’s blade.
However, because of that awkward movement, his striker lost its balance and stumbled backward.

Tersis immediately closed in on the now defenseless [Caliburn-Revive].
On the other hand, Kisei has no way to intercept her attack as he has lost almost all of his weapons.


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However, at that moment, Schleer, who was fighting Diaroze, ejected her Zweihander using the electromagnetic ejection mechanism installed in her shoulder guard, sending it flying toward him.

Although it flew toward him like a bullet, Kisei managed to catch the two-handed sword.



Her help came at the perfect timing.
With sparks flying and a jarring noise of metal grazing against each other, Kisei pushed back Tersis’s sword.

On the other hand, Tersis gritted her teeth and stepped in once again.

“Take this!”

Furiously, she swings her longsword down toward him.


However, Kisei easily maneuver the Zweihander and intercepted it.
Almost at the same time, he kicked up the snow below, sending it to the [Van Wolf]’s main camera.



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Suddenly deprived of her vision, Tersis’s movement slowed down for a moment.
Using that chance, Kisei raised the Zweihander up with a grin.


It was a downward swing from an upper stance.
However, Tersis managed to cope with this despite the loss of visuals as she put up her shield to defense against the extra-large sword.


Still, that much was already anticipated by Kisei.
Before Tersis could launch her counterattack, Kisei swept up her feet.
Unable to react to that unexpected attack, the [Van Wolf]’s left shoulder was pierced by the tip of the Zweihander and collapsed to the ground.


While glancing at the words [Left Arm Malfunction] on her sub-monitor, Tersis used her control stick and retreated back with a joyful expression.
Although she had to roll on the ground, she managed to avoid Kisei’s follow-up attack and stood up using the momentum.

“But! I still……”


However, when the [Van Wolf] stood up, the [Caliburn-Revive] broke into a run and performed a strong flying kick at its chest.
The vermillion striker was blown away and danced weightlessly in the air.
It then collided with a rocky mountain surface and collapsed down with a loud noise.

“This is the end!”

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Using the thermonuclear jet in his extra armor, Kisei propelled forward and the tip of the Zweihander flew straight toward the abdomen of the [Van Wolf].
Tersis tried to avoid it but after being violently shaken inside her cockpit, she couldn’t control her striker well.
As a result, the [Van Wolf] got its abdomen pierced and lost its power.

“Now…..only one more!”

As Kisei pulled the sword out of the [Van Wolf] with some difficulty, he turns toward the place where Schleer and Diaroze should be fighting.
However, what met him was a shocking sight.
The [Mistilteinn] is now wrapped in an electric net fired by the shoulder cannon of Diaroze’s [Zentis].


He can hear Schleer’s anguish voice from the radio.
Kisei tries to get over to her in a hurry but it was already too late as Diaroze mercilessly pointed her longsword at the [Mistilteinn]’s cockpit.

“Haa, Haa, Haaa……..I made it.

Inside her cockpit, Diaroze’s expression turned to joy.
She then turns her passionate eyes toward the [Caliburn-Revive].

“I have to thank you, Hokuto Kisei.
Thanks to you, I managed to defeat this woman.”

To give her sword to Kisei, Schleer had to make an unreasonable move.
Using that opportunity, Diaroze went all-in on her.

“Now, let’s make a deal.
Drop your weapon now or consider this woman’s life forfeit.”

With an extremely joyful voice, Diaroze made her demand.

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