The Hostage Ace

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“Game over huh……”

Kisei groaned as he rolled on top of the luxurious canopy bed.
It’s nice to be able to lay down on this fine bedding but due to his situation, he can’t enjoy it at all.

After all, he is now a prisoner.

It had already been more than a full day since he was captured by Diaroze.
Kisei was brought aboard the [Odelvansen], the Noredian flagship, and is being held captive in a lavish room.

“What should I do now……”

Naturally, the door is always locked and he can’t escape.
While opening the refrigerator in his room, Kisei sighed.

The refrigerator was packed with many sweets such as cakes and buns.
He found strawberry daifuku inside and took it out with an awkward expression.

“It’s unexpectedly comfortable here though.
Well, I guess I should be grateful for that.”

After enjoying the strawberry daifuku, Kisei mutters to himself.
Not only food but he was also provided with books and other means to pass his time in this room.
Given that he is a POW, this treatment is overly generous.
It’s like they are treating him like royalty or an aristocrat.

Still, he doesn’t really like it.
After all, the clothes that were prepared for him were Vuld’s high-class male wear with high exposure.
For what reason would Diaroze prepare such dresses for him? That is easy to guess.

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“So this is finally the end of my virginity huh.
Give me a break.”

Of course, Kisei also has his sexual desire, it’s not like he hates women or anything.
However, with Vuld women’s physical strength being equal to a gorilla, no matter how attractive they look, he just can’t help but feel scared of them.


Kisei let out a deep sigh.
With how depressing things are for him, he threw himself back on the bed and buried his face on the pillow.

“Scent of roses…….is it perfume?”

He lifted himself up and whispered.
The bed itself is very good and it is absolutely comfortable.
Of course, they also tidied the bed perfectly but he can’t help but notice the lingering scent of its previous owner.
Meaning someone has been using it before him until recently.

“Just whose room is it…….”

It is clear that this is not a room designed to hold a POW.
Not only the bed but also the furniture and decorations all have traces that they have been used every day.

Feeling a strange chill, Kisei let out another sigh.

“Oi, I’m coming in okay.”

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Suddenly, the door opened.
It was Diaroze who entered the room.
While ignoring the surprised and stiffened Kisei, she locked the door behind her.

“I brought you food.”

With that said, Diaroze put down a box with sushi inside.
The box contains plenty of sushi that was clearly made of organic ingredients.

“…….I never could have imagined that the general herself would deliver me my meal you know.”

“Hmph……I would be troubled if you got taken away by a random soldier after all.”

The only kidnapper here is you though.
Such thoughts came to Kisei’s mind but it seems that Diaroze is in a good mood so he didn’t say it out loud.

“Does it look like anyone wants to kidnap me?”


Diaroze mockingly smiled at Kisei before walking in front of him.
Then, she strokes his cheek before lifting his chin up with her finger.

“Have you never looked at yourself in a mirror? No matter what situation you are in, there will always be people who want to take you away, you know.”

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“Since it seems that I’m held in such a high regard, I guess I should be happy about it.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.
You won’t be able to escape from me after all.

With a sickening grin, Diaroze fondly wraps her hands around his cheeks.
She then proceeded to gently rub them.

“I wouldn’t want you to go hungry so eat this.
That’s my order as your master.”

“Master huh…….I understand.”

He indeed has no right to protest here.
Kisei went to the bathroom and washed his hands in the washbasin.
Behind him, Diaroze followed like a stalker.
As he returned and took his seat, Diaroze sat down face-to-face with him.

“……Umm, I think I can’t finish all this alone so, would you mind helping me?”

“Hmph, you are a light eater huh.
Can’t be helped then.”

Diaroze happily agreed while Kisei had an awkward expression on his face.
However, he didn’t say anything and started eating the sushi.
As he expected, the ingredients seem to be organic and they are all very delicious.
Their tastes are incomparable to the synthetic products he usually eats.
However, his psychological state doesn’t allow him to fully enjoy them.

“How’s the taste.
You like them?”

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“Yeah, sure.”

“Glad to hear that.

Diaroze, who stared at him as he ate, seemed to be really enjoying herself.
She expresses her joy not only through her expression but her whole body.
It wouldn’t be strange if she suddenly starts singing.

While being confused by this strange atmosphere, Kisei slowly eats the sushi.


On the other hand, Diaroze was eating at more than double the speed he was eating.
Still, her eyes remain locked on Kisei.
Because of that, he can’t help but get uncomfortable.

“……does it taste that good?”

Even though the taste is the same as usual, it’s strangely delicious today.
Umu, Umu, maybe it’s because you are here.”

“Oh, I see.”

While thinking what a weird person she is, Kisei resigned himself.

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