The Unnecessary Consideration

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After the meal, Diaroze did not leave the room.
She remains seated in her chair and stares at Kisei in a good mood.
Although that certainly was creepy, it doesn’t look like she’s planning to assault him.


Kisei wanted to ask her what she’s planning to do with him but since he doesn’t want to find himself in any unnecessary trouble, he decides to read a book.
Surprisingly, the books here were written in Japanese.
It seems that Diaroze has gone through extensive preparation to receive him.
Thinking so, Kisei picked up a striker-related magazine and flipped through it on the bed.


However, his mental state doesn’t allow him to concentrate on the magazine.
When he sneaked a glance at Diaroze, she was looking at him with rough breathing and a flushed face.
She looked like a beast waiting for its meal and he couldn’t help but feel wary of her.

“U, Uhh.”

“Wh, What!?”

In response to Kisei’s voice, Diaroze shot up from her chair like a spring toy.
Kisei’s body started to shake but using his courage, he continued.

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“Do you want to play a game? I don’t have anything to do after all.”

Since if he left her like this, it felt like she could jump on him any moment, Kisei decided to find something to pass time and calm her down.
Fortunately, there are plenty of options to pass time in this room.

“Fumu, Fumufumfumu.
So you don’t want to bore me huh.
Aren’t you quite considerate?”

As expected, Kisei couldn’t just say [No, that’s not it] to her.
On the other hand, Diaroze head to the shelf in the corner of the room and took out a set of a board and a box.

“Since you are a Japanese Terran, you should be able to play Shogi (Japanese Chess) right?”

Saying so, she put them down on the table.
Looking at it, they are certainly the shogi set that Kisei is familiar with.
Since for Vuld, chess is one of the most popular Terran board games, Kisei was surprised that she took out a shogi set.

“Yes, well, I know how the pieces move.”

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While giving her a nod, Kisei sits down across from Diaroze who happily opens the box and begins to set up the board for them with the pieces inside.

“Please go easy on me.
To be honest, I’m not that good with this.”

“Hmph, I wonder about that.
Personally, I don’t think that it would be necessary for me to hold back against someone who has already beaten me on the real battlefield though.”

Diaroze replied with a cheerful smile but Kisei did not feel like she’s being humble at all.


“Umu… think that you still lost even with the Eight Piece Handicap……”

(TLN: There are a lot of handicaps in Shogi from one to ten piece handicap in which one side do not use some of their pieces)

Diaroze moans while looking at the board.
This was already their tenth game and Diaroze has been giving Kisei more and more handicaps for each match like using only her soldiers, gold generals, and kings.
Even so, Kisei always ends up with a complete defeat.
The difference in their skills is too big.
Naturally, the current score is 0-10 with Kisei’s losing streak.

“I, I mean, no matter how weak I am……aren’t you too strong?”

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Kisei groaned with his arms folded.
Of course, since Kisei is an amateur, he never thought that he would be able to beat a veteran general like Diaroze.
However, he didn’t expect to lose this badly even after she gave him such a severe handicap.

“Y, You think so? Kufufufu, well, I have never lost in shogi or chess after all.”

Diaroze sticks out her plump chest and proudly smiles.
Seeing that, Kisei can’t help but smile as well.
Seeing her like this, she is pretty cute.
If not for their circumstances, they might even be friends.
At the very least, the rumors he heard about her being a ruthless and sadist general were completely dispelled.

“But it must be boring for you to play a one-sided game like this right? Sorry about this.”

“What, don’t worry about it.
In the first place, I usually don’t have time to play shogi like this.
This is pretty fun for me you know.”

Looking like she’s truly having fun, Diaroze shook her head sideways.
As the next Empress, she doesn’t have many chances where she can spread her wings freely.
Just seeing Kisei groaning while moving his pieces was already fun enough for her.

“….now then, I guess it’s time huh.”

Suddenly, Diaroze checked the time with her pocket watch.
She then stands up with a big smile and puts her hand on Kisei’s shoulder.

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“Alright, let us proceed to the main course.”


As she said that, Diaroze swiftly circled behind Kisei and lifted him up in a princess carry.

“Wh, What is it all of a sudden!?”

Kisei can guess what she’s intending to do from her action alone.
After all, he can see the flame of lust behind Diaroze’s eyes.
That being said, he doesn’t understand why she decided to do it now.

“Weren’t we playing shogi normally together until just now!? Normally, if a person planned to assault me, they would have done it from the start you know!”

“It would be bad for your body if you move around too much after the meal right! That’s why I have been patiently waiting for this moment!”

“If you are that considerate of a person then please considerate about something else! Specifically speaking, can’t you please be considerate about my human rights!!”

Kisei complained and thrashed around but unfortunately, Diaroze’s has a perfect hold on him.
Just like that, Diaroze carried Kisei out of the room while humming to herself.

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