The Offering 1

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“Since Terrans are fragile, being too forceful might make him die from the shock huh…….”

Diaroze pondered to herself while looking at the various whips lined up on the shelves.
She found out from preliminary research that an average Terran is physically weaker than a Vuld.
That’s why she doesn’t even consider hitting him with her usual electromagnetic whip.

“That man is already mine so I can’t afford to lose him after all.”

The whip she finally picked up was a long vinyl-like one.
Although it can make a loud noise, it almost has no killing power.

Nodding to herself several times, Diaroze left the shelf and looked toward Kisei.

“Let me go! Let me go!”

Still in the obscene clothes with high exposure, Kisei screamed and struggled as his four limbs were tied up on top of a bed.
However, his limbs are tightly restrained and he couldn’t shake it off no matter how hard he thrash around.

The two were now inside the interrogation room onboard the [Odelvansen].
This room where various interrogation tools were lined up, is covered in a strange heat.

“Kukuku, sorry for the wait.”

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“I didn’t wait at all okay! Like at all! Rather! It’s you who should wait a minute here!”

Without listening to his plea, Diaroze operated the terminal on her bosom.
The bed lifted up with the sound of a rotating motor and stood upright.
Naturally, Kisei who was restrained on it is now looking like he’s being crucified.

“Nnn, nice view don’t you think?”

Seeing him like that, Diaroze showed a small smile and licked her lips.
She then purposely walks toward him while making her footsteps audible and licks his neck which is drenched in a cold sweat with her bright red tongue.

“WWHOaH! You Pervert!”

“Kufu, Kukukukuku……! That’s right, I am a pervert! But it’s your fault you know.
I am this pent up because you were too excellent on the battlefield after all.”

“How’s that my fault! U, Uwahhh!”

As though she has no intention to answer his question, Diaroze traces his body using her tongue.
His arms, navel, nape, cheeks…….truly the choices of a pervert.
While feeling the strange sensation of having his whole body licked, Kisei screams.

“You pervert disgusting beast!”

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His words should warrant Diaroze beheading him under normal circumstances but instead, it seems like she’s enchanted by it and accepts his insults.
Her eyes are completely euphoric and hot breaths are leaking through her teeth.

“Haa, Haa……that’s right, more……!”

With a burning flame of lust, Diaroze approached Kisei.
However, the door to the interrogation room was suddenly opened.

“Aneue, did you ca——Wha!!?”

It was Valentina who entered the room.
When she swept her eyes around the room and spotted Kisei being tied up and her sister indulging in a perverted act, her body immediately stiffened.

“Oh! I forgot about you.
I did call for you huh!”

Panicking a little, Diaroze took out the terminal and operated it again.
Then a thick glass wall came down in the middle of the room and the door locked behind Valentina.

“Aneue! So you are going to do it after all? Please know some shame!”

Guessing the situation, Valentina’s face turned bright red, and tried to protest but it was too late.
She and Kisei are now separated by a glass wall.

Valentina gazes at Kisei with a worried expression but of course, the thick bulletproof glass can not be easily broken.

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“I told you before, right? If I get my hand on him, I will give you a special seat.
I thought that I should keep my promise you see.”

Diaroze said that as she ignored Valentina’s protest.

Recalling her sister’s words, Valentina narrowed her eyes and glares at Diaroze.

“Ahh, don’t worry.
I will at least let you lick him after I’m done.
I wouldn’t let you go all the way with him though.”

‘This man is mine after all’, Diaroze followed with that and turned toward Kisei.

“Now we have everyone.
Very well, …..let’s get started shall we.”

Saying so, Diaroze pressed her lips against Kisei’s.
A passionate kiss where saliva was exchanged.
Diarise’s tongue invaded his mouth and Kisei’s eye turned to a dot in surprise.

On the other hand, Valentina violently slammed the glass wall and swore at Diaroze.

“How was it, my first kiss.
Was it sweet?”

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“How would I know……..Ugh!”

Kisei tried to glare at Diaroze but he was suddenly assaulted by a strange feeling and choked on his words.
His body turned strangely hot and for some reason, the pain he felt from the restraint that tied him to the bed is turning into pleasure.
Feeling like his heart is burning, Kisei’s breath begins to get rough.

“Th, Thi is……”

“It’s aphrodisiac! Vuld’s saliva contains an aphrodisiac component! Keep it together!”

Valentina shouted with a bitter expression.
That’s right, the saliva of female vuld all contain a component that will unquestionably excite the opposite sex.
It’s something that’s used to forcefully make the male Vuld that has weak libido get in the mood.
Naturally, it is effective on a Terran male as well.

“Even if you say that…..”

Kisei’s mind is a mess.
His thoughts turned hazy from the aphrodisiac.
Even if Valentina is telling him to keep it together, he doesn’t know how to resist.

“Kukuku, that’s a nice face you are making there.
How cute…….”

Diaroze smiled as she tapped her cheek with the whip in her hand.
Even without being affected by the aphrodisiac, her expression was even more estrus than Kisei’s.

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