The Offering 2

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With the sound of something cutting through the air, Diaroze’s whip assaults Kisei.

Hearing that loud snapping sound, Valentina’s body trembles.

“Ah, that hurt!!”

Contrary to his expectations, the pain wasn’t so bad but Kisei still involuntarily screamed.
The location where he was struck by the whip is tingling but he felt strangely comfortable with it due to the aphrodisiac.

“I, I don’t have that kind of hobby you know…..”

“It’s okay, you will enjoy it soon.”

Her answer was merciless and her whip ruthlessly keeps assaulting Kisei.

Each time her whip struck, it was accompanied by Kisei’s scream.


After about 10 lashes, Diaroze suddenly stopped her hand.
She looked so excited before but now her expression seems calm for some reason.

“How strange……this doesn’t feel right.”

Confused about it herself, Diroze struck Kisei with her whip again.
Even though Kisei let out a scream that should excite any self-proclaimed sadist, she strangely doesn’t seem all that excited.
She involuntarily halted and tampered with her whip.

“Maybe spanking doesn’t suit him huh……”

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Throwing away her whip, Diaroze groaned to herself.
She thought that she might feel something if she kept doing it but it didn’t do it for her at all.
She wants to abuse him until he gives in to her.

Thinking to herself for a moment, Diaroze arrived at a conclusion.
If hitting him doesn’t do it for her, perhaps insulting him would.
With her whip abandoned, she brings her face close to the sweaty Kisei.

“Come to think of it, I’ve heard rumors about Terran before.
It seems that for Terrans, it is normal for a man to court a woman right?”

Diaroze asked in a mocking tone.
Of course, she is quite a Terran enthusiast herself so she knows about the current gender equality on Earth.
She only asked that as a part of her play.

“Considering that’s the normal thing for you, how do you feel about your situation now? Don’t you think it’s shameful to be toyed with by a woman? Hmm?”

Diaroze says that while tapping Kisei’s cheek.

In response, Kisei groaned with his cheeks bright red.

“Kuku, I can’t tell what you’re saying you know.
Mind saying it louder?”

With a grin, Diaroze pecked Kisei’s lips.
She then continues by licking the sweat off his nape.

“I never thought that my own sister is such a shameless and cruel woman! Know some shame!!”

As though she was disappointed in her sister, Valentina raised her voice.

On the other hand, Diaroze pretended to not hear her and muted the microphone on Valentina’s side using her terminal.

Now, no matter what she says, they won’t be able to hear it.

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“Hmm, still, what a sorry sight you are in.
To be one-sidedly abused by a woman.
I wonder if your pride as a man has already turned to pieces by now?”

“If, If it’s on the battlefield then I can effortlessly mess you up though!!”

With Diaroze doing whatever she wants, Kisei snapped and talked back while staring straight into her eyes.

“Mess me up huh, Ku, Kuku……..that might be true.
But you still want to mess up a woman in bed too right.”

With a lustrous smile, Diaroze taunts Kisei by gently tracing his midriff with her fingertips and licking off his sweat.

“Just like how you are now, you want to tie me up………you want to one-sidedly dominate me don’t you!”

Even Diaroze doesn’t know whether her words were meant for Kisei or herself.
However, there’s certainly a feeling of pleasure that runs through her spine right now.

“Seriously, what a pervert.”

Kisei was about to retort that the only pervert here is her but he stopped himself when he noticed Diaroze’s strange action.
While looking at the terminal she pulled out from her bosom, she continues to excitedly mumble to herself.

“I, I am the next empress you know? To be pushed down by a man, how much of humiliation would that be…….!”

Diaroze seemed to be getting more and more excited by her own words.
Sweats trail down her bright red face as she stares alternately between her terminal and Kisei.
Then, she pressed the release button on her terminal.”


Diaroze let out a voice in surprise.
Perhaps she did that unconsciously.
However, when she sees the now untied Kisei rushing at her with all his might, her expression immediately turns to one of joy.

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When Kisei rushed in to tackle her with all his power, Diaroze opened her arms and accept him.
The difference between their weight and physical strength was clear.
Of course, Diaroze shouldn’t even budge.
However, she fell backward and allowed herself to get pinned down on purpose.

With a blissful smile, she stares up at Kisei who is now mounting her.

“Got it!”

However, Kisei’s aim was, of course, not Diaroze’s body.
Instead, he swiped the terminal in her hand and operated it.

On the other hand, still excited, Diaroze couldn’t resist him.


The glass walls that separated the rooms were retracted and Kisei immediately jumped off her body.

Diaroze saw him jump off with a regretful look and regained her composure.

“Good job!”

However, Valentina immediately performed a flying kick on her and blew her away.


When Diaroze was sent flying to the wall with a muffled scream, Valentina followed up with a straight punch to her abdomen, knocking her out.

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“I, I don’t know what’s going on but I’m saved……”

With a bright red face, Kisei let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness my sister is a pervert…….
My Love, use this.”

Valentina handed him a pistol-shaped syringe.
The type that injects a drug solution using osmotic pressure.

“It’s an antidote.
I expected my sister to try that so I prepared it beforehand.”

“Ahh, thanks.
Seriously, that was terrible.”

Kisei nodded to her and injected his arm with the syringe and pulled the trigger.
The heat that was eroding his body gradually recedes after the drug entered his system.

“Alright, let’s get away from here.”

Saying so, Valentina takes off her military uniform jacket and gives it to Kisei.
Since he was whipped while still wearing his clothes, his appearance right now is very suggestive.
He wouldn’t be able to walk outside looking like this.

“No matter how shameful or idiotic she was, I still performed a violent act against my superior.
Even I won’t be able to get away with no consequence.
We should get out of here before things get troublesome.”

“Th, that’s true…..sorry.
I got you involved.”

“Hm, don’t worry about it.
If they tried defiling My Love then even if it’s my elder sister or the Empress herself, I will fight for you.”

Said Valentina with a soft smile.

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