I (Sessha) Have Arrived!

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TLN: Pronoun referring to self, often uses by Samurai.

Kisei and Valentina run through the corridor of the [Odelvansen] with panicking Noredian MPs chasing them.

“Please stop! Your Highness!”

The MPs shouted so as they ran after them with a carbine in their hands.
The interrogation room was located at the innermost part of the ship and the news that Valentina knocked out Diaroze quickly spread.
With that being the case, Valentina who is now a fugitive has no choice but to run.
After all, she could be sentenced to death if she doesn’t.

“Haa, Haa, Ugh……”

However, even though they are in such a situation, Kisei’s poor physical strength is slowing them down.
While running barefoot, he is holding his mouth with a deep blue face.


Valentina hurriedly picks up Kisei and princess-carries him.
Kisei is certainly thankful for her help since he’s already at his limit but it’s still quite embarrassing.

“U, Ugh…….I’m sorry too.”

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“What, this is nothing for a lady!”

The term ‘Lady’ Kisei is familiar does not refer to a woman who can run at full speed while carrying a man but this is in Vuld context.
Moreover, Valentina wasn’t just putting up a strong face as her running speed didn’t drop at all even with him in her arms.

“D, Damn it…..how envio—…….how shameful! Captain, permission to open fire!”

“You idiot! If you injure that man you will be executed by Diaroze-sama you know!”

Diaroze’s fondness of Kisei was well-known in the army.
After all, she gave up her own room for his accommodation even though he’s their POW.
Naturally, with her being the highest-ranking commanding officer of this expedition, her room is of the highest quality.
She gave that room to Kisei and instead moved to a guest room herself.

“Use the taser! If it’s just a minor electric shock then she might let us off.”

“Roger that!”

The MPs pulled out a pistol-like device from the holster on her waist.
It’s a non-lethal weapon used for suppressing mobs.
The MP proceeded to point it at Valentina with trained movement but suddenly, she was attacked from the side.


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A tall beauty with swaying crimson ponytails smacked the taser away using a wooden sword.
The MP couldn’t respond to the unexpected attack and raised a scream.

“Tersis-dono! You came!”

Valentina screamed in joy.
That’s right, the intruder was the one called the Heavenly Blade, Tersis van Melemheim.
Noticing the identity of the attacker, the MPs stiffened.

“T, Tersis-sama! Valentina-sama is being accused of treason.
Please do not get in our way!”

“I don’t need to justify myself!”

The captain protested but Tersis’s response was merciless.
She lunged at the MPs and quickly take them down using her wooden sword.
Naturally, the MPs were trained in interpersonal combat but when it comes to swordsmanship, they can’t possibly put up a decent fight against the Nored Empire’s most prestigious swordswoman.

“Tersis? Ah, that striker with only sword and shield.”

“OOH, so you remember me!?”

Tersis’s expression slackened as she walked up toward Valentina with her wooden sword resting on her shoulder.

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“I heard that the cunning fox was about to lay her hand on you so I was on my way to help but it seems that I was too late…….I’m sincerely sorry.”

Hearing that, the common soldiers around them who were observing the situation started to get noisy.
Tersis is considered a hero of the Imperial Army.
There’s no one that would doubt the words that come out of her mouth.

“H, Her Highness Diaroze…….forcing herself on someone like that……”

“I thought that this would happen someday but to think that she would lay her hand on such a cute man!!”

Hearing the common soldiers start saying whatever they wanted, Kisei shook his head sideways with a bitter expression.

“No, well…….since I am a prisoner, I never thought help would come.
Thank you, you two.”

“I’ve only done what is expected of me as a knight……now, let’s go, Your Highness Valentina.
I have the strikers ready for us at the hangar.”

“You are well-prepared huh.
Are we going to escape in a striker after this?”

“No, we are going to use my fleet.
I’ve already told my subordinates about the situation so you don’t have to worry.”

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“Y, You are taking out an entire fleet!? Isn’t that too much…….”

He thought that she helped him impulsively but her plan was so meticulous that he can’t help but think that she has been planning this for a long time.

“Hahaha, don’t worry about it.
The small details shouldn’t matter right.”

“Y, Ye—ah……”

Since he’s being saved right now, he has no right to complain.

“Anyway, our first priority is to get away from here.
If we can get outside then the [Prussia] will be able to support us.”

“The [Prussia], that super fast battleship…….”

The first Noredian force that Kisei fought against was the fleet under Valentina’s command.
He still remembers the large battleship she took command from back then.

“Being helped by the ship I just fought recently huh……….I guess it’s some kind of fate.”

As a mercenary, friends and foes can easily switch places, a situation like this does not occur so often.
Thinking that fate is playing pranks on him, Kisei involuntarily sighed.

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