Don’t Just Rescue Someone to Start a Coup!

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According to plan, the three seized strikers from the [Odelvansen]’s hangar and escaped the ship.
However, even with its commander out cold, the Noredian army is not so amateurish as to let them go easily.

Immediately after they left the ship, a unit was sortied to intercept and chase them down.

“Uwah, that’s a lot.”

Kisei’s face cramped up as he sat on Valentina’s lap.
He actually wanted to fly himself but Valentina stopped him.
He was told that he should get some rest since he was just subjected to Diaroze’s assault.

“Still,….we are at sea huh.
This place must be quite far away from the mountain where I got caught right…..?”

Kisei muttered as he gazed at the countless Noredian ships floating on the deep blue ocean.
It appeared that the Noredian fleet took position on the open sea since he can’t see any land around them at all.

This means that they have nowhere to hide.
Seeing the strikers launching one after another from the countless ships, he feels anxious about whether they can truly escape.

“Will we be okay? Won’t they shoot us down?”

Of course, Kisei is not doubting Valentina’s skill as a pilot but he still felt that it would be faster if he pilot the striker himself.
After all, Valentina and Tersis are not piloting their usual personal strikers.
Instead, they are currently flying inside the mass-produced [Jetta]s.
Against a large army like this, a mass-produced model has little chance to survive.
With a small groan, Kisei reached for the control stick.
However, Valentina gently stopped him with her hand.

“It’s okay, I want you to believe in me.”

“Is, is that so?”

“Yes, trust me.”

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Saying so, Valentina gently blew into Kisei’s ear.
Although he used the antidote, since the effect of the aphrodisiac still hasn’t completely disappeared he let out a rather cute scream.

If you are going to commit such an unscrupulous act as well then I might consider you my enemy you know?”

Through the radio came Tersis’s chilling voice.
In response to her killing intent, Valentina lightly whistles.

“Well, sorry about that.
I will be more careful.”

With a grin, she yanked back the control stick and avoided the beams that were fired at them.
The G from the acceleration pressed Kisei’s back against the protruding portion of Valentina’s body.
There’s nothing more uncomfortable than this for Kisei.

“U, Uweh……even though it’s already the third time, this is still……”

“Third time? ……….Ahh, I see, it must be that pimp princess.
Come to think of it, you were together in a cockpit with her right.
Haha, I guess I am in the lead now.”

“You are competing in the most nonsensical thing you know.”

“Fufu, well, don’t say that.”

With a bitter smile, Valentina continued their escape while suppressing the pursuit with her rifle.
The warships around them activated their AA-guns but they are only using them to cut off their escape route for fear of friendly fire.

On the other hand, the strikers that get too close would be cut down by Tersis’s sword.
There’s no doubt that she belongs to the strongest class of pilots.

“As I thought, she’s good.”

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Kisei was impressed.

Then, a [Vil[ approached their group.
It is supposed to be a heavy-duty model with heavy armament but it is only armed with a large pistol……..a blaster magnum.

“Oh, that’s…….”

That’s definitely Nora, one of the 4 Heavenlys.
Remembering that she’s quite hostile to him, Kisei put up his guard.

“Can you hear me? It seems that our force has taken the communication cruiser [DESU].”

However, the voice that came through the radio was of a friendly tone.
Apparently, Nora is also a part of this escape plan as well.

“Oh, finally huh.
Now we can go on an offensive.”

Valentina said that with a villainous smile on her face but Nora ignored her and continued.

“So…….I assume that the target is safe [DESUYONE]?”

“I’m alright.
I never thought that you of all people would come to help me.”

Kisei understood that she bore a grudge against him so he thanked her with a bitter smile on his face.

“If YOU were messed up by that woman then I can’t settle my score with you after all…….I won’t allow you to just run off after winning against me you know.”

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“I see.”

With that unexpectedly straightforward answer, Kisei smiles.
He quite likes this kind of opponent.

“Whatever the case, My Love.
Do you mind quieting down a little? I am about to call out to the entire army.”

“Calling them out? Ahh, she said something about taking over a communication cruiser just now right.
Are you planning to hijack their communication?”

“Something like that.”

Valentina nodded and gently stroked Kisei’s hair.
She then operates the console panel that links her striker to the communication cruiser.

[[Link Established]]

“Alright, we’re good.”

After typing in some kind of code into the panel, the striker’s AI announced with an inorganic voice.

“Can you hear me, soldiers of the Imperial Army? This is Valentina Tous Argarine speaking.
First, I’d like to apologize for the commotion I have caused.”

Valentina began to speak in a clear voice as though she’s trying to make a speech.
He doesn’t know what she is planning to do but Kisei stays silent and lets her do her thing.

“However, I do have a good reason for doing this.
To bring my sister’s, Diaroze’s sin to the light, I must take a drastic measure.”

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Suddenly, the movement of the Noredian army stopped.
The person who they thought was a deserter was a member of the Imperial Family.
With the situation being so chaotic as it is, the army still doesn’t have the full information yet.
Even the striker pilots must have been sent out without being told the specifics.

“As repulsive as it is, my own sister tried to sexually assault one of our POWs…….! I managed to rescue the said prisoner but this is still obviously a criminal act!”

That dignified voice spread chaos among the Noredian soldiers.
However, with Diaroze’s reputation already being driven to the dirt, most of their response was [Oh, so she ended up doing it after all……].

“Not only that, my sister even used the army resources to get her hands on a young man! Look!”

Saying so, she sent a video file to each ship in the fleet through the data link system.
If she simply wanted to make a speech then she can just use the public communication channel.
It was to this end that she took control of a communication cruiser.

“T, This is…..”

“Is this supposed to be our next empress……?”

“Uwah, he’s such a beauty.
I guess it couldn’t be helped if she resorted to dirty means to get her hands on him huh…..”

The common soldiers were confused.
The video Valentina sent to the fleet was one that show Diaroze bringing Kisei onboard her personal striker after she took him hostage.
It appears that there was a hidden camera inside the [Zentis].
Kisei’s expression cramped up just by thinking about how much Valentina went through to prepare for this.

“Is such a shameless woman qualified to command this glorious Imperial Army? No! I don’t think so! That’s why I choose to take my stand! All those that do not recognize Diaroze as your commander, come to my side!”

‘T, This woman, she rescued me to start a coup…..!?’

Kisei turned speechless.

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