Don’t just use someone you just recued as reward!

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Valentina declared the start of her coup with a determined expression.
However,……there was not much reaction from the soldiers.
Some aristocrats screamed their support for her but others still remained confused.

Certainly, what Diaroze did was criminal but this is a battlefield.
Unfortunately, some people are perfectly fine with catching male POWs to use them to enjoy themselves.
To such people, Diaroze wasn’t some repulsive villain but someone enviable instead.

“Hmm, well,…..this is a little…..”

Valentina got a cold sweat since the reaction she received was tamer than she expected.
Of course, she didn’t expect the entire fleet to side with her but this is still unexpected.

“Fumu, then let’s do it like this.”

There, Tersis threw her a lifeline.
Since the Imperial Army has stopped their attack for the moment, she holds up her sword and points it at Valentina’s [Jetta].

“The individual who outstandingly assists us in this endeavor will be personally rewarded by Kisei-dono.
Even a personal request is allowed.”


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Hearing that, excitement immediately spread through the reluctant soldiers.
With the video, everyone is now aware of how Kisei looks.
To the common soldiers who do not have any chance to meet any men due to the long war, that offer was almost intoxicating.

“Of course, it will be within a reasonable range.
You would be no different than Her Highness Diaroze if you request for his chastity after all……”

“T, Then, I can request a lap pillow or even have him clean my ears!?”

One of the soldiers has their expression slackened.
Valentina has an awkward expression on her face as she sneaks a glance at Kisei.

“Ugh, W, Well, if it’s just that much then…..”

Of course, he doesn’t want to do that with just any stranger but this is not a situation where he can voice his protest.
He now became a part of Valentina’s coup but it’s true that the more he has more allies the better.

“Then I can have him pat my head while I’m sleeping!?’

“What about a date!?”

The common soldiers started voicing their requests after hearing Kisei’s response but thanks to Tersis’s firm attitude, the requests were all within an acceptable range.
With that being the case, Kisei nodded.

“J, Just one person okay.
It would be difficult to take care of so many people after all…….”

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The Imperial Army turned silent for a while.
After a few minutes of silence, a roaring sound echoed.

Surprised, Kisei turned to look at the source and found that one of the battleships fired its main gun and there’s a big bullet hole on the side of the [Odelvansen] which was moored nearby.

“Nn? That ship……”

Surprised by how it suddenly opened fire, Kisei groaned.
He was familiar with that ship, he remembers that it was one of the ships he took down by destroying its propulsion engine.
However, his thoughts were interrupted by cheering voices suddenly erupted from the Imperial Soldiers.

“Diaroze is a stain on the aristocratic society! I can’t forgive her shameful act anymore!”

“I can’t apologize to my ancestors enough for serving under such a despicable villain! I will serve Her Highness Valentina from now on!”

The Noredian soldiers began to attack the [Odelvansen] one after another while trying to justify themselves.
Not just the strikers, the surrounding ships also pointing their guns at it.

No matter how much the [Odelvansen] boasts its defense, that defense won’t be enough if it’s under attack from all sides.
It immediately floated up and fully activated its engine to escape.

Seeing that, the ships that joined Valentina’s side began their pursuit.

“Hahaha, what a nice feeling!”

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Valentina laughed while hugging Kisei.
Perhaps she forgets herself, she tightly squeezed him with all her power.

“……I already gave you a warning right.”

With its gleaming trinocular camera, Tersis’s striker blew its thruster and approached them while grasping the handle of its sword.
Before he noticed, all of the strikers in their surroundings pointed their weapons at Valentina’s striker as well.


Valentina involuntarily squeaked and tried to make an excuse.

“W, Well, sorry.
That was unbecoming of a lady.
Forgive me.”

“Pl, please be more careful now, Your Highness.”

Hearing Kisei’s words, Tersis took her hand off her sword’s handle.

“There will be no warning next time okay.”

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“Y, Yes…….how strange, I should be the leader of this coup right……”

Valentina unintentionally raised her doubt about her subordinates’ attitude.

“By the way, Your Highness.
It seems that they managed to get away…….what are you planning to do now?”

Asked one of the soldiers.
Certainly, if they chase them now, they might be able to take down the [Odelvansen].
With Diaroze still unconscious, the command of that ship should still be pretty much chaotic.
Normally, other officers or adjutants would take command but that’s not the case for Diaroze’s system where she has total control over the ship.

“We will not chase after them.”

However, Valentina said that while shaking her head sideways.
The bloodthirsty commanders are raising some protest but she still couldn’t give her permission.

“Without the IFF working, we won’t know who we are fighting against.
It would be better to retreat for now rather than taking some unnecessary damage.”

Since both sides belong to the Noredian army, their system won’t be able to tell who is who.
If they fight in such a situation, it will only increase unnecessary damage.
The fact that the other side quickly withdrew without counterattacking was also because of that.

“With that being the case, we should take our time to prepare ourselves.
With My Love on my lap, even I can’t fight properly after all.”

With a grin, Valentina turned her striker toward a uniquely elongated ship which boasts its speed, the [Prussia], Valentina’s personal ship.

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