Second Assault on the Ace

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Red warships line up on the moonlit sea.
Sail at the center of the formation is a large warship which Kisei is on.

“Ahh, I’m so tired…..”

Kisei weakly lay down on the upper deck of the [Prussia].
After being subjected to an S&M play for the first time in his life, he was immediately roped into a coup.
Because of that, his body felt heavier than ever.


He’s currently silently gazing at the night sky, there were not many stars to be seen perhaps due to the dust cloud from the orbital bombing but instead, the potato-like surface of the moon was shining brightly.

“Why do you look so glum [DESU]?”

A girl with unique gray hair highlighted with a tint of red asked Kisei with a sarcastic smile.
She’s Nora, the top ace of the Nored empire, the one who holds the title of the [Heavenly Roar].
It was she who offered to escort him when he said that he wanted to get some fresh air.
At the moment, Valentina and Tersis are at the strategy meeting room to discuss their future course of action.

“I mean, a lot happened right.”

“Ha, is that really something the strongest ace should be saying?”

While replying to him with a provocative tone, Nora sits down next to Kisei.

“Well, I never expected myself to get whipped you know.”

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“……..I have been thinking that she’s a huge pervert but she went and did that after all [DESUKA]”

With a grin, Nora moves her hand as though she’s trying to imitate a whipping motion.
She had a teasing grin on her face but her expression immediately turned serious when she asked her next question.

“So, are you hurt anywhere [DESUKA]?”

Only a few red spots left.”

“Ahh, so she did hold back [DESUNE]……….that woman.
She’s unexpectedly soft isn’t she.”

After being hit with a whip, a normal person shouldn’t be able to move due to the pain.
The fact that Kisei can move around even though it hasn’t been a full day yet means that Diaroze actually went easy on him.
Seeing the new side of Diaroze, someone who she only heard as a ruthless sadist, Nora shrugged with an ironic smile.

On the other hand, Kisei stared at Nora in surprise.
Although they have faced each other multiple times on the battlefield, this is the first time he and Nora met face to face.
Comparing her expression right now to how wild she was in battle, Kisei couldn’t help but feel like her wild side was a lie.

“Thanks for worrying about me.”


To Kisei’s casual expression of gratitude, Nora involuntarily frowned.

After crossing her arms, she turned toward him with a dissatisfied expression.

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“…..I was only concerned because it would be bad if my opponent couldn’t pilot a striker well because of the injury [DESU].
My goal is to beat you in your perfect condition after all.”

“That’s cool you know.
After all this is over, I will gladly by your opponent.”


Nora moodily stood up and grabbed Kisei’s collar before forcefully pulling him up.


Kisei was caught by surprise due to the suddenness of her action.
Even though she looked small, Nora is still a Vuld and a Terran like him couldn’t resist her strength at all.
Just like that, he was pushed into the back of one of the turrets on the [Prussia]’s deck.


Kisei was pushed down to the floor and Nora mounted on his body.
In the faint moonlight, Nora’s face was dyed red and her expression was a ferocious smile with her two fangs exposed.

“Then how about we do it now?”

“W, Wait a minute, this is a little unexpected……..”

Never thought that he would be overpowered by a girl who’s even shorter than himself, Kisei was panicking with cold sweat dripping out from his pores.

“You were looking down on me because I’m small right? Even while I’m looking like this, I am quite a carnivorous person you know.”

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With a voluptuous expression, Nora brings her mouth close to Kisei’s nape.
She then gently and playfully pressed her fangs on his nape.
A sweet pain ran through his body and Kisei let out a small scream.

“I can’t blame Diaroze for her actions.
With such a delicious prey right in front of you, how would anyone resist this.”

Abandoning the use of her strange suffix, she whispered that into Kisei’s ear.
With a beast-like rough breath on his cheek, Kisei’s face involuntarily stiffened.
He tried to twist his body to escape but Nora’s hold on him was unexpectedly strong and he was once again shocked at how he’s losing against such a small girl.

“No way…….”

“It’s useless.
You can’t escape me.
You can tell right?”

Nora gently strokes his chest with her hand.
While holding his twisting body down, Nora was about to steal his lips.

“……..Just kidding [DESU].”

But before she did that, she mischievously smiled and stopped.

At the distance where their noses could touch each other’s, Nora continued her words.

“You are too defenseless [DESUYO].
You shouldn’t be so careless when you can’t even resist someone as small as me [DESU].”

“Th, That’s…….”

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Since he was indeed being pushed down by her, Kisei can’t deny her words.
If Nora was really intending to assault him, she would have been able to do that with no problem.
He could have tried screaming for help but she would have easily covered his mouth with her strength.

“You need to stay healthy until I win against you [DESU].
Be more careful in the future.”


Nora let out a small sigh at Kisei’s reply.

“Hmph, it’s fine as long as you understand [DESU].
Seriously,……you are such a handful [DESU].”

Saying so, Nora lifted her face up with a mischievous smile.
And with a movement similar to her bite earlier, she pressed her lips gently against Kisei’s forehead.
However, she immediately switched her expression and got off him.

“Y, Your body is super hot!? Are you really okay?”


When Kisei cocked his head and looked at her with a puzzled expression, Nora hurriedly put her hand on his forehand.
She felt that his body had gotten abnormally hot.
It’s not that his body temperature is rising due to her excitement either.

“Th, This is bad…..”

It appears that Kisei wasn’t just tired.

Starting to break out into a cold sweat, Nora picked Kisei up in a panic and carried him to the sickbay.

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