At the Sickbay

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“It’s only the accumulated fatigue combined with a cold.
There’s no need to worry as there’s no danger to his life.”

An old army doctor said with her arms crossed.
On the bed next to the doctor was Kisei who’s sleeping there with a bright red face.

“He overdid it after all…..I guess there’s no helping it.
He was eluding the pursuit of our army up until a few days ago.
Not to mention that he was subjected to my sister’s perverted play right afterward.
It’s no wonder that his body is reaching its limit……”

With a small sigh, Valentina sat down next to the bed.
She then gently strokes his hair with her hand.
Seeing that, Nora grabbed her hand with a moody expression.
The two glared at each other for a while until Tersis cleared her throat and admonished them.

“Stop that, you two.
It’s unsuitable for a knight to be fighting in front of a sick person.”

“Excuse my rudeness.”

Valentina withdrew her hand and fixed her expression.
On the other hand, Nora sat down on the opposite side of the bed with a pout and turned the other way.

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“In any case, it’s certain that My Love is fine, correct?”

Valentina asked the army doctor again.
She was very anxious when she heard that Kisei has a high fever.
Yes, Diaroze did not do anything serious to him but it’s still impossible for her not to worry since he’s a physically weak Terran.

“Yes, that is certain.
This [Prussia] is designed to serve as a royal vessel so our medical facility is equal to a specialized hospital ship.
We would never miss any serious injury or illness here, Your Highness.”


Valentina acknowledged and rubbed her chin.

“I want to see the examination data later.
You must have done a full-scale examination on him already right?”

“Eh? Yes…….”

Knowing that Kisei is Valentina’s favorite, the doctor certainly performed a rigorous examination on him even though it’s unnecessary.
There should be no mistake in her diagnosis.
With the technology they have, such a full-scale examination doesn’t take a heavy toll on the patient.

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That being the case, it’s still strange why Valentina wants to see such data.
Even with a small doubt that Valentina might be a rare type of pervert that will get excited at the medical data of the man she likes, the doctor could not deny her superior’s request.

I will summarize the data and send it to you later.”

“Ahh, thanks.”

Valentina nodded.

Seeing that, Tersis shrugged.

“Still, we are in a bind aren’t we, Valentina-sama.
We can’t avoid the fight against them…….against Diaroze’s side.
With him on our side, I was hoping that I can fight alongside him though.”

“The people who joined the coup were about half of the total army.
If we fight head-on, there will surely be a lot of casualties [DESUNE].”

Nora added.
Of the 4 Heavenlys, only Nora and Tersis joined the coup.
With Liren, Eleanor, and Diaroze on the other side, they have no advantage in terms of personnel.
Rather, it can be said that Diaroze’s side has the advantage because Diaroze’s [Zentis] is still in perfect condition while the personal strikers of the 4 Heavenlys and Valentina were all incapacitated.

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“I have a plan for that.
After all, I didn’t plan to use My Love’s combat prowess in this coup from the start.”


Tersis showed a small impressed smile.
However, this is obvious for Valentina.
After calling out Schleer for letting a man do all the fighting for her, she can’t possibly afford to do the exact same thing here.

“First, we will return My Love to the Calencian for the time being.
We will tell them that [We rescued him from Diaroze’s perverted play]…….that way, they shouldn’t be able to attack us.”

“Ha, so we are going to join hands with the enemy [DESUKA].
We finally started to act like a rebel army huh.”

“We don’t gain anything from fighting with the Calencian now.
I have no plan to start a three-way battle.
Aneue………no, Diaroze is our common enemy.
That’s why it’s obvious to cooperate with them right?”

“That certainly makes sense but if I have to be honest…… sisters certainly think alike.”

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Tersis said that with a dissatisfied expression but she also has no other idea to offer.
After all, they can’t afford to lose this.
With that being the case, Tersis understood that joining hands with the enemy is unavoidable.

“Well, I don’t really care about it [DESUYO].
Enemy or ally, there’s no difference to me after all.”

Saying so, Nora swings her legs on top of her chair.
Then, she turned her head and glanced at Kisei’s face.
Seeing him sweating, she let out a small sigh and wiped it with her handkerchief.

“Anyway, we need to quickly finish this [DESU].
If it’s going to be such a hard fight, he will surely try to sortie even if he’s sick.”

The incident in which Kisei hit the Noredian headquarters with only 2 strikers is still fresh in their memory.
From that, Nora clearly understood that Kisei is the type of person that would do whatever he needed to be done.

“Certainly, that sounds likely……seriously, what a worrisome man.”

When Valentina unintentionally smiled at that, an alarm suddenly rang out and she tightened her expression.

[[Calencian Fleet Spotted.
All hands to battle station.]]

“Speak of the devil huh.
Well, let’s be grateful that we can get this done quickly.”

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