Alliance between Bitter Enemies 1

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“Noredian strikers with a white flag are coming toward us!?”

Schleer who was about to board her striker was confused by the report.

“I can’t see why they would surrender to us.
What are they trying to pull here……”

“Maybe they are here to tell us off because we are breaking the ceasefire agreement? We approached their fleet in combat formation after all.”

Saki said with a tired expression.
It has been a while since Kisei was taken.
Both of them had days where they couldn’t even sleep due to anxiety and guilt.
Even now, they have organized their army to launch an attack on the Noredian to get him back.

“Ha, that ceasefire was arbitrarily decided by them.
I don’t have any obligation to follow through with it.”

Schleer said with an extremely irritable tone.
She has been like this since she returned to the [Radiant] with Saki.
She stays in her combat mode day and night.
This is inevitable considering that she is trying to rescue someone from the poisonous fangs of a pervert.

“……so, what do you want us to do? You wouldn’t order us to shoot them down right?”

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“They raised the white flag, correct? It means they want to fight to the death.
Shooting them down shouldn’t be a problem right?”

“That ain’t what it means for our race.
For Vuld, a white flag signifies truce, doesn’t it.”

Saki harshly replied.

“Tsk… can’t be helped then.
Just guide them to the landing deck for the time being.
I will decide what to do with them after hearing what they say.”

It ends up like that in the end.
Accompanied by Saki, Schleer heads to the landing deck.
After a while, three [Jettas] carrying a striker-sized white flag entered the deck.
It appears that they have taken out all of their weapons beforehand as well.

Following the instruction, the [Jettas] moves to the edge of the deck.
Once they all took a debark position, their cockpits opened.

When Schleer spotted the person leaving the cockpit, her eyebrows immediately furrowed.

“Pervert stalker woman……..!”

Schleer grit her teeth at how Valentina whose striker was blown in half by her [Mistilteinn] is doing better than she expected.
She didn’t think that she was dead because she didn‘t aim for the cockpit…..still, it’s irritating to see how strong her luck is for not being injured at all.

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“Hey, been a while hasn’t it.
Pimp Princess……also, Samurai-kun too.
I’ve been in your care the other day.”

Valentina walked up to Schleer with a frivolous smile and spoke to her in a familiar tone.
Behind her were Nora and Tersis.
At the same time, the MPs are training their guns on each of them.
If Valentina and her subordinates show even a small sigh of suspicious movement they are ready to open fire at any time.

“What are you planning? Raising a white flag and boarding our ship like this…….”

“My Love……..Hokuto Kisei is now under my protection.
I just thought that I should come here to tell you that.”


Schleer groaned with a severe expression.
From the look on her face, she’s still blaming the Noredian for taking him away in the first place.

“I detached myself from my sister.
After using underhand means to take him hostage, she tried to use him to fulfill her perverted desire……..seriously, her action still horrifies me.
I couldn’t go along with it any further you see.”


Hearing Valentina, Schleer folded her arms and frowned.
She has no way to verify what she said.
It’s true that Valentina’s goal is different from Diaroze’s but it’s still impossible to just trust her words.

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“Then……..Kisei-san is safe, is that correct?”

“I’m hiding him in a safe place…….but.”

“B, But?”

To that ominous follow-up, Schleer rushed toward Valentina.

“We managed to avoid the worst but……he’s still unconscious.
If I was a little bit earlier then…..Kuh.”

Nora who was standing behind her has a surprised expression on her face.
It’s true that Kisei is unconscious right now but that’s just due to a cold.
Clearly, Valentina is trying to fuel the Calencian to take revenge on Diaroze.
However, before Nora said anything unnecessary, Saki’s hand had already reached for Valentina’s collar.

“Oi, what’s going on! He’s safe right!”

“W, Wait a minute! Let me go!”

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Valentina was taken by surprise and asked Tersis to help her with her eyes but she only turned away with a wry smile.
After all, she brought it upon herself.

“H, He’s fine! He’s being cared for onboard my ship! There’s no danger to his life and no lasting damage either!”

“Shut up! It’s not like he’s only hurt physically right!”

With ridiculous physical strength, Saki lifted Valentina who’s considerably taller, and violently shook her.
On the other hand, Valentina tries to calm her down with a deep blue face.

“I’m sorry! I was only exaggerating a bit! He’s just resting because of his fatigue and a cold! He’s doing fine otherwise!”

“Then don’t make it so easy to misunderstand from the start!”

Saying so, Saki roughly pushed Valentina away.
In addition, Schleer, who was silently bending her knees, also kicked Valentina in the shin.


Seeing their superior holding her knee while screaming with tears in her eyes, Nora and Tersis looked at each other and smiled.
Naturally, they have no intention to blame Schleer or Saki for their violent act either.
Rather, this is quite refreshing for them as well.

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