Alliance between Bitter Enemies 2

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“I see…….so you want to make an alliance to defeat Diaroze huh.”

Several dozens of minutes later.
They moved up to the conference room where Valentina explained the situation and her plan to the Schleer and the others.
On the Calencian side, there were Schleer, Saki, and her staff officer Solana.
Naturally, the Noredian side still consisted of Valentina, Nora, and Tersis.

Valentina’s proposal is exactly what she said at the sickbay.
In short, she proposed an alliance between the Calencian army and Valentina Faction.
Certainly, through cooperation, the power balance would be in their favor.
After all, Valentina’s force is nearly half the total size of the Noredian army stationed on this planet.
With the cooperation from the Calencians, they would not fall behind Diaroze Faction.

“Still, this proposal sounds too good to be true.
You people have been doing pretty much whatever you liked to our country until now you know? Do you think that it would be so easy for us to get along?”

Saki strongly said.
Certainly, looking at the proposal alone it may look like a ray of hope for the inferior Calencian army.
However, emotionally, it’s still difficult to fight alongside the Noredian troops who committed inhumane acts such as purge bombing on their planets.

“That is certainly true but…….”


When Valentina started talking with the tone that indicated that she was already expecting this but wanted the Calencian side to let it slide, Tersis stopped her.
She then sternly looked at Valentina and clearly said her piece.

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“Whatever the reason may be, we are still the side that perpetrated such an act.
I do not think that these people will be convinced by some frivolous reasons.
If we are going to do this, I believe that we need to show them our sincerity first.”


That is certainly true.
If the perpetrator of such a crime suddenly said that they should forget the past and join hands, the victim would never be convinced.

“Hmm, so there’s actually some Noredian with backbone huh.
You, what’s your name?”

“Tersis van Melemheim…….this is probably not our first meeting.
You must be the pilot of that Samurai-striker right? I can tell from your atmosphere.”

“…….Wha!? You are that [Heavenly Blade]!?”

Although she sensed that Tersis was no ordinary person, Saki was surprised that she’s such a bigshot.

“I’m not here alone.
This here is Lady Nora, one of the 4 Heavenlys, the [Heavenly Roar].”

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“Two of Nored’s strongest aces huh.
The Noredian army doesn’t seem to be doing well it seems.”

Schleer said that with a sneer.
Because of her abominable acts, it seems that Diaroze has become hated by her subordinates.

“……there are correct ways to go about things even when it comes to war.
My sister did not understand that.”

Valentina sighed with a bitter expression.
She doesn’t want to be treated the same way but for the Calencians, both Valentina and Diaroze are their bitter enemies.
Understanding that, Valentina stood up and deeply bowed to Schleer and the others.

“The purge bombing was completely our fault.
I deeply apologize for that.”


The three on the Calencian side silently listened.
Valentina then continued her words.

“Of course, when this battle is over, I will issue a formal apology.
That will include compensation as well……..I understand that this is not a problem that can be fixed with a formal apology and some compensation money but……please, give us an opportunity to atone for our sins.”

“Your words are not worth anything though.”

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Said Schleer with her brows wrinkled.
Valentina is apologizing to them but it’s not like she’s shallow enough to just forgive her.
However, it is also unwise to get caught up by the past and cause even more death to her people.
When she glanced back at Solana who’s standing behind her, Solana gives her a quiet nod.

“Well, we will accept your apology.
Indeed, we would rather have more allies and a promise of compensation right now.
We will set aside our differences for the time being.”

“I appreciate that.”

Valentina lowered her head again and took her seat with a sigh.

“So, there is one more important point that I must bring up.
What are you people planning to do with Kisei-san? You wouldn’t say that you would use this opportunity to make him yours right.”

“Of course.
Don’t lump me in with my sister.
After he recovers his health, we will promptly return My Love to you.”

“My Love? She’s quite a creepy person isn’t she……..”

Hearing Solana’s whisper, Scleer nodded in agreement.
However, fortunately, Valentina doesn’t seem to hear her.

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“As proof of my sincerity, I will allow you to visit him.
We haven’t done anything unbefitting of a lady so we have nothing to hide.
You can ask him yourself.”

‘Does pushing him down and kissing him on the forehead count as something unbefitting of a lady though?’

Thought Nora with a poker face.
In any case, it seems that she will need to ask Kisei not to tell others about that later.
After all, she wouldn’t want to unnecessarily agitate the Calencians now.

“If you are willing to say that much then we will believe you.”

Saying so, Schleer glanced at her watch.
It’s already midnight.
It’s unavoidable that it’s this late since Valentina came to them when they were about to launch a night raid on the Noredian fleet.
If possible, she’d like to go see Kisei now but as expected, visiting him at this time would only bother him instead.

“……It’s already late today.
Let’s visit your ship first thing tomorrow.”

In the end, it was settled so.

TLN: Annnnd, Alliance signed.

it seems we won’t be able to reach chapter 150 within the end of the year though.
At this rate, I should finish this series probably next June/July at the earliest.

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