The Crazy Princess

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3 days have passed since Kisei boarded the [Radiant].
The Nored side showed no sign of movement and he had not been ordered to sortie during that time.
Moreover, since Schleer has ordered him not to leave his room, he couldn’t even go for a walk outside.

The room given to Ksei was a private room for high-ranking officers.
Not only does it come equipped with a personal bathroom, but it also has a kitchen installed.
During the past 3 days, they have been regularly bringing meals to his room so it felt practically like a house arrest.

“Still, it seems that they are quite considerate given that they put this giant screen here……”

In the past three days, Kisei has been playing video games with his mobile terminal connected to the giant screen on the wall.
It’s a very retro pixel RPG so the game screen looks kinda ugly due to the unnecessarily high resolution.


Although he has something to kill time with, he was already tired of lazing around in this windowless room.
After thinking about it for a while, Kisei saved his progress and disconnected his terminal from the gigantic screen.

“It should be fine if I sneak out for a bit right……..”

Grabbing his flight jacket off the hanger, Kisei tried to leave the room.


However, the moment the door slid open, Schleer was there in her military uniform.
Kisei jumped up in surprise and fell on his butt.

“Ki, Kisei-san, are you okay?”

Schleer, who seems to be surprised by that herself, reached out to Kisei with cold sweat on her forehead.

“Y, Yes, I’m fine.”

Kisei who managed to stand up retreated backward with a vague smile.
Acting as if nothing is out of the ordinary, he threw his flight jacket on the luxurious bed and asked Schleer what she’s doing here.

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“So, what kind of business do you have with me today?”

“Umm, Just now, weren’t you trying to leave the room?”

“I wonder what you are talking about.”

“There’s no use trying to hide it now though.”

“I’ve been under this house arrest for 3 days already.
I need some fresh air.”

Since it seems impossible to fool her, Kisei quickly shifted the blame to Schleer.

“I, I do think that it is also my fault but………”

‘There’s no other choice but to do this in order to protect you’, Schleer continued with an apologetic look.

“But my cup noodle supply is about to run out you know! If I can go out then I should be able to buy a few from the stores here right!”

Kisei’s eyes pointed at his carry case which was delivered to him here from the surface.
It appears that the contents of his carry case were cup noodles.

“C, Cup noodles? The meals I had my subordinates brought you were supposed to be the kind that is reserved for aristocrats though!?”

“This and that is a different matter.
Even if I was served some luxurious meals, I still want to eat what I want.”


Schleer has a puzzled expression on her face.
To be honest, if he has a specific request, he should have told it to her staff here.

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“What, do you hate cup noodles?”

“N, No, I’ve never eaten one before but I do know about them…….”

“That’s no good at all.
You have to experience it at least once.
Come on in please.”

Kisei grabbed Schleer’s arm and dragged her into the room.
Flustered by the sudden development, Schleer followed inside with little to no resistance while going “Awawawawa”.

“A, A, A man’s room! My heart isn’t ready for this! It smells nice though!”

“Can you please not say something like that, it hurts my feelings! I do take a shower every day you know, wait, DON’T JUST WALTZ INTO THE BATHROOM!”

“Sh, Shower!? Did you just say shower!? That’s no good, a man shouldn’t say something shameful like that!”

“It’s your brain that’s shameful for linking a shower to that kind of stuff alright.”

“Th, th, th, th, there’s no helping it right!? This is the first time I got invited into a man’s room you know!!”

Seeing her getting all excited, Kisei let go of her arm and took a step back with a small yelp.

“P, please calm down….take a deep breath, Deep Breath!”


“Now let it out!”


“Did you manage to calm down?”

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“I’m even more excited now.”


From a Terran’s perspective, it’s like inviting a virgin guy into a room where a beautiful girl has been spending her time alone inside for 3 days.
There’s no way that she can stay calm.
Moreover, it is said that Vuld women’s sexual desire is even stronger than that of middle or even high schoolers on earth.
It was Kisei’s mistake for dragging her inside his room without considering that first.

“No, seriously, I can’t…….Suu Haa Suu Haa……”

“You should stop that before you hyperventilate yourself.
Rather, just stop.”

“A little more……just a little more…….Suu Haa Suu Haa, Uu, I’m getting dizzy.”

“What a coincidence, me too.”

This shameful behavior of his employer made Kisei hold his head.
The face of Schleer, who is totally hyperventilating at this point, is completely red.
It would be better if she can calm down soon.

“Anyway, please sit down…, I think that you should lay down instead.
I’m sorry that it’s used but please lie down on my bed for the time being.”

“I’m sorry…….”

Schleer powerlessly lay down on the bed.
A scene where a white-haired girl weakly lying down on a luxurious bed is supposed to be rather lewd but with her shameful display earlier, there’s not even a speck of ulterior motive in Kisei’s mind.


After around 10 minutes, Schleer had settled down and Kisei could finally let out a sigh of relief.

“I can’t look you in the eyes anymore…….”

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Muttered Schleer in a muffled voice as embarrassment took over and she buried her face on the pillow.

“Well, it was also my fault for carelessly dragging you inside…….I will pretend that nothing happened this time…..”

“Thank you very much…..Ah, also.”


“Can we switch rooms later……?”

Seriously, she hasn’t learned anything at all.
Looking closely at her now, it seems that rather than being too embarrassed to face him, she is enjoying herself with the lingering smell on the pillow

“Your parents will cry if they see you like this you know.”


Hearing that, Schleer quickly got up from the bed, albeit still giving a look of regret at the pillow.

“So……what do you want from me in the first place?”

With his will to educate her about the cup noodles completely evaporated, Kisei asked her that question with half-opened eyes.

“Ah, that’s right……..I came to see you because the striker for Kisei-san’s personal use was finally finished.”

“Eh, Really!?”

Hearing that, Kisei’s excitement which dropped considerably due to the earlier display immediately rose to the max.

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