The Visit

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The next morning.
The Calencian fleet joined up with Valentina’s fleet.
The Calencian soldiers are uncomfortable about this alliance since the crimson battleships of the Nored empire which were the symbol of their enemy until yesterday are casually moored right beside their ships.
Of course, they were explained about the situation in advance but it doesn’t mean that they will be convinced.

“……..the storage deck is the same for every country huh.”

In such a delicate atmosphere, Schleer and Saki visited Valentina’s high-speed battleship, the [Prussia].
Naturally, their purpose is to visit Kisei.

The storage deck of the [Prussia] has a fairly large space but its structure and equipment are not much different from those on board the [Radiant].
Since this is the first time for Schleer to board a foreign battleship, she is looking around the place with interest.
Since she managed to get a proper rest last night, she is now in a much better mood.

“Is that striker being repainted to differentiate from the ones belonging to Diaroze?”

Schleer asks while pointing at a [Jetta] which is now under a repainting process.
It is not that [Jetta] alone that is being repainted but every striker parked inside the storage deck.
Although the ship’s ventilation system is operating at full power, the deck is still filled with a strong solvent odor.

“Yeah, we wouldn’t want friendly fire after all.
It’s would be better if you can tell at the first glance that they belong to my faction right?”

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Leading the Calencian visitors, Valentina turned around and showed a tablet to Schleer and Saki.
what’s being shown is a CH image of a [Jetta] with a white striped pattern across the center area of its body.

“I actually wanted to change the whole base color but it would take too much time and effort to do that….just consider the striker with these white stripes as your ally.”

“I see, we wouldn’t mistake your striker with this.”

Although all strikers have an IFF system that is used to identify friends and foes using electronic signals, it’s still possible for a mistake to occur when your enemy and your ally pilot strikers that look exactly the same.
That’s why it’s necessary to add this.

While they were in the middle of that conversation, the party headed to the sickbay where Kisei is resting.
Being surrounded by the Noredian soldiers, Schleer felt a little uncomfortable but they unexpectedly didn’t look that hostile toward them.
At least, it doesn’t look like they were forced to be here.

“We’re here.”

After a while, Valentina stopped her feet in front of a large door.
On both sides of the door are two guards armed with rifles.
The security details here appeared to be very strict.

After the two guards lowered their heads to them and let them through, they were greeted with the unique scent of disinfectant of the sickbay.
Even though it’s called a sickbay, since it belongs to a flagship-class battleship, it was about the same size as a small clinic.
When Valentina walked inside, she greeted the doctor with a smile.

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“How’s My Love doing?”

“There has been no complication so far, Your Highness.
His fever has lowered to some extent and he has regained his consciousness now.”

In the first place, his condition was not serious and could be cured after taking medicine and a good night’s sleep.
There was no need for him to be hospitalized.
This kind of care is nothing more than Valentina’s being overprotective.

After nodding to the doctor, she knocked on the door at the back of the sickbay.

“It’s me.
My Love, may I enter?”

“Please come in–”

Kisei’s tone was very bright.
Hearing that, Schleer strokes her chest in relief.
When the door was opened and they went inside, they found a large private room with only one bed.
There was a large monitor with a window-like design installed on the wall displaying images of a forest.

“Ahh, it’s been a while.
Sorry that I made you worried.”

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After seeing Schleer and Saki, Kisei tried to get up from the bed but Schleer hurriedly stopped him.

“N, No, it’s fine! Please get some rest Kisei-san.”

Said Schleer as she rushed to the bed with Saki following behind her.
Kisei’s face was a little red but it doesn’t seem like he’s in any bad condition.

“I was surprised when I heard that they were going to join hands with the Calencian side but………it’s really happening huh? Well, I’m glad that I can meet you again like this.”

Kisei shyly said with a bitter smile as he scratched his cheek.
After all, when he was taken by Diaroze, he was already prepared for death.

“Don’t just start saying something ominous now you idiot.”

Saki rebuked him while wiping her tears before gently poking his head with her hand.

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“Always pushing yourself like that! You should have just ditched us back then and escaped by yourself.”

Hearing that, Kisei tried to argue back but faster than he could open his mouth, Schleer clung to his body.

“I’m so glad…..that you’re okay.”

“Wait, it’s just a cold you know! Get off me!”

Kisei started to panic but Schleer didn’t pay him any mind and tightly hugged him.

“I’m truly, truly, sorry…….because of me, you had to……….”

“That happened because you gave me your sword right! If anyone is at fault here then it’s me.”

Ignoring his words, Schleer continues to hug Kisei while apologizing to him.
In the end, Kisei wasn’t released from her embrace for a while.

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