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Schleer exhaled a deep deep sigh with a surprisingly dissatisfied expression.
She then heaved out another sigh after taking a look at her own clothes with a deep crease between her brows.

She is wearing a Noredian military uniform.
Not to mention that it is a baggy one that covers most of her limbs.
This uniform is one of Valentina’s personal uniforms.
With the height difference of 20cm,…….it naturally made Schleer look laughable and pathetic.

“Hahahahahahaha, it does fit you doesn’t it? Eh?”

Valentina laughed at her with an extremely amused expression.
Although the circumstances led to them joining hands, the scene was still extremely humorous for her.
After all, rather than seeing Schleer as an individual, Valentina perceives her more as her love rival.


“This happens because you suddenly hugged him without thinking about the consequences.
For the sake of your future, maybe you ought to be more prudent about your actions don’t you think?”


Groaned Schleer with a bright red face.
As Valentina said, she’s now in this uniform because she hugged Kisei.

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“Even rotten as you are, you are still the supreme commander of the Calencian army right? If you catch a cold now……you should be able to imagine what will happen.
It’s a pain you know.
Disinfecting your whole body wasn’t enough, your clothes need to be thoroughly clean as well! Don’t you think this treatment is rather natural?”

“Yeah, I got it, it was my fault.
I will admit that.
Even so, why do I have to wear your uniform?”

Schleer’s uniform is being washed at the moment and of course, she didn’t bring any spare with her.
Since she couldn’t afford to walk around with no clothes on, she understood that she had to borrow something to wear……..still, in the end, she was forced into Valentina’s uniform.
It’s clear that Valentina wanted to make fun of her height (Which is still a few centimeters taller than the average height for Vuld women).
“You are a princess.
You wouldn’t want yourself to be seen wearing the uniform of the common soldiers right? I was only being considerate you know.

The corners of Schleer’s mouth lowered as she turned away from Valentina who burst out laughing again.
She then glanced at Kisei who’s still lying on the bed.
When her eyes met with his, he cocked his head at her with a smile.

“…….well, let’s leave it at that.

She still felt embarrassed by it but if that made Kisei laugh, she’s fine with that.
After rolling back the sleeves of the uniform which are longer than her arm, Schleer reached out to Kisei.

“Ahem! …….for the time being, I’m glad that you are safe.
When you were taken away by that woman, I honestly thought that everything was over……..I was so worried.”

“They actually treated me pretty well, you know.
I was even invited to a shogi match when I didn’t have anything to do too.”

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Said Kisei with a bitter smile.
Honestly, he also thought that it was over for him but surprisingly, Diaroze wasn’t as terrible a person as the rumors say.


“It’s a chess-like game.
Come to think of it, I think I have played it in the past too……with Aneue that is.”

Valentina answers with an awkward expression.

“She’s good, isn’t she? I couldn’t win against her even once after all.”

“…….yes, quite.”

“I see……….I don’t think I will have the chance to play Shogi with her again.
Now I will never win against Aneue huh.”

Whispered Valentina.
She’s definitely not a fan of Diaroze either but she’s still her family.
No matter what, she will never be able to completely separate herself from her sister, she realized that now.

“If you can make up with her then I think you should you know.
It doesn’t seem like she actually hates you after all, Valentina.”

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Saki interrupted.
Her grip on her sword strengthened as her expression turned severe.

“I will make sure to settle this in the next battle.
She’s the woman who ordered the slaughter of my people.
She needs to be caught and put on trial……..after that, only execution is waiting for her.”

“Uun, I see…..”

After all, Diaroze is the general who led the Noredian’s invasion.
It will be difficult for her to not be accounted for the crime she has committed.
Kisei heavily sighed.
For whatever reason, he doesn’t feel like seeing her die.
Especially after he got to know her through the time they shared together.

“………when will you start the assault?”

They can not afford to wait around forever.
From Schleer and Valentina’s point of view, they need to finish this before the reinforcements from the Nored mainland arrive.
That’s why after they merged their forces, they should launch an attack on Diaroze immediately after.


Replied Schleer with her arms crossed.
The rolled-up sleeves slid down with her movement and she had to hurriedly fix them with a blushed face.

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“Ah, tomorrow?…… if I get better by then, I should be able to take part in it right?”

“N, No, you can’t! Please relax and rest!”

As expected, Schleer shook her hand in a hurry to dissuade Kisei.
On the other hand, Valentina also agrees with her with a delicate expression.

“She’s right.
What, you don’t have to be worried.
Our force is big enough to win this even without you, My Love.”

“Eh, no way……..”

Kisei’s expression turned to a disappointed one.
Seeing that, Valentina gently continues.

“It would be bad if your conditions worsen too.
I’m sorry but I will be keeping an eye on you so that you won’t sortie on your own.”

“S, Seriously?”

With his mouth cramped up, Kisei continued to groan.

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