A Hard Fight, Diaroze 2

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A fierce battle has begun in the bright blue southern sea.
Powerful beams and bullets are being exchanged and strikers are crashing onto the various small islands with loud noises.

“These guys again!? You think you can take us out with these cheap scraps?”

Saki shouted while splitting an outdated-striker, [Giro], in half with her electromagnetic slash.
Although she once faced them at Leboir, she still thinks that their performance is too poor to be put on the frontline.

Saki is now fighting using the Calencian standard striker model [Claymore] instead of her [Dainsleif] since it’s still in repair.
Since Valentina and the others have also lost their Zeniths in the previous battle, they were worried about how they would fare in striker combat but so far the battle is favoring the Calencian side.

“Hah! To only be able to send out these kinds of units, I guess it’s already over for that woman[DESUNE]!”

Using her blaster magnums, Nora fired into a group of [Giros].
Two of them were shot down, leaving the rest faltering in their advance.
Nora tried to take another shot right after but she was stopped by a jarring warning sound.

[[Energy Insufficient! Energy Insufficient! Weapon is not ready to fire.]]

Screamed an electronic voice.
Since she’s using a weapon designed to be used by a Zenith-type machine, the mass-produced [Jetta] couldn’t sufficiently supply enough power to it.
With a [Jetta]’s capability, the magnum can only fire two rounds consecutively.
It will also take some time for it to be recharged.


“Hmph…….My apology but I will be taking your preys, Lady Nora.”

Tersis slashes at the rest of the [Giro] that Nora failed to take down.
She is also piloting a [Jetta] but her movements are extremely sharp.
When her shiny longsword reflected the sunlight, the [Giro] was horizontally cut in half and crashed.
A large column of water rises from the impact and the stains of hydraulic oil spread on the sea surface.

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“I’m sorry that I have to prey on the weak…….but I still have a score to keep!”

“U, Uwahh, don’t get any closer!”

The panicked [Giro] blindly fired its submachine gun and naturally, there’s no way that Tersis would be hit by that.
With a light thrust from the thruster, she skillfully avoided the unpredictable shots and quickly dispatched them.
She then revved up the engine with her longsword in hands and kicked off the [Giro], sending it powerlessly falling to the sea, before approaching another [Giro] and cutting it at extreme speed.

“……Uhg, I won’t lose [DESU]!”

With a fierce expression, Nora gritted her teeth and shot the approaching [Jetta] to support her allies.
However, as though trying to exploit an opening, a [Giro] charged at her with its rifle-attached bayonet while firing at her.

Avoiding the shot with light movement, Nora parries the bayonet thrust with the magnum blaster in her right hand and stabs the abdomen of [Giro] using the bayonet of the magnum in her left hand.

“It’s a hundred years too early for the likes of you to challenge me in close combat [DESUYO]!”

Nora and Tersis, it was like fighting against demons for the Noredian soldiers.
Their actions are destroying their morale.

“Th, those weapons……don’t tell me, it’s Tersis-sama and Nora-sama!?”

“So it’s true that they joined up with the rebels!? W, We have to run…..there’s no way we can win…….”

Although they want to escape, the two of the 4 Heavenlys mercilessly continue their attack.
Like a mountain of corpses……..the wreckages of their strikers are piling under their feet.

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“It seems they are quite enthusiastic about this huh……I mean, I should be grateful I guess.”

Valentina started to have cold sweat as she watched their rampage.
Even if they lost against Kisei, the ability of the 4 Heavenlys is still unrivaled.
Even as allies, seeing them fighting like that still sent chills down her spine.

Kisei-san won against those people? Seriously, it seems I still have a big hurdle to overcome huh.”

Schleer also seems to share that opinion and lets out a deep sigh.
However, no matter how good they are, it’s not like they can just watch them go on a rampage from the rear alone.

After checking the radar for enemy machines, she spotted 2 signatures approaching them at high speed.

“This speed……Zeniths? Is it Diaroze?”

Considering the enemy’s tactics of exhausting them using insignificant units so far, it’s possible that it’s Diaroze herself.
Still, it hasn’t even been thirty minutes since the battle began.
This is too early for the general herself to take to the field……

“Where is he……….WHERE’S HOKUTO KISEI!”

However, Schleer’s intuition was not wrong.
With a horrifying and deeply emotional scream, a black gold striker is flying toward them at full speed.
Behind it is a familiar magenta Zenith.

“Uu, that’s…..the [Pafeel]! So they repaired it in time huh……”

Valentina’s complexion quickly turned pale.
That’s right, it’s the personal machine of Eleanor, one of the 4 Heavenlys……[Pafeel].
Just like Nora and Tersis’s machines, it was supposed to be disabled in the previous battle, However,…………

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“Aren’t there only common soldiers around here!? Oi, that bloated Zenith over there! You are the Calencian princess……….Schleer or something right!?”

As soon as she arrived, Diaroze immediately pointed at Schleer’s [Mistilteinn] and shouted.
Her voice was bloodcurdling.

It’s me, Schleer Henrietta.”

“You, where did you hide Hokuto Kisei!”

“That’s the first thing that came out of your mouth!? You kidnapper!!”

Schleer shouted back with blue veins popping on her forehead.
Since Diaroze said it like they were the ones who took what’s hers, Schleer angrily makes the case that it was Diaroze who kidnapped him first.

“Kisei-san is…….”

“His conditions suddenly worsened after we rescued him…….that’s all I am going say.”

Suddenly, Valentina interrupted Schleer’s words.
Her voice sounded strangely sad.

Just what is this woman saying now, thought Schleer as she gazes at Valentina with a frown.

“Aneue, it was all your fault.”

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“Wh, Wha, Wha, What did you say!?!?”

Hearing Valentina said it as though Kisei passed away, Schleer couldn’t stay silent anymore.
To find out what she’s trying to do, she connected a personal communication line to Valentina’s [Jetta].

“Y, You, what are you…….”

“It’s a mental attack.
[Zentis] is a powerful striker and my sister is not just an average pilot…….we need to use bluff to get her off her games.”

Schleer doubts why Valentina is so confident about such a strategy but as she said, the plan certainly worked.

“S, Stop lying to me! If I take all of you down he will be worried and show up right!? EEI, just stay right there! I will shoot you down myself!”

“Y, Your Highness! maybe calm down a little!?”

Diaroze pointed the muzzle of her full-auto shotgun toward the [Mistilteinn] and started blasting.
Eleanor tried to caution her to calm down but she didn’t stop.

“Shut up! You just go take care of the other two! I will take care of these insolent fools myself!”

Diaroze shouted so and rushed full speed at Schleer and Valentina.
Seeing Diaroze abandon her role as a tactician and a leader, Schleer could only be astounded.

“Rather than a mental attack, I think you just stoke the flame though…….?”

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