A Hard Fight, Diaroze 3

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This is the second time Schleer directly faced Diaroze.
However, even if she’s used to it, the movement of the [Zentis] was too sharp that it proves to be difficult to deal with.


Schleer had to make a big leap to avoid the barrage of shotgun shells.
Diaroze’s shotgun is an extremely troublesome weapon to deal with due to its high fire rate and range.
A graze from such an automatic shotgun should not be able to penetrate her armor but if the pellets hit the unprotected parts like the sensor or weapons then it will greatly compromise her striker.

“Seriously, the striker is as troublesome as its pilot huh!”

Shouting so, Schleer used the missile pods on the [Mistilteinn]’s legs.
A large number of micro missiles rush toward the [Zentis] with trails of white smoke.

“You think you can stop me with that!?”

Diaroze intercepted the missiles that came at her like a curtain with her automatic shotgun in an instant.
There were few remaining missiles that managed to hit the [Zentis] but it only exploded on the armor.
The power of the missiles was only enough to make some scratches on it.

“Aneue! Let’s settle things here!”

Valentina rushes at Diaroze using that opening.

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On the other hand, Diaroze easily parried the tip of her lance away with the longsword that she pulled out with one hand.

“You foolish little sister! Did you get so greedy that you took what’s mine!?”

The betrayal of her little sister seems to have been quite shocking to Diaroze.
The expression that accompanied those words was unlike her and it looked heartbreaking.

“The greedy one here is you! After resorting to such dishonorable means to lay your hands on My Love……I wouldn’t allow a woman like you to be the next empress!”

“Shut up! That man’s mine! But if you apologize and return Hokuto Kisei to me now, I might consider lending him to you though! Just return him to me!”

Valentina responded to Diaroze’s offer with a blaster shot fired from her lance.

“You fool, I will make sure to punish you after all this is over!”

Shouted Diaroze as she avoided the crimson beam.

She then pointed the muzzle of her shotgun at Valentina’s [Jetta] in fury but she had to take an evasive maneuver as Schleer was pointing her blaster cannon at her.

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“This is between me and my sister! Don’t get involved!”

“Sorry but that’s not the case this time! Unfortunately, mine and that woman’s interests are aligned this time!”

Only a monster like Kisei can fight a high-end Zenith like the [Zentis] in a mass-produced model.
Diaroze herself also possesses enough skill as a pilot to be called an ace so it’s impossible for Valentina to deal with her alone.

“What a troublesome woman…….! Oi, Eleanor, do something about this!”

“Your Highnessss! It’s impossible, right now I can’t!”

Diaroze tried to have her subordinate deal with Schleer but the reply from the magenta Zenith was merciless.

“Even I can’t deal with this ridiculous samurai, Tersis-sama, and Nora-chan at once! My apology but please do something about her yourself!”

“Who are you calling a ridiculous samurai EH!”

“It’s obviously you, you sword maniac!!”

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For the time being, it seems that Diaroze can not expect any support from Eleanor.
Grinding her teeth, Diaroze shouted back while barraging Valentina with her shotgun.

“Hmph, whatever! The victory will be mine anyway.”

“It seems your lust for him made you go crazy, Aneue.
No matter how I see it, the victory is obviously mine!”

Valentina said with a triumphant expression.
Certainly, the allied force between Valentina’s force and the Calencian army is pushing back the Noredian army led by Diaroze.
In the first place, the fact that Diaroze dispatched the reserved force consisting of the [Giros] so quickly already made it clear which side will win the battle.

“Kukukuku……seriously, this is why you are dead last in the succession line!”

However, Diaroze confidently replied with a provocation.
Diaroze did not plan to battle them seriously from the start.
After all, she already has another plan in place.

“Wh, What!?”

Judging from her sister’s calm reply, Valentina realized that her words were not a bluff and her expression turned severe.

“Another fleet is heading toward yours as we speak right now! With Liren at the lead of course……her machine has already been repaired, a fleet with barely any escort is nothing to her! I am here only to buy them some time.
With no fleet to return to, all you can do is rout!”

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“Kuh, I wondered why there were so few but……..this is your plan!?”

Schleer grits her teeth.
The allied force sent out most of its strikers on this attack to fight the still powerful Diaroze’s fleet.
If what Diaroze said was true, there’s no doubt that the fleet will suffer serious damage.

“What do you think? Should we retreat for the time being?”

Valentina glances at Schleer.
Certainly, if their fleet is destroyed now, their chance of victory will greatly decrease.
After all, most areas on this planet are still under Noredian control.
On the other hand, the Calencian side has nowhere to resupply themselves.
Diaroze can always retreat to space if her fleet was destroyed while Schleer and the others would be left to dry with no way to get more supply.

“Oh, do you think I will allow that? You fools are going to stay with me here!”

With a triumphant smile, Diaroze rushed toward the [Mistilteinn] while blasting her shotgun and Schleer had to avoid the shells with chills running down her spine.

“Ugh…….we were too careless!”

Schleer muttered words of regret but there’s nothing she can do now.

Right now, the only thing she can do is to defeat Diaroze as soon as possible and get back to her fleet……however, Diaroze was still a formidable opponent.

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