A Hard Fight, Diaroze 5

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“Wh, What!? Liren turned on us? The attacking team is routing? Quit fooling around!!”

Diaroze was furious.
The reports from her subordinates made her want to just cover her ears.
When Liren started shooting down her allies all of a sudden, the attacking team was driven into chaos and is now being pushed back by the combined force of the Valentina faction and the Calencian army.
With how chaotic it is, although the exact damage to the attacking team is still unknown, it is clear that a considerable number of Noredian strikers have been shot down.

“Wahahahaha! That’s what you get!”

Valentina laughs when she receives a similar report.
She felt chill when Diaroze told her that a separate unit is attacking her fleet but in the end, there’s nothing to worry about at all.

“It seems that you’ve already lost your rein over your subordinates huh! How about you just give up and quit being a general now, my dear sister?”


Diaroze’s face turned bright red at Valentina’s provocation.
However, with Liren switching sides because she doesn’t want to fight Kisei, the actual situation is not that far from what Valentina described.

“Still, STILL! Even if they fail to take down your fleet, I will still win if I can get rid of you!”

Turning her anger into power, Diaroze stepped on the foot pedal.
The [Zentis] immediately accelerated.
Despite her rage, Diaroze’s movement is by no means rough.


Valentina manages to avoid the shotgun rounds and Schleer is providing covering fire for her but Diaroze only slowed down a little as she avoided it with minimal movement.

“Tsk, she’s good!”

Although she had displayed disgraceful behaviors in her fight with Kisei, Diaroze’s skills as a pilot are still the real deal.
Valentina may think that they have the upper hand due to their superior number but Schleer still thinks of Diaroze as an opponent that she can’t let down her guard against.

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“If only I have my [Ortho Kratzer]……!”

“Hahaha, what’s wrong! You are getting slow, little sister!”

Diaroze mocked Valentina who is desperately avoiding the shots from her shotgun and stealthily lash her electric whip at her.

Sparks ran on the armor from the impact of the whip.


Valentina let out a small scream at the high-voltage current that assaulted her body.
Meanwhile, beads of cold sweats are forming on Schleer’s forehead as she tries to widen the distance between the two……

“I might hit her too at this distance…….damn it!”

The [Mistilteinn] is a Zenith that boasts high firepower so if an ordinary [Jetta] was to get caught in its line of fire, the result would be quite ugly.
Giving up on providing covering fire, Schleer took out her photon saber with the left hand and immediately plunges toward the [Zentis].

“Hah! You think I wouldn’t see you!”


Diaroze avoided her thrust.
At the moment they passed each other, a hail of shotgun shells rained down on the missile pods on the [Mistilteinn]’s waist, causing a small explosion.


Valentina grits her teeth and fired her blaster at Diaroze but Diaroze simply blew her thruster and flew away.

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“Kukuku…….a desperate attack like that will never land on me!”

Diaroze’s smile deepened at the [Jetta] that lost its posture due to the forceful shooting stance.
Immediately after, the muzzle of the shotgun was pointed back at Valentina.
With a like squeeze on her control stick, the shotgun fired with a high-pitched gunshot.
Valentina’s [Jetta] was hit directly in the front and its sensor and front armor were torn apart.


With the warning sound blaring inside her cockpit, Valentina pulled her control stick but it was too late.
Diaroze stepped on the pedal again and charged at her while pulling out her longsword.

Valentina couldn’t move out of the way in time and the tip of Diaroze’s long sword pierced the [Jetta]’s engine.


“Hmph, now go reflect on what you’ve done at the bottom of the ocean for a while!”

Saying so, Diaroze kicked off the crimson armor of Valentina’s [Jetta], sending it crashing down on the surface of the sea with its engine oil spewing out from its belly.

The [Jetta] started to sink with bubbles forming around it but the depth of water here is quite shallow so it should not be a problem to recover her later.

“D, Damn you……!”

While glancing at the sinking Valentina, cold sweat trails down Schleer’s face.
It is certainly refreshing to see Valentina get shot down but against a strong enemy like Diaroze, it’s troublesome to have her ally drop out of the fight.

“Don’t worry, you will be going down the same way soon!”

“I can not afford to get shot down by the same opponent twice okay!”

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Shouting back, Schleer glanced at her available weapons.
Although it was hit by the shotgun, the missile pods on the waist are still functional.
The shotgun can cover a wide range but it seems that it doesn’t have that much penetrating power.

After a moment of indecision, Schleer operates the touch panel on her console.

[[Armor system, Ready to Purge]]

While listening to the AI’s voice, Schleer stepped on the pedal and accelerated toward the [Zentis] which was calmly standing still waiting for her.

“So you are coming at me huh, this is going to be fun!”

“Even if I take a distance, you would be able to catch up immediately anyway right!”

The difference in mobility between the [Mistilteinn] and [Zentis] is clear cut.
Even if she retreated back at full-speed, Diaroze would catch up in no time.
With that being the case, it would be better if she engages her up close from the beginning.

“You got guts!”

With a grin, Diaroze was ready to intercept her charge.
She mercilessly fired her automatic shotgun at the [Mistilteinn] which was flying straight toward her but Schleer did not take any evasive action.

“Hou, relying on your armor now huh!”

The shotgun shells blew away the [Mistilteinn]’s main camera and blaster cannon on its shoulder but there was no fatal damage and its speed did not slow down.

“But, you seem to forget that the shotgun is not my only weapon huh!”

However, there’s a lot of ways to intercept an opponent who’s just straightforwardly charging at her.
With a carefree attitude, Diaroze fired a net from the launcher on the shoulder.

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A large net unfolds and flies toward the [Mistilteinn].

“Obviously not, I’m not that forgetful you know!”

But Schleer greeted the net that was flying toward her with a ferocious smile.
With a hit to the touch panel on the sub-monitor, the reverse thrust was fully activated.
Schleer clenched her teeth at the intense G that assaulted her body.


Several small sparks scattered all over the [Mistilteinn].
The extra armor equipped on it began to shred away from the retreating [Mistilteinn].
As though it was a ninja’s body replacement technique, the net that should have had caught the [Mistilteinn] instead was catching the pieces of extra armor it abandoned.

“Wh, what!? Is that even allowed?”

The [Mistilteinn] which is now lighter and quicker approached the upset Diaroze.
With the main camera destroyed, Schleer opened her cockpit hatch to get a clear view of her opponent.

“With this…..
you’re finished!”

An electromagnetic slash using the Zweihander was unleashed from the [Mistilteinn]’s shoulder-mounted shield, cutting into the [Zentis] at its middle section.

“Im, impossible!”

Although the [Zenti]s was not completely bisected, the damage was fatal enough.

Just like her sister earlier, the [Zentis] crashed into the sea with black smoke rising from its body.

TLN: Gotta admit, that was very anime……

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