The Captive Princess

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The Noredian which lost its general quickly collapsed.
Due to the coup, the morale was already low so no one chose to continue to battle.

However, most of them were still alive after the battle.
Even after a full day after the battle, the Calencian soldiers and MPs are still busily processing the disarmament of the Noredian’s large army.

“I mean, I didn’t know what would happen but……I’m seriously glad that we somehow got through it.”

Kisei said with a bitter smile.
He’s currently in the lounge for senior officers.
As expected, he doesn’t have any role to play in the disarmament process so he’s relaxing right now.

“Well, yeah.
I got super worried when you got captured though…….”

Saki on the other hand only tiredly responded in a sloppy appearance.
At the moment almost all Noredian troops in the territory under the Calencian army control are surrendering that’s why they technically have a truce going on right now.
It’s been fierce battle after fierce battle every day until now so it can’t be helped if she seemed dispirited today.

“I hope we can end the war with this though.”

“I wonder about that.
It seems that the envoy was already sent over to their side for peace negotiation but…….that’s all.”

Almost at the same moment Saki responded with a shrug, the lounge door suddenly opened without a knock.
When the two turned their eyes at the door in surprise, they found Valentina in a pure white Calencian military uniform there.
It was difficult to distinguish between Noredian soldiers under Diaroze and Valentina’s command so the soldiers following Valentina were temporarily transferred to the Calencian army.

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“I don’t think peace will happen so easily.
After being beaten like this, my country would not just admit defeat.
At the very least, you should be prepared for another big battle.”

“You heard that huh…….”

Saki sternly looks at Valentina who said that immediately after she walked into the room.
Then she straightens her back and cautiously asks Valentina a question.

“So, what do you want.”

It was Valentina and Schleer who called Kisei to this room.
With Saki being Saki, she doesn’t want to hold herself up inside a room like this.
She would rather relax on the deck with the warm ray of the sun………..

“I didn’t specifically call you here though?”

“Don’t be stupid, what would this guy do if you guys plan something devious? He obviously needs someone to look out for him.”

“Myself aside, you don’t hold back even against your own princess huh……”

Valentina grumbled and shrugged before glancing at Kisei.

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“Well, let’s get to the main subject.
There is someone I want you to meet, My Love.”


Kisei thought about it a little and his expression immediately turned to a serious one.
Since he can kinda guess who it is, there’s no helping it.

“…..Hmm, well, come on in.”

Saying so, Valentina walked away from the door.
A moment later, Schleer, who has an awkward expression entered the room with Diaroze who’s in handcuffs.


Saki’s eyes widened in surprise at their unexpected guest but before she could say anything, Diaroze screamed as she laid her eyes on Kisei.

“Y, Y, Y, You are still alive after all! Kisei!”

“Eh, wh, what? You thought I’m dead?”

At that unexpected words, Kisei stood up from his chair and questioned her.

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On the other hand, Valentina happily smiled at the question.

“Hahahahahaha……I thought that I should upset her a little before the fight began, you see.
It seems that it was quite successful so everything went well.”

“Y, You……”

Diaroze’s expression looked like she won’t be able to get over this unless she hit her sister once but there’s nothing she can do since her hands are cuffed.
On her side, Schleer let out a deep sigh.

“We were lucky that we managed to catch her alive, I mean I was lucky.
Yes, I caught her myself.
I thought that I should get her back for the disgrace she caused me.”

Schleer emphasized her achievement.
Meanwhile, Valentina who got shot down by Diaroze pouted.

“If I had my [Ortho Kratzer] back then I would have won.
In the first palace, the repair couldn’t finish in time because you damaged it so badly.”

“Hmph…..result is everything in the end.”

Schleer waves Valentina’s argument off with a triumphant smile.

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“D, Don’t tell me, you went out of your way to pull me up from the sea yourself because of that stupid reason? Well, I’m grateful that I can see Kisei’s face though.”

Diaroze let out a tired sigh and glanced at Kisei.
When she confirmed that his eyes were void of fear and disgust, she was extremely relieved.

“No way! Obviously, that’s not the reason.
The main reason I pulled you up was for Kisei-san to decide your treatment.”

However, Schleer’s words were unexpected.
Then she stared straight at Kisei with a serious expression.

“T, treatment.”

Kisei gulped.
At the same time, Diaroze’s expression stiffened.
She couldn’t afford to think about it until now because of the matter with Kisei and the humiliation from getting caught but considering the evil deeds of the Noredian army so far, there’s no way that Diaroze who’s the general can escape responsibility.

“To be frank, if we leave things as they are, this woman will surely receive a death sentence.”

“D, Death sentence…..!?”

When Schleer casually said that, Diaroze felt like her head got hit by a hammer.

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