Reason for Sparing

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That night, Kisei was walking in the corridor of the [Radiant] accompanied by Schleer.
The corridor is being illuminated only by a faint light and there’s pretty much no one around.

While rubbing his eyes, Kisei stretched to get rid of his drowsiness.

“Ahh, seriously……..even though I didn’t go out and fight, it’s still so tiring today.”

Of course, this is due to the matter with Diaroze.
Since it was a life or death discussion, it’s natural that he would get mentally tired by it.

“I’m sorry for the trouble.”

Understanding him, Schleer apologizes with a bitter smile.
As the highest-ranking commanding officer, she has many more headache-inducing matters to deal with compared to Kisei.
Whether it’s about the case with Diaroze or the disarmament of the Noredian army, she must have a lot on her plate……..

“That being said, if things keep going like this she won’t be able to avoid the death penalty.
There are steps we have to take to do this.”

“That person is the successor to the Noredian throne though…… you really have to execute her? Personally, I think that it would be better to give her back for some kind of ransom though.”

The Nored empire would not stay quiet if they simply kill off their next empress.
If the war intensifies, the number of casualties will surely increase.
For Kisei, executing Diaroze outright doesn’t seem to be a wise choice.

“Still, it’s true that many people have died because of her.
Someone needs to take responsibility.
If Calencia can not give its people an outlet for their dissatisfaction, their hatred will be directed toward me and my family……the Henrietta house instead.
That is something that I absolutely have to avoid.”

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“So it’s a problem on the emotional level huh…….that’s going to be difficult.”

Kisei groaned with his arms crossed.
Certainly, talking about benefits or demerits would not convince the grudgeful families of the victims.

“But Schleer,………you also don’t want Diaroze to die right?”

He knows that if he adds honorifics when referring to Diaroze Schleer would be in a bad mood so he dropped it.

“Well, yes.”

Schleer answers with a light smile.

If it was the other way around, she wouldn’t have brought Diaroze to Kisei earlier.

“I shouldn’t say this but I’m surprised you are willing to save someone who took you hostage you know.”

Saying so, Kisei also realized that it’s a strange thing to say coming from someone who almost got assaulted by the person in question.
Schleer is probably thinking that very same thing.

On the other hand, Schleer’s face turned red as she remembered how she was taken hostage and the disgraceful appearance she showed him back then.

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“That’s……certainly true but, it’s still better to keep her alive.
Besides, Kisei-san wanted to save her even though you are one of her direct victims.
Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t forcefully push for her execution, you know.”

“……is that so.”

Hearing that, Kisei gently smiles.
For the time being, he’s glad that Schleer is willing to help Diaroze.

“Well, even if you called me a victim, there was practically no harm done though.
She only made me go along with her SM play after all.”

“Eh, SM play!?”

At that sudden utterance of such obscene words, Schleer did a spit take.
She had to hold down her chest since her heart was beating out of control but her following question was uttered with a complex expression that is a mix between jealousy and curiosity.

“W, what kind of play is that exactly?”

“W, well.”

Kisei also felt embarrassed to talk about it.
When he blushed and acted hesitant to continue, Schleer approached and pressed him for an answer.

“Pl, please tell me! It’s important!”

‘What’s so important about that?’ Kisei’s mouth cramped up.

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“How do I say this, I was tied to a strange bed and she beat me with a toy whip………”

“A, As I thought, that woman really has such a hobby after all……..!?”

Schleer groaned while recalling that Diaroze certainly gives off a queen-like atmosphere.
However, her half-crying figure while doing a dogeza today doesn’t exhibit that kind of dignity at all.

“No, I mean……it didn’t really suit me.
In the end, it doesn’t seem like she knows what she wanted to do either.”

Kisei still doesn’t understand why Diaroze released the restraints back then.
However, he somehow gets the feeling that being a queen doesn’t really suit Diaroze.

“She looked strangely confused back then too……well, that gave Valentina the chance to save me though.”

“So that’s the reason why you’re so sympathetic to her even though she tried to hurt you……….it seems she’s not as dangerous a person as I thought.”

Schleer heard from Valentina that she rescued Kisei before Diaroze could go through with him……..still, she didn’t hear what happened exactly in detail.

Hearing this, Schleer kind of understood what happened and sighs.

“Rather, I think she’s quite an interesting person you know.”

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That’s not what she wanted to hear though.
Schleer lightly pouted and furrowed her eyebrows.

“Anyway, it’s too wasteful to kill someone who actually managed to corner me that far.
Whatever her personality may be like…….”

In the end, Kisei’s thought process is simple.
It’s wasteful to let a good enemy die.

Knowing how he is, Schleer sighs at his battle maniac mentality.

“Well, that’s fine…….”

Giving up on him, Schleer muttered that with a bitter smile and stopped her feet.
It’s true that she doesn’t plan to say anything more about his personality but the reason she stopped walking is that they have already reached their destination.

In front of them was a sturdy iron double door with several guards standing in front of it.

“We’ve arrived.
That woman is being held here.”

The reason why Kisei went out in the middle of the night today……….is to meet with Diaroze here.

TLN: Next up, Diaroze’s redemption?

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