day you can experience such a thing after all.

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“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry……thank you.”

Diarzoe apologized in tears.
She had always been thinking about what she had done and was worried what to do if he wouldn’t forgive her.
It has been eating at her.

“By the way, there’s one thing that’s on my mind……….no, to be honest, I came here tonight to ask you about it.”

“……what is it?”

“Why did you release me back then? At the time, you didn’t have any reason to take out my restraint right?”

Kisei was rescued unharmed because Diaroze took off the restraints at a strange timing.
It was clear that it was no accident and it has been on Kisei’s mind since then.

Hearing the question, Diaroze’s cheeks blushed like an apple.
After growling to herself for a while like a puppy, she nervously opens her mouth.

“A, About that……well……I realized that being one doing it didn’t suit my hobby so without thinking I……….”

“H, Hobby?”

Hearing a stranger reply than he expected, Kisei cocked his head.
On the other hand, Diaroze’s bright red face is dripping with sweat.
Still, somehow she seems quite happy.

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“I, I’d always thought that…….I like hitting people with a whip or abusing them with my words but…….apparently, it’s the other way around.”

“The other way around.”

Kisei, who was so confused by her answer, can only repeat her words like a parrot.
Meanwhile, Diaroze continues while repeatedly sneaking a glance at him.

“It was actually me who wanted to be abused……….at that time, I wanted you to push me down and mess me up……”

“E, Ehh………..”

“Being pushed down and messed up by a man, my image as an Imperial Princess would crumble to dust.
Besides, it was in front of my own little sister, there’s no way that I wouldn’t get excited right! RIGHT!”

Diaroze, who suddenly began to heatedly speak about her hobby, started squirming around in her restraints.
Somehow, it looked quite dangerous to him so involuntarily retreated a step back.

“Since it’s come to this I will just confess, I am a so-called masochist……..! Even right now, I’m actually excited to be seen in such a pitiful figure like this……!”

At that terrible confession, a bead of cold sweat dripped down Kisei’s forehead.

“Yes, that’s it, that’s the face……..I’m so excited……..!”

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“Can you calm down a little!?”

“Sorry, sorry…….I’m sorry for being like this…….Ahh, more, look at me more with those cold eyes!”

“Don’t get any more excited, I’m begging you.”

Her ecstatic expression is quite seductive but they can’t continue the talk if she’s like this and Kisei’s begging her to calm down.

“That’s impossi–……th, that’s right, can you give me a punch! If you do that I might be able to calm down!”



Diaroze’s excited expression was full of anticipation.
Annoyed, Kisei quickly stood up and did a hand chop on Diaroze’s head.


He was certain that he put almost his full power into it but Diaroze only excitedly breathed out like that was the peak of her ecstasy.

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