Diaroze’s Confession

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Kisei’s request was to have a one on one meeting with Diaroze.
With how she is, he thought that his request would be turned down immediately but contrary to his expectation, Schleer granted him permission without any protesting.
That being said, he is still a little nervous to walk into the room alone like this.

The simple and dreary room only has a few sets of small tables and chairs inside.
Most likely, it is designed for the sole purpose of prisoner visitation.
Now, Diaroze was sitting in the chair directly across from Kisei.

“Seriously……I never thought that you would come to see me you know.”

Diaroze said with a bitter smile.
Her hands and legs are locked together with cuffs made of special alloys making her unable to move properly.
Perhaps it was embarrassing for her to let him see her like this, Diaroze seems to be blushing a little.
The strict restraint here is only a temporary measure that was in place for Kisei’s visit.
After all, it would be a rather grave situation if he was to be taken hostage.

“I have a lot of things I want to ask you personally……that being said, those restraints are rather excessive.
Are you okay?” (TLN: Kisei is still using some polite tone here)

Seeing her being restrained to the point that it would restrict her from making simple movements, Kisei asked how she’s doing without thinking.
He knows that it is for his own safety but he still can’t help but wonder if they are overdoing it here.

“N, No, it’s alright.
It’s not that bad.
Don’t mind me.”

Diaroze replied.
In truth, she’s already resigned herself from the fact that she is quite thrilled by this sort of situation.

“More importantly, I am no longer in the sort of position that would require you to be so polite.
Just speak like how you normally would.”

“Y, Yeah…….sure.”

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She’s the third person who said that to him recently.
Already used to it, Kisei sighed and gave her a small nod.

“Seriously, how laughable.
To think that our positions have been reversed like this.”

While saying such a self-deprecating thing, the smile on her face was quite intense.
But still, it hasn’t been even a week since Kisei was her captive.

“You are saying that but you never have any intention to kill me right? But, this time……..”

“Can we not talk about that? Honestly, just thinking about it already made me anxious.”

Diaroze said that and turned away with a clouded expression.
From what Schleer said, it seems that they are proceeding in the direction of sparing her life but there are still no specific details yet.
With her unable to predict what kind of punishment will be given to her, it can’t be helped that she feels uneasy.

“B, Besides……it’s true that I never intended to take your life but I certainly have done a lot of terrible things to you, didn’t I………I do feel sorry about it……I’m so sorry…….”

Returning her gaze to Kisei, Diaroze deeply lowered her head.
It doesn’t look like she apologized because she wanted to save herself.
Rather, she appeared to be truly sorry.

“Since you apologized, I will forgive you.
It’s not like I got hurt or anything too.”

Seeing this unusual appearance of hers, Kisei lightly smiled and waved his hands.
It’s true that he was a little scared but well, it’s not every day you can experience such a thing after all.

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“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry……thank you.”

Diarzoe apologized in tears.
She had always been thinking about what she had done and was worried what to do if he wouldn’t forgive her.
It has been eating at her.

“By the way, there’s one thing that’s on my mind……….no, to be honest, I came here tonight to ask you about it.”

“……what is it?”

“Why did you release me back then? At the time, you didn’t have any reason to take out my restraint right?”

Kisei was rescued unharmed because Diaroze took off the restraints at a strange timing.
It was clear that it was no accident and it has been on Kisei’s mind since then.

Hearing the question, Diaroze’s cheeks blushed like an apple.
After growling to herself for a while like a puppy, she nervously opens her mouth.

“A, About that……well……I realized that being one doing it didn’t suit my hobby so without thinking I……….”

“H, Hobby?”

Hearing a stranger reply than he expected, Kisei cocked his head.
On the other hand, Diaroze’s bright red face is dripping with sweat.
Still, somehow she seems quite happy.

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“I, I’d always thought that…….I like hitting people with a whip or abusing them with my words but…….apparently, it’s the other way around.”

“The other way around.”

Kisei, who was so confused by her answer, can only repeat her words like a parrot.
Meanwhile, Diaroze continues while repeatedly sneaking a glance at him.

“It was actually me who wanted to be abused……….at that time, I wanted you to push me down and mess me up……”

“E, Ehh………..”

“Being pushed down and messed up by a man, my image as an Imperial Princess would crumble to dust.
Besides, it was in front of my own little sister, there’s no way that I wouldn’t get excited right! RIGHT!”

Diaroze, who suddenly began to heatedly speak about her hobby, started squirming around in her restraints.
Somehow, it looked quite dangerous to him so involuntarily retreated a step back.

“Since it’s come to this I will just confess, I am a so-called masochist……..! Even right now, I’m actually excited to be seen in such a pitiful figure like this……!”

At that terrible confession, a bead of cold sweat dripped down Kisei’s forehead.

“Yes, that’s it, that’s the face……..I’m so excited……..!”

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“Can you calm down a little!?”

“Sorry, sorry…….I’m sorry for being like this…….Ahh, more, look at me more with those cold eyes!”

“Don’t get any more excited, I’m begging you.”

Her ecstatic expression is quite seductive but they can’t continue the talk if she’s like this and Kisei’s begging her to calm down.

“That’s impossi–……th, that’s right, can you give me a punch! If you do that I might be able to calm down!”



Diaroze’s excited expression was full of anticipation.
Annoyed, Kisei quickly stood up and did a hand chop on Diaroze’s head.


He was certain that he put almost his full power into it but Diaroze only excitedly breathed out like that was the peak of her ecstasy.

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