Diaroze’s Confession/ Take Two

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“S, Sorry, I showed you something unsightly.”


Kisei narrowed his eyes and swore.
Seeing his expression, Diaroze blushed and showed him an embarrassed smile.

“No, but……it felt strangely uplifting you know.
Being seen in such an embarrassing appearance like this, normally, the humiliation alone would kill me already.”

“Well, you must have been under a lot of stress and pressure so it might be good for you to let out some steam once in a while.”

Given her current situation, he couldn’t bring himself to talk harshly to her.
Rather, since she was told that she might be given a death sentence today, it can’t be helped that she is acting a little crazy.

“Is that so.
Yeah…….I guess that’s the case.”

Diaroze repeatedly nods to herself before taking a few deep breaths and looks Kisei straight in the eyes.

“Then there’s another one of my embarrassing sides that I want you to know.”

“There’s more……?”

Kisei moaned with a dejected expression.

“You fool, this time it’s not about my fetish…….!”

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When Diaroze’s eyes lit up like she got a little angry, Kisei smiled apologetically.

“Well, how do I say this! …….I LOVE YOU, HOKUTO KISEI!”

Kisei broke out into an uncontrollable coughing fit.
It’s the second time he got taken by surprise but in a way, this is more shocking than her earlier confession.

“Cough cough!……th, that’s so sudden.”

“Ah,……I, I don’t need to hear you reply okay! Even I know that you don’t think of me that way.
Still, being turned down would give me a shock too!”

“S, Sure……”

Seeing her arrogant manner of speech returned, Kisei can’t help but smile.
Then after thinking to himself for a moment, he walks up to Diaroze with a mischievous smile.

“Since you tell me that you don’t need a reply, I shouldn’t tell you how I feel.
But I can just tell you anyway right?”

“W, What?”

Diaroze nervously listened.
He brought his face close to her so that their noses could touch.

At that distance, Diaroze’s heart jumped and her body started to quiver.

“As a person, I do like you too you know.”

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Diaroze, who was subjected to that mental counterattack, started making a strange noise.
After withdrawing his face with a smile, he deliberately walks behind her with audible footsteps.
Being in restraints, Diaroze couldn’t turn around and could only wait in anticipation of what Kisei is going to say next.

“Above all, you are strong! You did beat me once after all!”

“N, no,…..that was…….because I used a hostage…….”

Involuntarily, Diaroze’s voice started to shake.
It was her choice to take Schleer hostage but she is still sensible enough to feel some shame from her action.

“At that time you managed to take Schleer down because I couldn’t support her in time.
I can’t blame you for taking advantage of that.


Kisei brought his mouth close to Diaroze’s ear.
Then he does what Valentina once did to him.

“Valentina told me about something you see.”

“Fuhya! W, what is it!? What did she say!?”

While happy about how he is whispering into her ear, Diaroze made a weird noise when her sister’s name was mentioned in this kind of situation.

Thinking that she is surprisingly fun to tease, Kisei unintentionally smiled.
He was at Valentina’s mercy back then but when he is the one doing it, it is quite fun.
The little sister’s sin must be atoned by the elder sister, Kisei is having that evil thought.

“She said Diaroze doesn’t have any qualms resorting to cowardly means and that I might be targeted when I’m not piloting a striker…….she told me this way before we had a skirmish in this system you know.”

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“S, she got into contact with you without me knowing!? R, rather, do I really look like that in her eyes!?”

Diaroze was both shocked and confused.
She did various things on the battlefield but she never thought that her own little sister would think of her as the incarnation of evil.

Seeing that, Kisei tightened his mouth since he realized that it was a failure.
It’s not like he wanted to break off Diaroze’s relationship with Valentina.
He only wanted to cheer up Diaroze here.
Thinking to himself a little, he gently breathed into Diaroze’s wolf ear.

“A, a, Aah!”

The dejected Diaroze immediately got excited by the surprise attack.

“Well, I don’t care about that anymore though.
In the end, no one came after me after all.”

“Of, Of course!”

“That’s why I like you, Diaroze……..”

“L, like, like!?”

Diaroze was about to explode from her overwhelming emotion.
However, Kisei was merciless.

“Arguably, the battle we fought was on top of the same board.
The other things that were outside the board don’t matter to our battle.
That’s why I admit that I lost to you.”

Even though she was so obsessed with defeating Kisei, his words don’t really please Diaroze.
After all, (even if there’s no danger to her life), she still prefers to be on the losing side.

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“I like giving my all in a fight and I also like my opponents to do the same.
I really like you because you sent everything you had at me…….rather than as a lover, I quite like you because you went along with my hobby though.”

Kisei added that at the end but since she has already reached the limit of her mental capacity, Diaroze’s mind didn’t register that.
All she could do was leak a series of strange voices from her mouth.

“I don’t want someone like you to be executed so I will help you.
That’s why I want you to cheer up.
You understand?”

“U, Umu, I got it.”

Diaroze managed to say that much but that’s enough for Kisei.
When he made a satisfied smile, Diaroze’s swaying ears and tail suddenly entered his vision.

“…….a question, if you like pain then what do you think of having your ears nibbled on?”

“E, Ear nibbling!”

Diaroze shouted in an excited tone before thinking for a moment and opening her mouth again.

“Wh, what do you want! Money? Is it money!? If you are okay with my property then I will give them all to you!”

“Don’t just bring up money in a situation like this! It’s crude!”

“S, Sorr–!!”

Unable to apologize in time, Diaroze’s ear was nibbled on.

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