Let’s Be Serious

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Since Diaroze was a mess now, Kisei decided to conclude his visit early.
It was a few days later that he paid her a visit again.

“W, What.
You came.
I was worried that you might not visit me anymore you know.”

Diaroze greeted him while sneaking a glance at his face with a blushed face.
The eyes that she looked at him with almost looked like ones that belong to someone looking at their lover.
On a side note, she is not restrained so heavily like last time but her hands are still cuffed.

“Well, it’s not like I can let him visit you that often right? Do you really understand how dangerous a position you are in right now?”

Complained Schleer who accompanied Kisei.
In addition to Schleer and Kisei, one of the former 4 Heavenlys, Tersis is also here.
It’s clear that this will not be a private visit like last time.
Naturally, Diaroze can see that as well so she raised her cuffed hands up as if to surrender and make a light smile.

“Of course, I understand that.
If I do something suspicious then my position will only worsen, right? I won’t do anything of the sort.”

Diaroze said in a light and cheerful tone unthinkable of someone who recently was groveling while half cryingly begging for her life.

Seeing her like that, Schleer let out a bitter sigh.
It’s clear that her attitude has changed and it’s obvious that this change came from the person who recently visited her.

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It would be a lie if she says that she wasn’t curious at all about what he did last time but she was also afraid to hear it so she couldn’t ask him what he did in the end.
She suspects that he might have given Diaroze a kiss or two in the last meeting.

However, since Kisei is not her lover, she has no right to ask him about something like that.
Besides, if he managed to get her spirit up then that is fine in and of itself.
Schleer concluded.
It’s not like she wanted to keep Diaroze all depressed after all.

“Let me warn you first.
If you can’t convince the jury at the trial, you will have no choice but to accept the death sentence.
Do keep that firmly in mind.”

However, the thoughts still left her unamused so she decided to nail it down for her.

On the other hand, Diaroze’s complexion turned pale and her expression stiffened a bit.

“U, Umu.
I know……….by the way, I’ve heard this from the Imperial intelligence department but it seems that the Calencian royal family doesn’t have that much power over its government and the ministers often ignore the royal family’s opinion…………so that applied to your court too?”


Hearing about her house’s lack of power, Schleer weakly replied.

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“Pleading for your life alone will not overturn the decision.
You need to somehow convince them that you should be kept alive.”

“Keeping one influence out of another should be normal concepts in the separation of powers though……..?”

A trial that can be easily influenced by politicians is too scary no matter how you think about it.
As a Terran, such a thing is obvious to Kisei but the Vulds who rule the majority of the universe are using a feudal system.
That’s why such a concept is foreign to them.
The only ones present who understand what he is saying is only the smiling Diaroze while Schleer and Tersis cocked their heads in puzzlement.

“Our way is different from that of the Terrans.
Umu, but this is certainly troubling……I thought that it was going to be okay since a princess-like Schleer-san said that you would save me………”

Unexpectedly called ‘Schleer-san’, Schleer was extremely surprised.
After all, with how Diaroze usually behaves, she’s the last person you would expect to refer to someone else using honorifics.

“That’s why we are here today to come up with some measures for the trial.”

Unable to read the mood, Tersis proceeded the conversation while crossing her arms which in turn put an emphasis on her plump chest.
On the other hand, Diaroze’s mouth turned downward as she glared at her.

“If that’s the case then I understand why Schleer-san is here.
I’m happy that Kisei is here too but why are you here? Fighting aside, since when are you an expert in the judicial system?”

It’s not that Tersis is dumb but with her being a battle maniac, she’s mostly useless except in battle.
That’s why Diaroze asked what she’s doing here.

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“No, I just followed them here since I happened to spot them walking down the hallway.”

“Aren’t you too casual about this!? Rather, why are you so free to wander around in a place like this! This is a Calencian ship you know!”

Even if they are allies for the moment, people who fought on the opposite side of war shouldn’t be able to get along so well.
Normally, she should be staying on her own ship but……

“Well, how do I say this…….before I knew it, Tersis-san just kind of settled here in the [Radiant]………she even brought the repaired [Van Wolf] on board without my permission too…….”

“Is my former strongest knight a mouse or something!?”

Hearing Schleer’s words, Diaroze unintentionally retorted in a loud voice.
As usual, she’s quite a free-spirited person.
If she keeps silent then she would appear like a fearless beautiful woman though…….

“W, Well, let’s leave that aside! I brought her here because we might hear something useful from her since she is a high-ranking aristocrat on the Noredian side!”

“I, I see.”

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For the time being, Diaroze was convinced.
This is for them to hear an opinion of a Noredian aristocrat other than Diaroze.

“Still, a trial huh.
I was so relieved so I took my mind off it but, what do I do……..”

Diaroze groaned while shaking her head.
After all, she is extremely unpopular, no matter what she says the result can not be good.

“About that, there’s one thing that we need to clear up with you first.”

It was Kisei who raised his voice.
He then stares at Diaroze with a serious expression.

“W, What is it?”

“The purge bombing.
Who was the person that ordered it? I think that the most important thing here is to clarify who is responsible for that.”


Hearing that, Diaroze’s expression immediately turned bitter.

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