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“In the first place, what do you even want as a reward? A rematch?”

Kagayaki asked with a bitter expression after recalling the promised prize for the greatest contributor.
Among Vuld, a race that often prioritizes their sexual desire, Tersis is like the equivalent of a gentleman on earth…….no, dubbing her a lady might be more accurate here.
With that being the case, the reward he expected her to ask is something related to battle since she’s a battle junkie.

“No, that’s not it.
Even if I challenge you now, it would inevitably result in my defeat……….Naturally, I also wish to fight you again but at least personally, I want to have a rematch when I actually stand a chance.”

“I see.”

Kisei nodded with his arms crossed.
In their previous battle, even when they tried to overwhelm him in a 3-1 battle, he still managed to defeat the 4 Heavenlys.
It’s clearer than day how it will turn out if she challenges him alone.

“Fortunately, I saw a path to achieve that during our battle.
I wouldn’t want you to wait too long after all……”

After repeatedly nodding to herself with a satisfied expression, Tersis continues.

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“That being said, that is still in the far-off future.
What I want to ask of you now is about a different matter.”

“If your demand is too unreasonable then I will have to prevent him from complying by exercising my right as his employer though.”

Schleer stepped in front of Kisei with a stern expression as though to shield him.
She just managed to get him back so she will not tolerate someone from Nored to take advantage of him anymore.

“Well, whatever it is, you should just say spill it out now.”

On the other hand, Diaroze did not bother her couldn’t care less attitude probably because the topic no longer concerned herself.
She’s now waving her hand with her palms open while looking straight at Tersis’s eyes.

“Fumu……very well.”

Upon hearing that, Tersis stood up straight and faced Kisei.
She then puts her hand on her chest and deeply bowed.

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“I, Tersis van Melemheim, wish to be your knight.”

“K, Knight…….”

In Vuld militaristic organizations, such a term would be so common that no one would bat an eye but to Kisei, something like that can not be taken so lightly.
Kisei’s expression cramped up a bit.
In short, what Tersis is saying is that she wants to serve directly under Kisei.

“What, that’s it? It’s fine to just accept it right, Kisei? This woman’s house is powerful and her sword arm is the real deal.
You would never think of it as a bother with her being your subordinate.”

Diaroze irresponsibly added.
Schleer tried to protest reflexively but Diaroze beckoned at her with a serious expression.
It appears that she wants to tell them something so Schleer reluctantly stopped herself and approaches Diaroze.

“She’s one of the strongest swordfighters in Nored.
With her so willing to become his personal bodyguard, don’t you think that this is quite a bargain?”

Diaroze whispers.
Since Tersis, who never acted reverently toward her, treated Kisei with so much respect and always referred to him using honorifics, she expected this to happen.

“B, But…….what would I do if she suddenly started getting attracted to Kisei-san? I don’t think a whole squad of MPs is enough to stop that person you know.”

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“The only things in her brain are chivalry codes and swordsmanship! Even if she started seeing him that way, you would immediately notice it since I’m sure that her approach will be even more naive than yours.
I would be troubled if something were to happen to Kisei too.
I’ve already taken that into account.
I guarantee that she is trustworthy enough to be around him.”

“I, I see…..”

Since Tersis voluntarily left Diaroze’s command, it is unlikely that she will be able to use Tersis for some evil plan after this.
After a little thought, Schleer was convinced and agreed to it.

“Kisei-san, this is certainly not a bad deal.
I support this.”

“So you got convinced completely huh.”

When Kisei tiredly responded, as she looked at Diaroze making a peace sign behind Schleer.
Despite being a prisoner it sure seems like she is having a lot of fun though.

“I got it, I got it already.
I still don’t think anything good can come out of serving a rootless guy like me though.”

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“If I can stand on the same battlefield as you then that is the best reward I can ever ask for.”

Kisei bitterly smiled at Tersis’s hardcore answer.
Perhaps taking that as his consent, Tersis’s expression brightened as she nodded deeply to him.

“From now on, I shall act as a blade that wards off any misfortunes that might befall you.
I will be in your care, My Lord.”

“The next battle will be a hard one you know.
Besides, I am not that rich so I can’t pay you much salary either.”

“A fierce battle is exactly what I want.
And, of course, I do not wish for a salary either.
Rather, if it’s money then please use mine by all means.”

“In what world does a lord leach off their subordinate though………”

While shaking his head sideways with a bitter expression, Kisei wishes with all his heart that he does not become that pathetic of a person.

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