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In the end, Diaroze’s formal trial is going to be held at the courthouse in the capital.
Because of that, the [Radiant] was assigned the task of escorting her to the capital as soon as it is done dealing with the POWs.

Since they do not have to worry about Noredian ambushes this time, the return trip is much easier for them.

After returning to the capital, the officers from the Imperial Justice Bureau immediately escorted Diaroze to the court.
Since it is a military trial, only Schleer was allowed to enter the courtroom since she will be the one who defends Diaroze while Kisei and the others have to wait outside.


In the waiting room of the Calencian Supreme Court, Kisei let out a small sigh.
It’s already been a week since the trial started and it has been nerve-wracking for those who could only wait without knowing how the trial is going.

“They said that the sentence will be handed out today right.
I wonder how it will turn out.”

Accompanying him, Saki said with a shrug.
Perhaps because she is not particularly fond of Diaroze, her expression is one of cynicism.

“Still, the sentence is being finalized in only a week [DESU].
Maybe it went as we expected?”

Instead of Kisei, the one who replied was Nora who is also accompanying him today.
She is sitting loosely on the sofa while placing her feet on the table.
Even she doesn’t seem to worry much about Diaroze’s fate.

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“It is still possible that she will be given the death sentence.
It’s too early to let your guard down, Lady Nora.”

Said Tersis who was standing behind Kisei like a statue.
Ever since the day she declared that she wishes to be his knight, she has been escorting him like a personal servant.

“That sounds scary.”

“My apology, My Lord.
However, we must always assume the worst.”

Hearing her saying [My Lord] so naturally, Sak and Nora looked at each other.
Nora stuck out her tongue while Saki had a small smile as she traced her thumb across her neck.
Nora then casually stood up and silently jumped at Tersis.

“Hmph, Naive.”

However, Tersis easily evaded Nora’s assault before grabbing her sleeve and collar to throw her on the floor.
Nora screams as she was made to roll away but using the opening Nora deliberately created, Saki moves in.
She unsheathes the sword from the scabbard hanging on her waist and takes an upper stance to swing down at Tersis.

“Hmph, I admire your enthusiasm but your charge is still lukewarm!”

The downward swing was blocked by Tersis’s beloved sword.
Since it is still in its scabbard, she’s probably only intending to play along.
After blocking Saki’s attack, Tersis beautifully performed a kick directly to Saki’s stomach.


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Saki involuntarily dropped her sword as she crouched down while holding her belly.
Meanwhile, Nora, who has recovered before anyone noticed, is gently tapping Saki’s back.

“Damn it… are too strong [DESU].”

“HaHaHa, if it’s a challenge then you can come at me anytime you want.”

Kisei stared at the three as if to ask what they are doing in a serious place like a court’s waiting room.
In return, Saki and Nora averted their eyes while making a poor attempt at whistling.

“If you are bored then you can play a game or read something right.”

When Kisei was complaining so, the door to the waiting room was knocked.
Hearing the knock, Tersis tightened up her expression and moved to the door while Saki and Nora dusted their clothes.

“Oh, speak of the devil……..”

After checking the LCD monitor mounted on the wall to identify their visitors, Tersis unlocks the door and lets Schleer and Diaroze into the room.

“Thank you for waiting!”

Schleer said with a big smile as soon as she entered.
It appears that they managed to get the sentence they were hoping for.

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“We did it! The court accepted most of our terms! I mean, it was difficult though……..”

Well, if Diaroze was given the death sentence then she wouldn’t be able to come here with Schleer like this.
Relieved, Kisei pat-down on his chest.


“Yes, we managed to avoid the death sentence under the condition that she has to cooperate with us in our future battle against the Nored empire.”

Yes, the war isn’t over yet.
It is almost certain that the Empress herself will lead an even bigger fleet to restart this invasion.
The court doesn’t want to get in the way if they can get someone capable on their side even if the said person is their former enemy.
Schleer focused on this argument and proceeded with the trial in that direction.

“This woman is one of the people who knows the Noredian army from the inside out after all.
No amount of weapons are more powerful than that kind of information, that’s how I presented my argument.”

“I see.”

Nodding back to Schleer, Kisei now turns toward Diaroze.

“Good work holding out in the court.
I’m glad that it was finished without any incident.”

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“There was a lot of nagging and fault-finding though…….well, a whip without love really is no good.”

Diaroze tiredly shrugged.
She’s a masochist but it seems that the prosecution was still uncomfortable for her.
It would be bad if she actually got excited from that so Kisei was a little relieved to hear her say that.

“So, what’s the sentence? They wouldn’t just acquit this woman of all crimes right.”

Saki asks as though she couldn’t care less about the answer.
After all, Diaroze was the commander of the Calencia Expeditionary Fleet.
From the perspective of someone from Calencia, she’s supposed to be the object of their hatred.
That’s why even if she managed to avoid capital punishment, she expected that some kind of heavy sentence is in line for Diaroze.

“Ahh, the punishment.
Of course, her status will be derived and she will be branded a slave.
Well, that should be a fate worse than death for aristocrats though.”

“S, Slave…….”

Nora gulped at the word.
However, Schleer calmly reached into her pocket and handed something to Kisei.

“That’s why, from today onward, Kisei will be this woman’s master.
Please take this and put it on her.”

What Schleer handed to him was something that looked a lot like a dog collar.

TLN: We are going that typical route now?

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