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“Wait, wait wait, why does it turn out like that!”

It was not Kisei but Saki who raised their voice as she got in between Kisei and Schleer in a hurry.

“I understand why it would end with slavery.
I get that it’s the only appropriate punishment aside from the death penalty………but why is Kisei suddenly the master? That’s too strange isn’t it!?”


Schleer looked away while making a light smile.

“At first, I was going to buy her myself.
She seems like a capable military advisor after all……….”

“Then that should be fine, isn’t it.
Why didn’t you just take her?”

“How do I say this…….I mean, Kisei-san did a lot for us in the war right? Even this time, if it wasn’t for Kisei-san then not that many Noredian soldiers would have participated in their coup in the first place.”

“That’s right [DESU].
If he wasn’t with us back then, the coup would have failed before it even started.”

Nora said with a shrug.
In the first place, they betrayed Diaroze because of the shameless strategy she deployed in her battle with Kisei.
If she had fought straightforwardly, this would never have happened.

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“Because of that, I was told that he needed to be given some kind of additional reward.
But Calencia doesn’t really have that much monetary leeway at the moment…..since we just obtained something that we can use to pay him with, we decided that she should be given to him.”

“Do you really have to worry about something like that in this woman’s trial!?”

“It can’t be helped, can it! It is what it is! Since the sentence was already given, there’s nothing we can do about it anymore!”

Half crying, Schleer shouted.
It might have been a slightly disappointing result for her as well.
On the other hand, Saki was overwhelmed and didn’t say anything more.
Meanwhile, Kisei was speechless as he cast his gaze down on the collar.

“By the way, this is a special slave collar.
It has explosives inside and it will explode under certain conditions.
The explosive itself isn’t that powerful but……..well, it will be practically tied to her neck so her head will literally fly off if it goes off though.”

“Th, that much?…….by the way, what are these certain conditions?”

“First is the manual detonation.
The collar can be detonated using a special remote control which will be held by me and Kisei-san respectively.”

Saying so, Schleer presented Kisei with a small black resin remote.
It looks kind of like a small music player.

“The other condition is when it can’t receive the signal from the designated master…….in other words when the biological signal from Kisei-san disappears.
It will explode either when Kisei-san dies or that your biological signal can not reach the collar.”

“Eh, what’s that, scary…….”

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Even if it’s the function that was put in place to prevent the slave from running away or killing their master, that’s still overkilled.
His expression stiffened when he looked toward Diaroze but she looked back at him with an emotionless face.
However, in her eyes, he can still see the flame of lust raging inside.
She’s probably suppressing her excitement from showing.
It feels awkward that the person who will be wearing it is the one most excited about this though.

“I didn’t ask how far away you can be from Kisei-san and I think that you should be more or less okay but I would suggest not to stay too far.”

Schleer warned Diaroze who nodded in reply with a still expression.

“The collar is made with military-grade nanotube material…….it can’t be removed once it is attached.
If you try to remove it by force then it will automatically detonate.
Your head will fly before you could get it off your neck.”

“Quit the tedious talk.
I know how it works so just put it on already.”

Diaroze said in a low voice.
Tersis is looking at her as though she’s impressed with how she accepted her fate so calmly but if she knows what’s actually going on inside her head then she will surely have to hold her head.
After all, Kisei already wants to do that.

“What will be, will be huh……..”

With a deep sigh, Kisei walked up to Diaroze and silently kneels down.
He then put the rugged collar around her white neck before locking it in place after a moment of hesitation.

With a small beep, the collar is now fully operational.

“WaHaHaHaHa, so it’s over for our so-called next empress, isn’t it! How do you feel now [DESU]?”

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Nora asked with a laugh.
However, Diaroze answers with a straight face.

“This might be the best day of my life.”


“Ah, I misspoke.
It’s the worst.
Seriously, I would never have thought that I would become a slave…….”

Diaroze hurriedly corrected herself before turning away.
Nora looked at her with a suspicious look but as though to blow that awkwardness away, Schleer starts speaking in a bright voice.

“Well, with our immediate concern taken care of, this is like taking a weight off my shoulders.”

“That being said, the war is still isn’t over right? I heard that Nored is going to send an even larger army this time…..”

Kisei thought that it would be bad if they let their guard down but Tersis shook her head.

“That is certainly true, My Lord.
However, even the Nored empire can not suddenly mobilize such a large army.
The next battle will be at least a month away.”

Besides, our army is exhausted so we won’t be able to do anything aggressive for a while.
We also need to perform joint training with the Noredian soldiers who joined us…….”

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“Then we will be free for a while?”

Kisei asked with his arms folded.
Both the Noredian and Calencian armies were severely damaged in the last operation and a considerable amount of supply was consumed.
They certainly can’t move in such a situation but having some peaceful period for the country is something to be grateful for……

“Yes, for better or worse, this is a good opportunity.
We’ve been busy for a while after all……let’s take this chance to rest.”

Schleer looked up to the ceiling.

With him being taken hostage and suddenly made to join forces with the Noredian army…….it’s no wonder that she’s exhausted.
In truth, She’s rather grateful that she now has time to rest herself.

“That’s why I’ve already made a reservation at the royal family’s private hot spring resort tomorrow.
How is it, why don’t we go together, Kisei-san?”

“Hot Spring resort!?”

Hearing that, Kisei almost did a spit take.

TLN: Yup, we are going that route

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