Untrustworthy Cooperator

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Noon of the next day.
Kisei and the others were guided by Schleer to visit a resort located in the mountains of the capital.
For security reasons, the resort was completely reserved and there were no other guests besides their group.

“Still, is it okay for us to relax here like this when the planets we recently liberated are still in turmoil……”

While they were having lunch in the tatami-matted banquet hall, Saki raised her voice as she played with the sashimi on her plate with chopsticks.
She forcefully included herself in this trip since Kisei is coming but she can’t help but feel uncomfortable on a leisure trip like this.

“Well, I understand where you are coming from……”

With a small sigh, Kisei recalled the faces of the farmers on Sensterra Prime.
Of course, after the operation was over, they sent food and consumables to the village as relief supplies……..still, they hadn’t gone back and thanked them properly yet because of the matter with Diaroze.

“If we have time, I want to return to the Sensterra system though.”

“Sorry, the Sensterra system is a little too far away.
We need Kisei-san to be able to rejoin the army in case of emergency.
If it’s only this place then it will only take about 30 minutes for us to reach the headquarters in the capital using a high-speed ship.”

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Replied Schleer with a deeply apologetic expression.
She is aware that Kisei and Saki were helped by civilians on Sensterra Prime.

“For the time being, the supplies we sent over should be enough for them for a while.
I suggested for them to evacuate to the capital but they refused to move since they are worried about their fields……”

“Thank you………but just sending things their way is not enough for me.
I need to kick the Noredian army’s ass and get back there to thank them properly.”

“At that time, I will go with you.
In the first place, it was because of our defeat that they have to go through such hardships after all.”

Schleer sighs with a slightly troubled smile.
It’s hard enough winning the war but there are still mountains of problems that come after.
It would be more difficult to say that it’s not troubling at all.

“Paying back a debt of gratitude is certainly important but resting properly is also a warrior’s duty.
Now that we’ve come to relax, we should prioritize resting our body and mind now don’t you think?”

Hearing Kisei’s boring talk, Valentina raised her voice.
On a side note, she is currently wearing a light pink kimono opposite of Schleer’s light green hakama she wore on her previous date with Kisei.
Nonetheless, since the place is decorated in Japanese Style, the way she dressed certainly matches the atmosphere here.

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“Yes, that is certainly true…….but with you here, I don’t think I can get a proper rest though.”

Schleer replied in defiance.
She knows that it’s impossible to come here with Kisei alone but it was unexpected that Valentina would follow them here too.
Moreover, she’s not the only Noredian that accompanied them here.
At another table, Nora and Tersis are enjoying the fresh sashimi.
It seems that there will be a lot of insects that will get in her way here.

“Hahaha,…….sorry about that.
I can’t help but worry that my sister might try something you see.
I will take care of all the expenses so forgive me.”


For Schleer who is always extremely short on money, she’s very grateful for that proposal.
With her country’s financial situation, she couldn’t afford to pay for this trip using tax money.
Thanks to that the remaining balance in her bank account was so low that no one would think that it belonged to a princess.

“I do tend to act coarsely sometimes you know, Master.
How troubling…..kufufufu.”

On the other hand, even though her own little sister speaks so lowly of her, Diaroze seems to be in a surprisingly good mood.
Despite not even drinking a single drop of alcohol, she circled behind Kisei and hugged him with blushed cheeks.
Meanwhile, Kisei yelped as he was crushed by her plump breast from behind.

“See, just like I said.”

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“Is that how a slave should act though.
Get off him already!”

The two immediately narrowed their eyes and tore Diaroze off Kisei.
Diaroze did raise a joyful scream but she didn’t resist at all.
Her high tension even shocked Valentina, her own little sister.

“Haa…..even though I can’t leave her behind because of the collar, to think that things would go so terribly like this……….”

Schleer let out a deep sigh as she held her temples.
Since Diaroze can not be too far away from Kisei because of the collar, she had no choice but to bring her along as well.

When Schleer was wondering if she should put Diaroze into some other room, Diaroze grins and whispers something into her ear.

“Well, hold your horse, I don’t like how my little sister is acting all friendly with Kisei either.
I will cooperate with you so just leave me nearby.”


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Schleer let out a small groan.
Naturally, she has the detonator with her so it’s possible for her to force Diaroze to obey her in case of emergency.
The other side also knows that so she doesn’t want to irritate Schleer too much either.
Thus, Schler gives her a small nod.

“Don’t start acting weird now okay.”

“I know.
Rather than doing something weird myself, being on the receiving end is much more fun after all……”

“Did you say something just now!?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Diaroze returned to her seat with a smile before skillfully using her chopsticks to elegantly enjoy her sashimi.

“Umu, Umu.
The fish here are pretty good.
I like it.”

Schleer sighs at Diaroze’s nonchalant attitude.
In the end, their vacation has just begun.

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